Novel Name : I Never Run Out of Mana

I Never Run Out of Mana - Chapter 32

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Chapter 32 – My Way (4)
The laser indiscriminately pierced through the monsters, ripping them to shreds.
However, the wounds, as they received damage, seemed to heal at the same time.
It wasn’t perfect, but bleeding stopped quickly, and something seemed to fill the empty holes in their bodies.
“It would be great if I had a skill to prevent their regeneration.”
Most high ranking magic had some kind of ability that prevented enemy from recovering.
It had incredibly high damage output, as well as preventing recovery. It wasn’t just called a high ranking skill for nothing.
They also sported an incredible price matching that.
Putting aside my disappointment, I looked at them.
With the head and wings of an eagle, and sharp talons.
It was a giant monster with the body and hind legs of a lion.
The moment it came within my sights, it flew towards me with incredible speeds.
From its beak to wings, it came at me like an arrow.
From what I found out, until its life was extinguished, it would attack like this.
However, when its fire of life was about to be extinguished, it would attack as if its life is on the line.
The last final attack.
Its body glanced the shield casted around me.
Due to the incredible amount of speed and power, the Reflect Shield seemed to waver a bit.
It was a shield that had reached lv 100. It seemed that I didn’t give enough credit for its attack power.
Until it turned its direction to head back towards me, the shield recovered its form and I finished preparing to receive its attack.
With its multiple attacks, the Reflect Shield was countering by reflecting the attack back at it.
While I was focused solely on its attacks, the ‘Poison Naga’ continued to spray sticky vomit around me.
The vomit it spewed all over to floor started to boil like hydrochloric acid on metal.
Soon, a foul smoke began to permeate.
If I make a mistake and step on it without my shield, it wouldn’t end with just losing my boots and armor.
The vile poison would instantly seep into the foot of the Awakened.
If that happens, there is only one solution. Without a single bit of hesitation, to amputate from the calf down.
If you try to pathetically save one’s foot with an ‘Antidote’ spell, you’d lose your life within a minute.
The one thing that made me shudder was for the high stamina tank type Awakened.
Due to the defense capabilities from their stamina stat, no magicians that would normally enter a level 18 dungeon would be able to amputate. Thus only the poisoned member themselves could, and would have to cut off their own limb.
Even if you were an Awakened with 100 stamina and 10 strength, you were able to hurt yourself as if your body was that of a normal person.
As if a scene from the movie “Saw.”
Of course high ranking healers could regenerate the lost foot.
You’d have to pay an incredible sum of money though.
A monster with the body and tail of a snake, a halfling.
From the waist up, the hands each held a sword thin as paper.
After spitting out venom repeatedly, it flicked its tongue, getting closer.
It could slide quickly on the areas the venom it spat out landed.
“A chicken and a bowl of snake soup. I’m blessed with food.”
Time for the griffon to attack again.
I casted Fire Shock.
In a radius of 15m around me, the dark dungeon was bathed in bright red.
It was a skill with only a duration of 10 seconds, so I had to hold them in place as long as possible.
The moment they were in my sights, I used Bind to root them.
The level 21 bind would only last for 1 to 2 seconds, but I just need to keep casting is all.
The moment when the griffon was caught by its hind legs and flapped its wings desperately to struggle free…
I casted Hold on the naga that was swinging its sword at me.
It was obvious that its sword attacks would be all blocked by my shield.
However, I knew that the constant attacks would slowly eat away at the duration of the shields.
The flames from the Fire Shock meeting with the venom caused the dungeon to become a gas chamber.
If my shields gave out right now, and I was to inhale this smoke…..
Since I did not raise my agility stat, I was weak towards status changes. It was obvious that a tragedy would occur.
A skill that did not take account for the surroundings, truly for those who play solo.
It’s a hunting method that a hunting party cannot even dream about.
Without being able to move, they could only get hit by the Fire Shock head on.
10 seconds.
It was the time left before I casted Gravity Laser again since casting Hold and Bind with both my hands prevented me from casting it.
Until then I had to focus only on halting their movements.
I noticed that their ability to recover had been reduced drastically.
As the sea of red ended, stopping the cast of Hold and Bind, I continued to spam Gravity Laser.
After Bind being undone, the griffon that was flying at me continuously suddenly stopped 3m above my head.
His life force must be nearly extinguished. The only thing left must be his last resort attack.
Despite the laser penetrating and ripping its entire body apart, it spread its wings and continued to flap its way towards me.
But that was for a brief moment.
As it stopped its wings, the feathers from the inside of its wings began to pour down.
The small black red shards were like sharp assassin weapons, resembling that of an assassin’s ‘Weapon Throw’.
The shape was different, but it wasn’t just an attack. It was truly a final attack.
Feather that came pouring like rain. Just in case, I had even casted Spirit Armor.
Due to the attack above me, my vision was nearly blocked due to all the feathers being imbedded in the shield.
As if from the battles with Guseon where all those arrows and explosives were embedded on it.
Korean battle ship, resembling a turtle. Cannons on all sides, metal hull and a roof that had spikes. Its purpose is to charge through enemy’s line, therefore it’s almost always covered in arrows and explosives.
Even on the naga who was nearly dead, there were hundreds, if not thousands of featheres embedded on it.
The destroyed body that struggled till its last fell to the ground.
[100,000 Experience Obtained]
[100,000 Experience Obtained]
For killing one, the experience I gained was 100k!
Level 18 dungeons were different from the manticore and succubus dungeons.
Unlike those dungeons where hundreds of monsters appeared, there were only 20 to 25 monsters.
But even those few, if I could get them all I could obtain a minimum experience of 2 million.
Unlike the 800k experience I received form the succubus dungeon, the experience I gained rose over 2.5 times from before.
In order for a level 108 to increase his or her lv by 1, the experience required was 60 million.
After lv 30, the required experience began to exponentially increase, and now has become 60 million.
To take down both these two, it had taken only 2 minutes.
But thinking about the 3 minutes cooldown time of Fire Shock…
I realized that it would take roughly 1 hour to take them all down.
“This isn’t going to work out.”
Thought for a brief moment…
The collapsed bodies gave off a green ‘demonic fire’ along with the blood stone.
The light was absorbed by a monster far away who was merely watching the fight.
“I forgot about him. Ah. I have a headache. One hour probably isn’t enough?”
The one who absorbed the light, its form became a little less ethereal than before.
Its name is ‘Reaper Louver ‘.
From the dungeon entrance onwards, this place looked like a road to guide the dead to the underworld.
To match that, a reaper that guides all the monsters’ soul in the dungeon had appeared.
“Passing the summer, they’re filming ‘Legend of the Homeland’.”
As our eyes met, it turned its back on me and disappeared into the darkness.
It wouldn’t attack right now.
Maybe when all the monsters here have died. If the hidden boss appeared, it would probably absorb its soul and then fight.
The boss itself was a mid-tier boss, but if it absorbed the soul of the hidden boss, I heard it would become incredibly strong.
I didn’t have time for this.
I gave my all and charged forward.
Continued to take down the enemies.
Hunting by grouping only 2~3 of them at a time. And they kept recovering.
And the 3 minutes cooldown of Fire Shock.
The result was going overtime on the dungeon’s time limit.
All the monsters that fired magic gleefully disappeared, and the exit opened in the center of the dungeon.
“Damn it.”
And that’s how I tasted my first defeat as an Awakened.
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