Novel Name : I Never Run Out of Mana

I Never Run Out of Mana - Chapter 27

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Chapter 27 – Growth. Revenge. (3)
The dungeon formed.
With the hooligans, I showed my Awakened ID for verification.
Only the two hooligans and I entered the dungeon since the midget was not an Awakened and was thus unable to enter the dungeon.
The midget who was taking a smoke break next to his car parked near the entrance of the dungeon smirked and said.
“Farewell, kid.”
‘A-ha. So you were planning to send me off like that? Did you need fresh organs or something? It wouldn’t be a funny story if I was done in like this. I’m planning to rewrite the ending of this story. So please wait a little and die afterwards.’
“I’ll see you in a bit.”
With those last words, I entered the dungeon.
Throughout the dungeon, I could hear the snarling of the manticores.
It was a noise that I’ve grown tired of, but today, it sounded different.
Right now I was wondering how those two would act.
Would they bring the monsters to me?
Or would they attack me even before hunting?
My curiosity was answered before ten seconds passed.
“This little kid, didn’t you have quite the mouth?”
“Acting all mighty! If it wasn’t for the boss, I would have killed you on the spot.”
It appears what I said to those two back at the house wasn’t so lightly taken.
Each of them saying what they wanted to say, they showed their true colors.
One of them pulled out a dagger that was hidden behind his back.
The other one pulled out knuckles with sharp blades and equipped them.
‘Assassin and warrior huh.’
“Oh, why are the hyungs so angry at me?”
“Shut up, you haughty son of a bitch. Why’d you let your mouth run, all you had to do was pay off your debt quietly! You dug your own grave, don’t blame me too much.”
“Blame the fact that you were born in the age of criminals.”
“Pfft, so you want to 2v1 me right now?”
As soon as my words fell, I quickly casted a shield just in case of a sudden attack.
Looking at the opaque Frozen Shield being formed around my body, they laughed out at me.
“Puhahaha! You’re really going to try to block me with that?”
“Aah, what’s up with the sword in your hand? Seeing that you’re casting Frozen Shield, you must be a magician. Did you bring the sword to play war?”
They laughed at me who was a magician holding onto a black sword.
Without changing my expression, I spoke with boldness.
“Aah, you’re talking too much. I won’t let you die so easily, it’ll be difficult, but enjoy yourselves.”
“I’ll stab my sword through that skull of yours!”
With a dash, at the same time as his words ended, he casted Dagger Throw and threw his dagger with great speed.
His short sword against my level 66 Frozen Shield broke apart pathetically similar to rotten wood being struck with metal.
The other small fry who saw this occur must have panicked because he rushed at me desperately while casting Enchant on his knuckles.
His fists which were red with trails of fire made an incredible noise each time it flew through the air.
As his knuckles struck against my Frozen Shield, it created steam and the shield was chipped.
“Oh-ho? So you can throw some decent punches? But did you turn the fire off at your house? You should save energy.”
‘Lightning Spray!’
Condensed lightning on each of my hands shot out towards them.
The whites of their eyes were showing and they were shaking uncontrollably.
“It doesn’t seem like you’re going to die from just this.”
Was it because of the Lightning Spray skill level?
The two of them were easily rendered half unconscious.
This occurred with just one cast.
While they were losing their consciousness, I stabbed Heugdo into one of their arms.
“Ku… ku-ahh!”
With the hand that was holding onto the sword, I condensed lightning, and the other hand casted Heal.
It was only a level 1 Heal, but since the skill had no cooldown, I could infinitely heal him.
As his eyes became focused, I casted Heal on the other guy to have him conscious again.
I was almost surprised that there was this sort of cruelty inside of me.
But after my father’s death, these were the guys that tortured me and my mother for years.
They were disgusting faces that had made me suffer being poor and helpless.
Their faces, I remembered them one by one, and with the revenge I took, these were the unfortunate victims.
I did not want to give them an easy death.
I wanted them to feel the pain that my mother and I felt.
“Are you two awake now?”
“This… Son of a bitch…”
“I guess the rag that was in your mouth hasn’t been spat out yet.”
As he regained his consciousness, the warrior reequipped on his knuckles and spat out curses.
Through Heugdo that was embedded in the assassin’s arm, I casted Lightning Spray, the assassin was once again knocked out.
Their only attacks were only generic strikes with the edges of their sword.
His attacks were all being absorbed completely.
“Since you might die while I’m electrocuting you as if lighting a street lamp, I’ll keep healing you, here you go.”
Watching the horrific display occurring before him, as soon as my words finished, he realized that something was very wrong.
Receiving the lightning throughout his entire body, he was frothing at the mouth and there was no movement.
He’s probably not dead yet, though.
My gaze shifted to the warrior.
“S-spare me…!”
“Of course, of course, I’ll let you live, that’s why I’m giving you heal, to let you live on.”
“Waaah! Please!”
I didn’t attack him with anything else but Lightning Spray, but he looked like he lost his mind looking at his partner pathetically defeated on the ground.
Thinking of the level of Piercing Sword and Gravity Laser, if I casted those on them, they’d die instantly.
It was disappointing that I didn’t learn more skills beforehand.
There was not much of a level difference between me and them.
But look at the results, they couldn’t even attack once properly and were on the floor begging to be spared.
A result from just the skill level!
Different from how regular Awakened could raise their skill level with their limited mana, I was on a whole different dimension when it came to abilities.
In the future, I’ll obtain Meteor Call, Magma Pool and other high ranking spells.
I was almost scared of myself.
“Hey, there’s still 50 minutes left, your friend is sleeping so peacefully, but you’re still so lively. Why are you sweating so much? Does your stomach hurt? Are you uncomfortable?”
He couldn’t even look at me in the eyes, kneeling on the ground and biting his nails.
‘If he’s sweating because it’s hot, let’s treat him to some shaved ice.’
Towards his upper and lower body as well as all his joints, I casted Frost Orb.
To the pain that he was receiving from his joints being frozen over, he could not even let out a squeak.
But I was absolutely not going to kill him or cripple him.
They were an Awakened like me.
They must have strengthened their bodies with points in stamina and agility.
The effect that you would receive from agility wasn’t only dodge ability.
It also increases status debuff resistance.
Over time, that level of frost bite would be cured.
The reason why I did not raise any points in agility was because I was able to cast all sorts of shields at my pleasure.
If that was the case, then a situation where I would get hurt wouldn’t exist in the first place.
If I was able to use a shield that used up 10 times the mana of other shields, even if there was a cooldown?
I would never be done in by anyone.
“While ahjussi eats the shaved ice, I should probably wake up the other guy sprawled on the ground over here. There’s good news. My Heal level is rising, thus the next 50 minutes can feel like 50 years to you guys.”
While I was glaring at the guy who was frozen, both of my hands were continuously casting Heal on the collapsed goon.
“St-stop!! Gaaah!”
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