Novel Name : I Never Run Out of Mana

I Never Run Out of Mana - Chapter 41

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Chapter 41 – Smash, Charge (4)
Time continued to past quickly without a care.
After the first hit, I allowed two more hits on me.
All of them were allies whom traveled with me.
But I didn’t react at all.
But to even give a bigger hint towards me, some were wearing ‘Empire’ guild wear and attacking.
Each guild had uniforms bearing the mark of their guild.
Sending me a message by bringing Empire that has animosity towards Noblesse.
They were waiting with the thought of ‘Treat him like a kid’ or something.
Leading a cow out of the stables, then releasing predators around it.
They gave me the role of the ‘cow’.
Attacking an herbivore like me.
The more I thought about it, the angrier I got.
The outside is dangerous, so head back in immediately?
My answer to that would be to ‘annihilate both predators and the stable’.
The next day.
I will be ending things with Noblesse cleanly.
Jong Ho was worried and visited every day, asking if there is something he could do to help.
So I asked him to do a few things.
I needed evidence, logs and history about this current situation.
Let’s say I completely destroyed the guild without any proof.
Due to the strict laws for the Awakened, I would be receiving quite the punishment.
Punishment? No. Probably an execution.
To prepare for that, I asked him to find about 5 people who knew how to operate heli-cameras.
And glasses that has a built in feature to record footage as well.
Of course, the best method is to annihilate them without it being noticed by anyone.
But for a massive battle to go unnoticed was nearly impossible.
That’s why I made preparations in advance.
My ability would be exposed to the rest of the world, but I needed to show that the fight was justified.
If I’m lucky and have a chance to do so, I’ll take care of business without drawing attention.
Think about it.
I just wanted to use my abilities to obtain massive amounts of money and live a peaceful, happy life.
But these goons won’t leave me alone.
Something I learned while being bullied by Jae-Hyuk.
If someone tries to fight you, you shouldn’t run away and fight back instead.
And I won’t let any cheap excuses sway me otherwise.
I will show that my resolve is firm tomorrow.
I wasn’t able to get Louver’s Necklace in today’s hunt.
However, I was able to get something I needed more: Banwol Jincheon.
Louver’s necklace has a very low chance to ignore an attack, both magical and physical.
Low chance.
It was like fighting a boss online and hoping for a 0.1% chance crit to work.
Depending on such as low percentage.
And the set effect worked only inside the dungeon, absorbing the monsters’ magical energy and turning it into a shield.
It didn’t matter since I have the Mana Shield.
Banwol Jincheon in both hands.
[610+20+400+400+286] = 1,716
I gained 600 more strength than holding onto just one.
And if I added strength enhancing jewels?
Of course I couldn’t recover the jewels, but I didn’t think of it as a waste in the slightest.
I went to a blacksmith in a weapon shop nearby by the market.
The interior was luxurious, categorized clearly from section to section.
Weapons made by the blacksmith.
Under the bright lighting, a red light similar to that of Blood Stone colored one of the walls.
From small daggers to giant swords, mace, and even the Ranger’s shortbows and longbows.
Looking at how well the equipments were made, I felt like I could trust the place somewhat.
“Anyone here?”
“Yes. Let’s talk outside.”
From one of the rooms in the shop, a man with a huge belly appearing to be 50 years old walked out.
A man wearing a running shirt that revealed his neck to his chest.
Despite being pale, he was covered in black soot like his shirt that showed signs of hard labor.
“I’m trying to embed a jewel on my weapon.”
To my words, he put on a pair of thick glasses that hung by his neck.
“Is the weapon you’re hold Banwol Jincheon?”
“Yes. That’s correct. I’m hoping it can be taken care of here?”
“Oho….. Haven’t been able to see a decent weapon in a while.”
“Is it possible?”
“Of course. It’s doable. If you’re going to do both, it takes about 1 hour. Will you come back for them later?”
“No. I’ll wait.”
Soon as my words ended, he immediately got to work.
After securing the weapon tightly, he began to process the jewel.
To blacksmiths who could only level up by hammering, they put all their points into strength.
Because you’ll need to be able to wield all the weapons in the world in order to make them.
Hearing the hammering, I thought about the grandpa I met while I was at Noblesse.
Another member of Noblesse.
Honestly I hoped that Sangmin and his friends, as well as the grandpa would not be my enemies.
Like Jong Ho, I got to know them after being Awakened.
To point my sword at them, I couldn’t help but be sad about it.
While I was thinking, the owner spoke.
“Did you get them from the level 18 dungeon?”
“Yes. That’s right.”
“For someone so young, that’s amazing.”
Hearing his words, I couldn’t help but smile coolly.
“The work is done. Would you like to check?”
The sword I received from the blacksmith had red light flowing from the handle.
The yellow moonlight that covered the sword, and the red light that appeared as though trying to decorate that light.
I grabbed both Banwol Jincheon.
The strengths I gained from the jewels should be minor, but the power felt different than before.
“Thank you.”
“No need to. Please come often. It brings great joy to blacksmiths who can work on amazing weapons like that.”
Preparing everything I could, I went back home.
I saw mother who was studying Korean in the living room.
The danger I faced now. I could not let it also affect my mother.
A quick decision. It’s a plan that’s only a week old, but I needed to proceed without any hesitation.
At least for tomorrow during the fight, I wanted her to be in a safe place.
Despite being a safehouse, if they charge in relentlessly, it wouldn’t be safe for long.
After a brief moment of thinking…
“Back, son?”
“Oh! Mrs. Professor hard at studying?”
“Don’t tease me! There’s nothing incorrect an adult would say. There’s always a time for everything, so trying late isn’t working out very well.”
“Eh. If it’s you, you’re still young.”
“Fine. Did you eat?”
“Yes. I ate with Jong Ho-hyung.”
“Ah. I decided to meet with Jong Ho tomorrow. You already heard, right?”
“Yes, I’m aware.”
I asked Jong Ho to take mother to a safe location.
A place with as many government members as possible.
Jong Ho probably thought of a place already.
Then. The news on TV that I wasn’t paying attention sudden caught my eye.
-MBM news.
Recently, there has been news that attacks from the Awakened on regular personnel have been increased.
The government is trying to find a solution.
They’re trying to find a solution by the unawakened people’s representative and Awakened Association’s representative to meet.
Let’s find out about the details. Kim Sang Hwan reporting.
-Yes. This is Kim Sang Hwan.
I’m at Seoul, Korean Awakened Association headquarters.
Preparations are underway for tomorrow’s meeting.
As you can see, security is incredibly tight.
Especially due the fact that the discussion will be from 17:00 to 21:00 and citizens will be able to participate.
And the highest rankers from each class in the nation will be participating as well…..
‘That’s it.’
No matter how insane you are, that place would be impossible to attack.
I’ll have to send this information to Jong Ho as soon as possible.
“Mom, I’ll be going in first.”
“You should wash your feet at least!”
“Nope! Your son’s feet isn’t smelly at all!”
“Ha… I bought some grapes so if feel hungry, just let me know.”
Why would feet smell matter when there is such an important situation to take care of.
It’s okay not to wash for one day. Because this will affect me for the rest of my life.
Returning to my room, I immediately called Jong Ho.
After a few rings, he received it.
-Oh. Min-Cheol.
“Yes. Hyung. Where were you planning to bring my mother to tomorrow?”
-As you asked, a place that’s safe and with a lot of people.
“I saw the news just now. I found the safest place in the world, you know?”
-Are you talking about the headquarters that the meeting will take place?
“Yes! That’s right.”
-I’m going to bring her over there tomorrow. Since it is a public meeting, you’d have to reserve in advance. I already did though.
“What…. You did?”
-Yeah. No need to worry. Ah. And I got the heli-cameramen that you’ve requested.
“Really, thank you so much, hyung.”
-Don’t stick too much. Tomorrow is an important day. I’m sorry hyung can’t be a bigger help to you.
“Don’t say that.”
-Yeah. Rest and I’ll see you tomorrow.
“Yes hyung.”
A man who sees much further than I do.
I was sincerely happy to have someone this reliable by my side.
Now I don’t have to keep worrying about my mother’s safety.
I can now focus on the battle tomorrow.
All attacks and defensive skills ready.
Other than Meteor Call and Iceberg, all skills are at level 100.
Noblesse members ranging from level 100 to 200.
Even if they came in droves, I was confident that I wouldn’t be pushed back.
Early morning.
Despite not setting my alarm, I woke up to the same time I usually go out to hunt.
From the kitchen, I heard mother cooking.
Inside my room drifted a scent of delicious foods.
For this peace, I’m struggling to grow in a do or die situation.
Jong Ho planned to come around noon.
After eating, they planned to go to where the news covered last night.
After breakfast, I did maintenance on my equipment.
Although I call it maintenance, but really it was just equipping and checking my status.
In each hand I held Banwol Jincheon.
Louver’s Ring and Bracelet on my left hand.
And the Titan Boots by the entrance.
Things that’ll bring my abilities to the next level.
They were irreplaceable items.
Jong Ho eventually arrived.
“Madam, how have you been?”
“Aha. Young Jong Ho came?”
“Would you like to go on a date after lunch? I heard you enjoy literature, and there is a place that would be quite a sight to visit.”
“Oh? Is that so? Min-Cheol can come along too.”
“No, I have something to take care of.”
“Really? That’s too bad. What concert?”
“Not a concert. Your son is an Awakened, right? There’s a nice lecture being held that would be good to hear, so I’d like to take you there.”
“Jong Ho, you’re so caring. If I was 10 years younger, I’d fall for you.”
“Your compliments are too much! Haha.”
With that relaxing atmosphere, Jong Ho and mother left the house.
After confirming their vehicle leaving, I prepared to leave.
Here was the front of the Noblesse guild building.
I was here to smash both the stable and the predators.
“This is real war, Park Hyun.”
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