Novel Name : I Never Run Out of Mana

I Never Run Out of Mana - Chapter 42

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Chapter 42 – Smash, Charge (5)
In front of the Noblesse guild building, south sector.
I was making final preparations.
Best case scenario, all the combat will occur within the building.
If that occurs, exposure of my abilities will be minimized.
But I do not know what will happen.
Just in case, the helicameras that I’ve prepared in advance were covering the areas near the building.
And I had just confirmed that the camera build into the glasses were properly connected with my smart phone.
I wish there was technology that would allow a live feed, but that level of technology didn’t exist.
After checking over all my equipment, I headed through the entrance.
But I had already quit the guild.
It only made sense that I did not possess a guild member card that was needed to enter.
The Awakened who were guarding the entrance stopped me.
They guarded the entrance as if they were high ranking soldiers on patrol.
Seems that the guard duty rotated between members.
One of the guards who stopped me spoke.
“Why did you come?”
“Here to see Park Hyun.”
Why is the younger me addressing the elder with disrespect?
Because I was already tired of all their vile manipulative ways.
No matter what the age, I had no intentions of respecting anyone within this building.
I had no plans to end up like the midget and his goons.
Why? Because two days ago, I searched for Jae Hyuk.
And I even learned an interesting bit of info.
It was that everyone within the guild were in on the scheme.
I was hoping that Sangmin and blacksmith gramps wouldn’t be but…
My hopes were dashed pretty easily.
And they even planned to use my mother to have me give into their demands.
Of course he didn’t give me this information easily.
I had to beat him to near death and spam heal to bring him back over and over again. Must’ve been a hellish time for him.
More the reason why I needed to make sure that this ends cleanly.
To make sure that those around me and I will no longer be put in harm’s way.
After hearing me, he was laughing as if I was insane.
“What? What is this rude kid saying?”
“I don’t like saying things twice. Listen up. Park! Hyun! I’m here to meet her, so get out of my way.”
“You crazy shithead! Where do you think this is? Calling our master without a hint of respect!”
With him throwing a fit, all the guards distracted by their smartphones looked up.
With neat guild uniforms, about 10 of them appeared, their dress shoes echoing throughout the lobby.
I held a giant cello bag that contained both Banwol Jincheon.
Coupled with my simple training wear that only added onto their suspicion.
Since my apparel was lacking for visiting a place like this.
“What? What’s happening?”
“Listen to this. This bitch is calling our master’s name without any respect, and told us he’s here to meet her.”
“Guess he’s got some guts?”
The one who was in his middle years seemed to be the eldest out of the bunch.
He didn’t come closer, but turned around on the spot.
And he dismissed me with a wave of his hand.
“What shall we do?”
“You idiot! Look at his eyes, he’s not normal. Just give him a little attention and send him off. Nowadays, there are plenty of crazies going about.”
“Yes. Understood.”
He took off his hat and bowed to the middle aged man, then spoke to me.
Seemed that the old man was the most skilled out of all these goons.
“You’re lucky! If you don’t wanna get hurt, get the fuck out!”
“Yeah. Your mother is waiting for you, kiddo.”
I heard their snickers.
I was hoping to go in quietly… Guess I have to smell the scent of blood from the start.
‘If I cause enough of a ruckus, I’m sure Park Hyun will appear on her own.’
I casted Reflect Shield and the attack buff Protection of the Brave.
Looking at the shield and red colored buff around me, they began to group back up with annoyance.
“You little bitch!”
“You wanna go right here? I’m not letting you get away just because you’re a kid!”
“Where do you think this is to ask for a fight?”
All of them began to pull out their weapons and prepared to fight.
But it looked like I didn’t even need to pull out my own.
As soon as they came close…
Lightning Spray that had no cast time began to pour atop their heads.
It was different from before, since it had hit level 100.
Instead of spraying about weakly, it poured thunder upon the ground.
Out of 13, 7 of them instantly lost consciousness.
And I didn’t stop there, but casted more on the guards that were still conscious.
The leftovers were foaming at the mouth or their eyes rolled up.
As their bodies exploded, blood sprayed everywhere.
And the floor was covered in their excrements.
I walked over to the middle aged man who couldn’t even let out a pained groan, shuddering feebly on the ground.
“Here to meet Park Hyun. Report.”
“Ugh… Gah…..”
Trying to swallow the blood that kept coming back up, he used the hand held radio.
“Operations room.”
“L… Lobby…! Code red…”
“What’s happening?”
“Code red….”
I took the radio out of his grasp.
How many times do I need to say this.
“This is your last warning. I’m here to meet Park Hyun. Check using the lobby CCTV and move quickly.”
As soon as my words ended, I heard the yelling from the other side.
Seemed far away from the radio.
“Shit hit the fan! Check the lobby now! Code red!”
“What! What happened!”
“Guess they just realized. I won’t wait for long.”
The code red they were talking about, seemed it was for battle stations.
Checking the situation of the lobby, they should be swarming me.
But things went a little differently from what I expected.
The entrance that I went through, as well as all exits were being sealed.
‘Guess we won’t have a need for a director for those helicams.’
Also, the lobby that should be filled with noise had no visible movement.
My confusion only lasted a moment.
An announcement over the PA system rang throughout the building.
– To all Noblesse guild members.
Code red. Code red. Prepare for combat.
Informing once more…
‘I guess they want me to find them? Then I’ll come.’
Looks like today’s fight will end within the building.
To go to Park Hyun’s office, I rode the elevator.
While riding, I pulled out Banwol Jincheon from the cello bag.
And I casted Mana Shield as well.
They want me to come to them, not for them to come to me.
Could be preparing a trap or an ambush.
Ding. 60th floor.
The door opened, and as always, Park Hyun’s secretary in training was guarding the entrance to the office.
Also present was the sunglasses man who was the reason behind the guild wars victory.
I walked towards them.
Both black suits allowed me to pass without a word.
It wasn’t just a little suspicious.
Because I thought the two of them would rush me with swords, but instead they were guiding me in.
The door to the office opened.
Park Hyun greeted me as if she had been waiting, coming all the way to the middle of the conference table.
“Mr. Min-cheol, I’m really glad to see you again.”
“They should be aware of who they’re dealing with before blocking the way. Useless expendable grunts, right? I’ll apologize for what happened at the lobby. Would you like some tea?”
Listen to her crazy talk.
Looking at the swords in my hands, yet asking if I’d like tea without blinking an eye.
Maybe it’s not that strange for Awakened to carry around weapons.
But she was treating her guild members that gave their lives at the entrance like trash.
And all entrances as well as exits were blocked off.
I was sure that she was just trying to see how much I’ve caught on.
“Now. Why the sudden visit?”
“You sent a pretty amusing gift. Just wanted to thank you for it.”
“What do you mean?”
“Was there an assassin of that caliber in the guild?”
Her poker face didn’t last long.
Hearing my words, Park Hyun went stiff as a board, her face cold like ice.
An expression that showed she never expected me to catch on.
She never had shown her true emotions once in front of me.
She continued while holding the cup of coffee with both hands.
“You knew, yet you came anyways?”
“Then this should be an easy talk. What will you choose?”
“Yes. Are you going to join me. Or are you going to turn away?”
The coffee cup she was holding was broken to the point where it was hard to recognize what it was anymore.
“Are you seriously asking me that? Contact the funeral services first. Tell them there’s going to be a massive influx of clients. Today, you and all your goons will die by my hands.”
“Pfft! Aren’t you being arrogant just because of your abilities? Coming into my guild on your own and killing all the guild members by yourself?”
Park Hyun hit the table while laughing uncontrollably.
As I predicted, she had an idea of what my ability is.
But looking at her right now, it seems she didn’t realize that my mana is infinite.
Guess she simply thought my mana regen rate is high.
“Even joking has a limit too, you know. Acting all high and mighty just because of a high mana regen rate.”
“Is that how it looks to you?”
“And the two swords you have. They’re both Banwol Jincheon’s. You’re foolishly trying to raise your strength stat still… You can’t even use your abilities to its potential, just like a child.”
“Are you done talking?”
Park Hyun turned towards to the apprentice secretaries and nodded.
Anyone could tell it was a signal to attack.
The man with the sunglasses pulled out his sword.
The two others next him pulled their swords out as well.
For hunting, one hunts. For fighting, one fights.
All warrior classes had superior stats compared to other classes.
That’s why all her guards are warriors.
Ignoring the approaching warriors, I spoke to Park Hyun.
“Isn’t it a bit too crowded here? Doesn’t look like all your goons are here. It’ll take long at this rate. Group them up to one location. I’ll send all that beautiful comradery off at once.”
“Pfft. It won’t be too bad to execute you in public. It’ll even serve as a reminder to those who are easily swayed.”
“Bring all of them in, even those outside. If these guys go to the afterworld first, the guys outside would feel lonely, right?”
“Ha…. Where is this confidence coming from.”
Park Hyun put a hand on her forehead, treating me as nonsensical.
“Not sure if it is more fortunate or unfortunate for you, but there will be a guild war at 8. You will die a dog’s death in front of everyone.”
At Park Hyun’s words, all three apprentice secretaries put away their swords.
Immediately, one of them contacted someone with haste.
Her expression changed back into that carefree look.
I wonder how much time has passed.
Then all speakers on the ceilings spread an announcement.
-Ahem! Ahem! Informing all Noblesse guild members.
Code red summons! Form up on floor 12 in combat readiness.
Announcing once more. All forces, converge on the 12th floor.
‘All right. I can take care of this more cleanly than I thought.’
While listening to the broadcast, Park Hyun looked at her watch and spoke.
And she spoke with her usual smile.
“It’s 6:40 right now. Let’s go in about 5 min. By then, everyone should be there.”
“5 min left. You should be reflecting with what time you have left. The result would be the same of course.”
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