Novel Name : I Never Run Out of Mana

I Never Run Out of Mana - Chapter 34

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Chapter 34 – Exp Continues To Rise
Look at this nonsensical growth.
It takes 20 minutes to clear the dungeon.
But the experience I gained from it was 2 to 2.5 million.
With only 10 days of hunting, my level had risen from 108 to 124.
I was able to raise 1 to 2 levels each day.
If you think about it, it was only natural.
I did not have to wait to recharge my mana, and was taking the experience that would normally be shared across 5 to 6 people.
Rather than the boss, the hidden boss had a higher chance of dropping the Awakened Essence.
Thanks to the appearance of ‘Gwidon’, I was able to obtain another Awakened Essence.
As soon as I got the essence, I Awakened Fire Shock.
At least until level 150 to 170, I was planning to continue hunting here.
After that, I was planning to Awaken a physical attack skill.
Other items dropped other than the Awakened Essence, but they were all useless compared to the items dropped on the first clear.
Three footwear dropped, but all of them raised mana.
Why are only mana items dropping…
Thanksfully though, I was able to obtain a skill book I was going to buy, ‘Flash’.
Soon as I exited the dungeon, I learned it.
It was a skill that would let me teleport 5m.
However the real prize was this.
The bracelet that Louver dropped!
It was on a dimension of its own, nothing like the regular equipment.
It was a ‘named equipment’, one that would only drop from Louver.
Not just the bracelet, but a ring and a necklace exists, each with their own abilities.
If you equip all three, you even get a set bonus effect.
‘Louver’s Bracelet’ had a simple ability.
It didn’t raise your stats, or your defense.
[After absorbing a certain amount of magical energy and using a skill with the hand that has the bracelet equipped, the skill casted will be more than twice as powerful.]
It was a simple description, but an incredible item.
The bracelet’s effect also showed an incredible destructive force.
After casting a certain amount of skills and killing monsters, the silver bracelet starts to glow blue.
The next skill used would be vastly strengthened.
Currently this item was not found on the auction house.
Even the history of this item showed that it was rarely auctioned.
‘Those who will succeed can do whatever they want.’
Recently, I’ve been thinking that this saying fits me perfectly.
Honestly, when the bracelet dropped…
I was hoping for equipment that raised strength or stamina stats.
I was just hoping for something that didn’t raise the mana stat.
But instead of indulging in my small wish, it gave me this wonderful boon instead.
‘Gold axe or silver axe. My choice is the steel axe.’
It was like the story of the lumberjack who lost his axe in the lake.
Previously, the 5% drop rate on the blood stone had increased to a reasonable level.
Perhaps it was due to the low number of monsters?
The amount of stone earned was similar with places where lots of monsters appeared.
Of course there was the huge difference in price of B rank stones dropping instead of C.
I think I got the hang of leveling up my skills to 100.
If only Awakened Essences dropped more, but that’s just wishful thinking.
I was planning to save money to purchase ‘Glacial Field’.
Currently one of the most powerful magic out there.
I needed Magma Pool and Meteor Call as well, but I picked a frost type spell because the first spell I obtained was the Frost Orb spell.
In the taxi after finishing the day’s hunt and heading back home…
The 30 minute travel time was also a time for me to plan ahead and sort out my thoughts.
Sometimes, this is where I’d have a call with mother or Jong Ho as well.
There were times when calls would come from Sang-min, but after leaving the guild, there was a unexplainable distance formed between us, and I was no longer glad to talk to him anymore.
‘If you talk about a tiger, it will come.’ Jong Ho’s calling.
I was grateful to this hyung for many reasons.
Other than the internet, it was my only route for obtaining information. Not only that, but there was much to learn from him, excluding the fashion sense.
During the meal we had to celebrate the purchase of the house, mother seemed to be very fond of him as well.
“Yes. The world’s best Kim Min-Cheol speaking.”
“It’s commander Lee Jong Ho.”
“Hail! What is it?”
“Uh. You’re working hard. It’s nothing much, just this. I was hoping to meet with you this weekend.”
“No worries, commander. Would you like to have dinner with my mother as well?”
“Oho. That’s good. Then let’s meet after taking care of business.”
I can’t believe that we match this well.
Perhaps I should ask mother seriously if there was a long lost hyung?
“But what is it? It’s the first time hyung has asked me to meet first?”
“Nothing important, just wanted you to come somewhere with me.”
“Okay. Understood. See you tomorrow, hyung.”
“Oh yes. I’m grateful.”
“Min-Cheol. I’m in front of the house. But due to the guards preventing me from even entering the residential area, I just parked the car at the entrance.”
“Yes. I just got on the elevator. I’ll be there soon.”
I could see Jong Ho waiting at the entrance.
I’ve known him for over two months now, but this was the first time he asked to meet me first.
Without even telling me the details to boot.
I saw Jong Ho purchasing something at a corner.
“What’s up? You called me up to meet first.”
“It’s nothing much. Kind of embarrassing to say.”
“What is it? Making me curious.”
“Hyung is going to go purchase armor with the money he’s saved up, but a bit nervous since I’ll be meeting up in person to do a trade directly.”
“What… I’m a body guard?”
“Sorry. I couldn’t ask anyone else because that’d be embarrassing. Let’s buy this first and let’s go.”
“What? Beansprouts?”
“Yes. Sweet potatoes and spinach too.”
I noticed Jong Ho receiving a black envelop.
Paying for my share, and obtaining the change from the grandma…
I noticed Jong Ho sliding a few C rank stones into the herb basket.
Looking at Jong Ho, I asked by mouthing the words silently.
‘What. Is. It?’
To my question, he put his index finger on his lips in a shushing gesture and nodded his head.
‘Is he paying me because he is guilty? I feel like a bad person now.’
After finishing the purchase, Jong Ho scratched his head while laughing.
“You’ll come with, right?”
He’s been helping me so much until now, but for something simple as this, he was feeling guilty and sorry for me, and I found it cute.
Despite him being a hyung and all.
Today’s the day we take a break, once a week. There’s the dinner with Jong Ho and mother, and when else would I be able to help this hyung out, I felt proud.
However, if it went like this, it won’t be fun.
“Ah. What are you doing, hyung. Calling someone busy like me for something like this.”
“Uh… uh? Ah. I’m sorry. I thought it’d be okay since I heard you are resting today.”
“Ah… Jeez.”
Yes. I have to tease him like this for fun. Right when his red embarrassed face was about to explode…
“Pfft. Teasing you is the best.”
“What? You… Are you going or not?”
“Of course I’ll go. Why are you asking something like that. And because it’s cold today, you even wore a windbreaker?”
“Yeah. I thought you’d be embarrassed, so I wore it one purpose. Why?”
“Then we must go for sure. Let’s go.”
A small park near the market.
This is the area Jong Ho planned to have the trade.
After calling the seller, Jong Ho spoke.
“3 min and they’ll be here.”
“We’ll only have to wait a bit. But what armor did you buy?”
“Yes. B rank armor, but it’s used so it is cheap. It was being re-evaluated as a half A rank.”
“Aha. How much?”
Hearing my question, he smiled while raising four fingers.
“4 million? Is it usually that expensive? From what I hear, it’s about 1 million. There’s no helmet included, right?”
“No. No.”
“Hyung, you don’t like me, right?”
“$400,000! Super cheap, right? ‘Opportunities come to someone who lives righteously.’ But it has to be all cash.”
“Wow. No matter it being a used item, it’s that cheap? That’s really good. But let me go use the bathroom real quick.”
Needed to go quick, but I did not see a single open stall.
I had to go to the cafe and buy a drink to be able to use the bathroom.
Returning to the park. I saw Jong Ho and the vendor from afar.
‘Hm? Why does he look familiar?’ was what I thought.
As I got closer, I heard the conversation.
“Since we need to check the armor’s ability, should we go into a dungeon?”
“Yes. But my sibling has gone to the bathroom. Let’s wait a bit.”
“Eh. It’ll be over real quick. Let’s go already.”
Who’s this. The one who tried to scam me out, trying to buy the ‘Magician’s Insight Bracelet’ from me.
Guess he didn’t change his ways.
“Oh boy. You’re still alive?”
“You really give your all to living.”
Remembering the past, he started to tremble like a leaf when he saw me.
Even stuttering his words too.
“You suffered that much last time. Why did you not learn.”
“… Th-that’s… because…..”
“You’ll confirm it at the dungeon? Let’s go then.”
I flicked the armor he was holding on with my finger, and he just collapsed on the ground.
“You know him?”
“Hyung. I think you saved $400,000 today?”
“What do you mean?”
“This guy is a scammer. Remember how I told you about the time I beat the shit out of the person who tried to buy the Magician’s Insight Bracelet?”
“Yeah, you did.”
Instead of answering, I pointed at him.
Realizing the situation now, Jong Ho gave a hollow laugh.
However, Jong Ho was still handing over the envelope with the money inside to him.
‘Kind to the point of bothersome. So frustrating.’
“What are you doing hyung? You can just take it you know?”
After handing the money, Jong Ho turned around and headed towards the car in silence.
I was able to learn that there was a side to him other than the joking one, a side that was very different from me.
It’s not just pocket change, but $400,000.
For a level 60 like Jong Ho, it would take months, if not a year to get that much money saved up without a doubt.
But here he is, walking on his own path with the armor in silence.
He was someone I could never understand.
“Let’s go together, hyung!”
We headed towards Jong Ho’s car.
He sat at the driver’s seat with a neutral expression.
I quietly got onboard the car.
“Yeah! Min-Cheol. Doesn’t this armor look killer?”
“It’s not a joke. I smell the sweat of a hard, honest veteran’s work.”
I didn’t say anything more about the scammer.
Just kept joking around with him like usual while we moved.
“Then we should probably check out the armor’s ability, no?”
“Let’s go!”
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