Novel Name : I Never Run Out of Mana

I Never Run Out of Mana - Chapter 25

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Chapter 25 – Growth. Revenge.
Level: 88
Exp: [25,254,600/47,163,790]
Class: Magician
Special Trait: Does not run out of mana.
Strength: [305+20+30+200+55] 610
Mana: ∞
Dexterity: 10
Stamina: 150
Unspent Skill Points: 0
Owned Skills
Orb of Chilling Lv. 35 [16,244/320,000]
Lightning Spray Lv. 78 [128,456/750,000]
Eye of the Storm Lv. 54 [88,243/510,000]
Piercing Sword Lv. 99 [680/960,000]
Gravity Laser Lv. 61 [361,546/580,000]
Frozen Shield Lv. 66 [134,890/630,000]
Spirit Armor Lv. 52 [24,455/490,000]
Heal Lv. 1 [0/100]
“Whew, guess I’ll stop for today?”
The usual hunting ended.
Power leveling for over 12 hours a day.
If I didn’t continue to use skills to level them up, even if my passive gave me endless mana, it would be useless.
The level 13 dungeon was immune to magic damage, but by hitting all the targets with spells from one hand while the other hand casting Piercing Sword to finish them off, I was able to continue leveling up the magic spells.
I was able to grow and increase my skills at a rate that cannot be followed. No, at a rate that cannot be thought possible.
October was coming.
Since I only had to attend the mandatory required days for school, I was thinking of making this my last week of attendance.
After that, a special break time for a month for me, who has lived a life without being late or absent.
And since it continues into winter break, I would be able to obtain nearly three months to focus completely on growth.
If I was able to focus on growth for 90 days, I should be able to obtain results far greater than what I have been able to obtain.
I currently had one ‘Awakened Essence’ in my possession.
I was able to obtain it by hunting the incubus.
Other than that, I was able to obtain ‘Shaman’s Ring’ and ‘Magician’s Insight Bracelet’ through hunting.
Since they all raised my mana, I could sell them without hesitation.
I could get more money selling it on the web rather than at the market, so made deals directly with buyers online.
I guessed it would happen, but one of the three offers was a fraud.
He confirmed the stats of the bracelet and casually invited me to a dungeon with the excuse of wanting to purchase it.
He was not only aiming for my bracelet, but also the Heugdo and the skull ring.
Seems he tried to trick me without noticing my level, which is lazy on his part since you needed identification paperwork to use the trade site.
On the profile, the day you’ve received the Awakened identification paperwork is written.
His date was December, 2014.
Since I became Awakened three months ago, he’s underestimating and targeting me.
Not sure if he’s still alive.
I grabbed him and casted all my shields, then set Gravity Laser to 1m while casting Piercing Sword with my free hand with reckless abandon.
Then I beat the mobs and walked out by myself.
Even though I hit him until he was at death’s door….. I’ll leave the rest to heaven’s will.
It was a trade that could’ve been dangerous, but there was something I learned.
‘If I needed someone beaten and silenced so that my identity is not found out, head to the dungeon’.
Piercing Sword’s level was at 99.
Soon, it should reach level 100.
With a skill of this ranking and destructive force, I wanted to Awaken it.
Another reason was because I witnessed Park Hyun’s secretary displaying immense power with his Awakened Piercing Sword.
Searching, I was able to find out information regarding the Awakened Essence. An incredibly low chance to drop from regular mobs, and a low chance for it to drop from hidden bosses.
There was no market for this item, no trade offers or of it being sold.
It was probably because everyone used it for themselves instead of selling it, being incredibly rare and all.
“Hm… Guess I’ll have to visit a expert in this field…”
Using the communicator, I heard a man’s voice.
“Hyung. What are you doing?”
“Ah, Min-Cheol. Hyung is selling blood stones at the market. Why do you ask?”
“When are you done? I have some questions for you.”
“Go ahead and ask. What is it?”
“You know of ‘Awakened Essence’? The thing you use to Awaken skills. Do you know where I can get some?”
“You can get it if you defeat the bosses. Did I already tell you this before?”
“That I know already, but do you know anywhere that has a higher drop rate? Like a special dungeon or specific conditions.”
“Oh. Aren’t you asking too much? Ahem! One thing I am sure of is that levels don’t matter. There was a group of people who just became Awakened clearing a level 1 dungeon as a group of 6, killing the ‘Ghost King’ and obtaining the essence, instantly becoming rich. Thus the level of the boss or dungeon does not matter.”
“So it may be better to do lower level dungeons quickly?”
“That’s it for today! I’m not selling information today.”
“I understand. Let’s talk more if we can, Hyung.”
“Yes, do your best.”
His amorous and exuberant voice only added onto the high class information he provided, like sweet honey.
“Hm… So as long as I take down the boss, the level doesn’t matter.”
Ending the call with Jong Ho, I wanted to immediately run towards the level 1 dungeon.
If I wore the boots of swiftness, I could clear the dungeon at incredible speeds.
However, I’d have to give up on growing stronger and the high level drops.
The one I had was going to be used for Piercing Sword.
The next spell to awaken after hitting level 100 skill points would be Gravity Laser.
So until then, I decided to obtain an Awakened Essence.
Because growing stronger was the priority.
October 4th is my mother’s birthday.
For that day, I was preparing a present for her.
Not the house she’s living in now, but a house build with the new material.
An incredibly expensive price, aimed at Awakened or family members of the Awakened, able to withstand attacks from most monsters. A sturdy safe house.
I could not help but worry for my mother, since I spent most my time hunting while my mother stayed at home alone.
But if I was able to get a house like this, I could stop worrying and focus on hunting.
It was the high price of 4 million, but it was nothing compared to the cost of magician skill books.
The rare drops of items and with blood stones…
With all the money I’ve earned till now and how much I will be continuing to earn in the future, I should be able to sign the contract by her birthday.
With only two weeks left, I went home with happy thoughts about how it will be a wonderful surprise present.
The air at dawn after a hunt is always refreshing.
Heading toward my apartment room, I rode the elevator.
“Huh? Why is the door open?”
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