Novel Name : I Never Run Out of Mana

I Never Run Out of Mana - Chapter 36

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Chapter 36 – Exp Continues To Rise (3)
Jong Ho continued to swing his knife at thin air.
‘Did he lose his mind because the exit won’t appear?’ was what I thought.
“Hyung, what are you doing? Why are you continuing to swing at thing air…..”
“Min-Cheol. Where did you hunt at?”
“Monsters? I hunted at the end of the dungeon.”
“Yeah? Then turn around and go back towards where you caught them. And cast AoE whenever you have the AoE.”
“Huh. Are you okay hyung? Tell me the reasoning.”
Looking at his face, I asked.
But why? He was smiling brightly.
‘Wow… Feels like I have to find a mental hospital.’
“Why are you so excited?”
“Hm? Mimic? Hyung, how many fingers am I holding up?”
I stopped Jong Ho’s wild slashing and held up two fingers.
It looks like I’m joking around, but I was being serious.
Jong Ho laughed half-heartedly, but the happiness in his smile did not fade.
“Two. Who do you think I am!”
“No. Think about it hyung. All the monsters are taken out, but the exit doesn’t open. But the person who came in with is laughing like a madman while swinging his knife. What do you think? It’s scary so let’s hear the reason why.”
“Ah. I didn’t tell you? I guess I forgot because I was excited.”
“Did your return to your senses?”
“Hey! There is a monster left in the dungeon!”
“What are you saying. I beat the hidden boss and the final boss, Louver.”
“Have you heard of a mimic?”
“You kept saying ‘mimic mimic’, but what are you talking about?”
“Treasure. Idiot. One Piece!”
“Ha… do I need to hit you?”
“Sorry. It’s a treasure chest. You can’t tell what’s in it until you take it down.”
“Where is it? Don’t tell me you are ‘stabbing wildly since the monster is invisible’ or something like that.”
He smiled and nodded his head.
“Quickly, turn around and look for it. It shows its face when you hit it once. The person who finds it first should bring it back.”
“Are you telling the truth?”
“Did I ever lie to you?”
The mimic monster was a funny one.
Gravity Laser, which hits all enemies within its range, could not target it.
It was in perfect stealth.
I was retracing my steps, casting Lightning Spray.
From the center to the end of the dungeon, my curiosity was slowly turning into rage.
To confirm a wider range, I casted Fire Shock every time it came off cooldown.
It was at that moment.
Jong Ho said the ‘mimic’ is a monster shaped like a box.
And this sound surely came from a box made of wood.
My vision that was only on the ground that I treaded changed as I looked around me, and I could see it ‘hop hop’-ing away from me.
“Found you. Come here!”
It was just as Jong Ho said.
It was a chest that looked straight out of pirate movie, holding a ton of treasures.
Instead of giving it a nice greeting, I casted Lightning Spray.
It stuck out its tongue from within and started to madly dash away.
At this rate, I’d be further away from Jong Ho.
I started to spam cast Frozen Orb at it.
I was planning to freeze it solid and bring it back.
But it was a F ranking skill, and it was a monster from a level 18 dungeon.
Despite hitting it countless of times, it only moved faster.
“Damn it. Glacial Field, I’ll learn it for sure!”
Constantly casting Teleport every 3 seconds the cooldown came up, and ran at it as fast as possible.
Noise filled the silent dungeon, like the steps of two race horses.
It didn’t take long for me to overtake it.
I wanted to spam skills at it, but decided to hold off.
It would be good to hunt it together with Jong Ho.
Now it was running the other way around.
I was able to make out the faint outline of Jong Ho swinging his knife in the air.
Hearing me yell, Jong Ho stopped slashing and turned around.
I don’t think anyone could be mad at his bright smile.
The fashion terrorist’s new nickname became the ‘smiling angel’.
“Hurry up! Hurry!”
“On my way. Coming.”
Caught between Jong Ho and I, the mimic couldn’t do anything but rattle in place.
“Hyung, should I beat it down with skills?”
“No no. You have to beat it to death.”
“Are you stressed out?”
“That’s not it. It has to be hit a certain amount of times, either skills or sword swinging, to have it open.”
“Ah. Is that so?”
“Punching is its password.”
I wasn’t very pleased with that news.
Pulling up my sleeves, I began to punch it.
“Run! Running the other way?”
The more times I punched, the wider it opened its mouth.
Soon, the chest opened, and it stopped to moving.
However, there was nothing inside.
It was then.
It made a puking noise as it died.
“Wow… does it usually give out this much?”
“No clue. This is the first time I’ve seen it. It’s amazing for sure.”
“Agreed. Let’s take and go. Hyung.”
Since there wasn’t much time left before the dungeon ended, we quickly grabbed everything and ran out.
Since we worried that we’d get robbed, we quickly headed to Jong Ho ‘s car.
Jong Ho said it was his first time finding a mimic too.
We had enough loot to fill half of a military duffle bag.
“Hyung. We’ll count the B ranking blood stone later. Let’s look at the items first?”
“Yeah, let’s do that.”
Glancing over, 6 items dropped.
With one hand I pulled out the loot, while the other hand used the smart phone to pull the encyclopedia app.
The first match I got was the shoes.
Jong Ho couldn’t help but exclaim.
“Wow! ‘Titan Boots’! I wasn’t sure before since it was dark and we were rushing, but it’s the real deal!”
“Is it good?”
Jong Ho ‘s word made me hurry.
I quickly searched up Titan Boots.
At the same time, ‘human Awakened Encyclopedia’ Jong Ho continued to explain.
“Lucky. Min-Cheol! Even if you hunt for a long time, it will be really difficult to get boots better than this.”
“It’s that good?”
“Yeah! You saw Yoon Jong-sun before we entered, right? The boots he was wearing was this one. Immune to status effects, the Titan Boots! The people who own these boots is 10? No! Less than 5. You can throw away everything else with just this…!”
The phone returned the results.
-Titan Boots-
Immune to all status effects.
Increased movement speed.
It was an ability beyond words.
Immune to all forms of status effects.
Magician’s ice magic.
Shaman, assassins, and necromancer’s poison.
Warrior and priest’s slows.
All of them would become useless against me.
I had obtained something amazing.
“Hyung. What do I do?”
“What do you do! You take off your clothes and run around the track field a hundred times while holding onto the boots, celebrating!”
“Let’s look at the other stuff too. I’m still trying to process.”
Out of the loot, there were three skill books.
“Should we check the skill books first?”
“Devil Avatar. Il-sum. Piercing Sword. Those are the drops.”
“Oh. Since it dropped on random, I was worried it would drop stuff below D rank. Thank goodness.”
“Hyung, did you not learn Il-sum and Piercing Sword?”
“No. Not yet. If you sell it at the store, you should be able to get 2 billion at least?”
“Hm? Hyung, you said you didn’t learn it yet.”
“Yeah I didn’t learn it yet. But you learned Piercing Sword already.”
“Why are you doing this? Do we not know each other?”
“Yeah. We are strangers.”
“I do agree. But still take these two, hyung. Learn them right away.”
“Min-Cheol. If it wasn’t for you, would hyung be able to go in the dungeon? I’m already feeling guilty for the level ups. Please don’t do this.”
“Okay. Then I’ll just give it to a stray dog passing by…..”
“Stop! From the mimic onward, are you going to keep joking around?”
“Heh, I knew it. Hurry up and learn it. I’ll be taking Devil Avatar.”
-Devil Avatar-
Usable Class: Summoner (Other classes have 10 times the mana cost)
Mana Cost: 2000 (Per skill leveled, mana cost increases by 10%)
Skill Information: Summons Devil Avatar
As the skill level rises, the summoned damage increases.
It only attacks those the summoner deems as enemies.
Cooldown: 60 minutes.
Duration: Until the summoned dies.
Skill Rank: A
Additional Explanation: Summoned will be at random from one of the three. Fire user, frost user, and lightning user. (Per 100 skill level, summoned number will increase by 1.)
Skill Book Estimated Price: ????
“Do you know anything about Devil Avatar?”
“Summoner classes are rare, so I don’t know that well, but I heard that if they grow well, they display the power of two Awakened. That’s why you can’t ignore a summoner. Wow! The skill is A ranked.”
“That’s true, but the mana cost is 2,000? ‘Is this made with the intent to be used?’ is the thought I get.”
“Of course, if you’re not a summoner you can’t use it. Where would you get the 10 times inflated cost of 20,000 mana? That would mean you’d have to put in 4000 stat points in mana, but that would mean that you’re level 800. Impossible.”
That’s right. You get 5 stat points per level.
To get 20,000 mana, you’d need to put points into mana only until you’re level 800.
That’s why there was zero percent chance that anyone but a summoner would use this skill.
“So it’s really strong?”
“Yeah, from what I know. Since I can’t see an estimated price, looks like it’s a rare skill book. Should I look for information regarding it?”
“No. I’ll keep it. I got a hobby for collecting skill books.”
“Wow… Are you that well off?”
“Should I start raising an extinct cheetah as a pet?”
“Pfft. Let’s go check the rest of the loot.”
Going to the rear seats of the car, we flipped the bag and spilled everything out.
It was because all the equipments were about the same size as the blood stones, so it was hard to find things.
It was then that I saw something that I could not help but be happy to see.
“Hyung. Do you have any skills that are level 100?”
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