Novel Name : I Never Run Out of Mana

I Never Run Out of Mana - Chapter 28

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Chapter 28 – Growth. Revenge. (4)
How long has it been?
My gaze shifted towards my watch.
There was only about 20 minutes left before the dungeon closes.
The guys that became ragged like a bunch of dirty washcloth after 30 minutes of lesson were tossed into the corner of the dungeon.
To leave the dungeon, I had to clear all the monsters.
Within 10 minutes, the dungeon center was filled with manticores’ red bloodstones.
Thinking that the exit would open, I turned around.
Suddenly, in the level 12th dungeon that I visited after two months, a kelvecore appeared.
‘Aah, if I knew this would happen, I would have beaten those two son of bitches a little less.’
Ten minutes left.
With the growth I’ve achieved, I should be able to take care of it easily.
Hunting the kelvecore last time, I was able to obtain a bloodstone, a soulstone, a jewel and a skillbook.
I was looking towards to the rare drops again.
Its powerful breath and poison sting that once put me in danger no longer affected me.
Not giving it any space and attacking it at close range while circling around it, I did not allow it to show off its main range attacks.
It didn’t take long for it to die, accompanied by a howl that was always awful to hear.
The blood stone that floated above it gave a magnificent glow like always.
Without a doubt, the skillbook and soul stone dropped.
Matching the title of hidden boss, it seemed to be very polite.
‘Okay. Seems like I got some spending money.’
Since there was not much time until the dungeon closed, I put off checking the skillbook and picked up the drops, walking towards the two guys on the floor.
After healing them completely, we headed toward the exit at the center of the dungeon.
To the guys who are keeping their distance without a word, I asked them a question.
Of course, I didn’t forget to keep my shields up.
“Was it a good time?”
With a smile, I asked them while looking at that straight in the eyes, and they reacted naturally with fear, looking down at the ground.
I was someone who had witnessed succubi murdering people.
I will not kill these people today.
But all the wrongdoings they committed cannot be repaid in a single hour.
Quickly arriving at the exit, I stopped them and asked.
“Hey. How much did you say I owe?”
“Ha…. Please don’t make me ask twice, hurry up and answer.”
“Yes… Yes! The leftover debt is 4.1 billion.”
“4.1 billion? Wow, you people sure are something. The original debt was 200 million won, but now it’s 4.1 billion? The midget outside, he’s the CEO?
“Even if I don’t pay the debt, there’s not big issue, right?”
From the hand that held my sword, the sound of my knuckles popping could be heard as I waited for their answer.
Hearing that, they were shaking in fear.
“Alright, I want to go out there and bring that midget to near death. But that guy isn’t an Awakened, so heal doesn’t work on him. If I even hit him a little, he’ll die quickly. What do you suggest?”
“What are you saying.”
“What am I saying? There is 4 minutes before the dungeon closes, so are you going to give me an answer I like so you can go through the exit and survive, or will you perish with the dungeon is what I’m asking!”
Then the smaller warrior class goon quickly opened his mouth.
“W-we’ll take care of everything. Please spare our lives.”
“It’s an answer that I like, but you guys aren’t the CEO. He’s the owner, right? To be honest, I was going to pay back the original amount due to my conscience. That is until you all came and threw quite a fit.”
“… Honestly speaking, our boss can’t do anything either.”
“Ah, is that so. Then please be a CEO in the next life.”
I casted Piercing Sword.
The swords surrounded the two.
Since it was a skill that followed my will, it did not attack them.
“Take care.”
With those words, I tried to turn around, looking cool.
“N-no! That’s not it. We’ll take care of it.”
To the fools who were flailing about in panic, I gave them an offer.
“Then let’s do this.”
“Hold, Bind, and Fire Shock.”
“… What are you saying?”
“There is 50 million won left on the original amount I owe. For beating the hell out of you today, I’ll give you 500 million won. These three skill books plus forgoing the rest of the debt, how about it?” Since the skill books will cost only 400 million won, it works out fine, right? You’re slow to answer… Do I need to cast Meteor’s Call so you’ll answer?”
“That’s not it! I’ll obtain all three skill books for you.”
“Of course you will. We have come to an agreement on the trade, but if your boss shows his ugly mug again near my house… You know what happens then, right?”
“Yes, yes!”
“Please obtain them within a week. Then we’ll be leaving now.”
Out of the three skill books, Hold and Bind wasn’t very expensive.
But they were almost never sold. A skill book with an incredibly low rate of dropping.
If there is a lack of supply, the price will naturally rise.
But for the effect the skill provided, the mana cost was too high and the duration was too low, so it was rated as a weak skill.
From what I’ve searched online, the official site did not have any up for trade.
However, I thought if they tried obtaining it from the underground market, it was possible.
Bind roots the target to the ground.
A stone golem’s hand shoots out from the ground, grabbing onto the target’s legs.
As the skill level rises, the duration and strength of the root increases, and it could bind a greater number of targets.
Second spell is Hold. It’s a skill that lives up to its name, preventing the opponent from moving their body.
Similar to bind, the duration increases depending on the skill level and the target’s level, but what if I crushed them with an incredibly high skill level?
Tying their feet with Bind, then using Hold to prevent them from moving their hands. I could put them in stasis like living dolls, leaving only the functioning of breathing intact.
Both skill was for the priest class.
Priests were in between tanks and healers, a defending and supporting class.
Since the class focused on health and agility, Hold and Bind were inefficient skills.
We exited the dungeon. The CEO was asleep in the car.
“Please bring that bastard over here.”
Instead of answering, they hurriedly ran towards the car.
About two minutes had passed?
Suddenly the CEO struck one of them on the cheek.
But before he could slap the other guy…
The one who was slapped grabbed him by the thigh and slammed him to the ground.
The boss was dragged in front of me by his underlings.
“You heard, right?”
“You still don’t get what’s happening? Whatever, just hand over the charter.”
The boss was silent for a bit, pulling out the charter from his pockets with shaking hands.
Snatching the charter from his hands, I threw it into the air and casted Piercing Sword, shredding it apart until it became dust.
Seeing my skill, his eyes grew wide.
“There should be paperwork stating that I paid off my debt, right? So that you can’t say otherwise behind my back.”
“But since I learned that honor that you guys always talk about, I could not avoid paying you the original amount of debt.”
“Is something wrong? Your facial expression doesn’t look very good.”
“That’s not it… That’s not it at all.”
“Then let’s get that paperwork done immediately. Ah! Since I’m asking for the skill books as a special request, get them to me fast as possible, okay?”
A few moments later.
Shoulders sagging, they disappeared.
Finally, I was able to solve this headache inducing debt issue.
I gave the two goons a stern talking to make sure the CEO couldn’t do anything rash.
Ah, by talking I mean physical harm of course.
While riding the taxi back home, I organized my thoughts.
You couldn’t do anything without power.
But with power, I could take care of these pieces of trash so easily.
I had to get stronger.
Get stronger, and become tougher.
I had no intentions of becoming an ally of justice.
It’s busy enough trying to eat and live well by myself in this world.
“Thank you very much.”
Arriving in front of the house, I left the taxi.
While basking in the rays of the morning sun, I headed home.
It was then.
[Guild Announcement]
2nd round with guild Empire.
Time: xxxx year xx month xx day
All guild members must attend.
A message from the Noblesse guild.
“Round two with Empire? This has to be a joke.”
I was sticking with this shady guild because of this one sword I obtained from them.
With the money I have, I should have enough and leftovers after purchasing a sword of this level.
Even if I purchased a lower rank sword considering the amount I had to spend to move to the safe house, for someone like me who has an incredible amount of skill points, it wasn’t going to make much of a difference.
Looking at the text, I was reminded of another problem I had to solve.
To Heugdo attached at my waist, I mumbled.
“Guess this is the end between you and me.”
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