Novel Name : I Never Run Out of Mana

I Never Run Out of Mana - Chapter 24

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Chapter 24 – Noblesse Guild (5)
After school ended, Jong Ho’s SUV was waiting at the front gate.
Next to the vehicle, I could see Jong Ho leaning towards the sun roof with his arm as support.
‘Uwaa! Shitty fashion! Please don’t act as if you know me, please don’t look this way! Please!’
Different from what I hoped for, he waved his hands towards me.
“Yo! Min-Cheol! Over here, right here!”
‘It’s that shitty white t-shirt again.’
Instead of answering, I increased my pace towards Jong Ho.
“Iya, it’s been a long time since I went to a school. But why do I see dull men for the most part and only a few female students?”
“Please stop lollygagging and get in the car quickly!”
“Why! Why! Are you being chased?”
Jong Ho was looking around as if it was a scene in a spy movie.
“Hyung, I’m really embarassed at your fashion sense. Please get in!”
“Ah, is that it. Only wearing student uniforms, to be with a fashionista like me, are you embarrassed that we’re suddenly getting attention? I guess you’re young and all.”
Ending the conversation that made me red with embarrassment, we went to the parking lot near Jong Ho’s vehicle.
“Hyung. When hyung called me yesterday, you went to the outing after the guild war?”
“Yes. There’s nothing much to worry about. But what about the text message yesterday?”
I told Jong Ho the conversation with Park Hyun and the current situation.
“Hm… We’re going to be like family. The strong and superior win, while the weak and inferior becomes the loser…..”
I asked a question to Jong Ho who was talking to himself and fidgeting with the sand on the floor.
“Don’t you feel something?”
“It’s something I was told before from the hyungs I used to work for, but I didn’t pay attention to it that much. Hearing your words now though, something seems off.”
“I have a hunch that it is the radical faction, but I don’t know how much of Noblesse guild is involved, or if everyone is.”
“Since the government isn’t accusing the group, either the guild has incredible power or they leave no loose ends.”
“Taking care of business?”
Jong Ho, while looking straight at me, replied to my question.
“Min-Cheol. Do you know how many become Awakened and disappear?”
“No clue.”
“300 per year! About 500 people become Awakened if there are a lot Awakening that year. But more than 40% aren’t able to pass 5 years, disappearing.”
“Isn’t it because they die to either the portal explosion or monsters in dungeons?”
“Of course it could be that. Let’s say an Awakened that’s only been one for 1 to 2 years died in dungeons, that’s no surprise. But what about people past 5 years, people with levels above 100, with knowledge and experience to match it? There is no reason why they would die so easily, right?”
“That’s true.”
“The official reason of death would be ‘death due to monsters within a dungeon’, but if it’s a dungeon where you can’t even find the corpse after despawn time, there is something a lot more sinister occurring.”
“That is to say, there are murders happening in dungeons. And among those murdered, there could be people who are against the radical forces?”
After hearing Jong Ho’s words, I realized that I was in a precarious situation.
“No time to dillydally. Hyung! Let’s go to the association.”
“What? You want to report this?”
“No. Going to buy ‘Gravity Laser’.”
“Eh? Is that your solution for this situation?”
* * *
I was able to purchase ‘Gravity Laser’, ‘Heal’, and ‘Spirit Armor’ from the association.
Since Heal and Spirit Armor were both beginner necromancer’s skill, they were being sold for cheap.
Since I couldn’t forsake attack or defense, I used all the money I had to do so.
As sunset approached, Jong Ho said that he had a hunting party he promised to attend and left.
Unlike others, Jong Ho did not ask for favors in return despite seeing how strong I was, taking out all the succubi.
Jong Ho said that he’ll try to get more information on Noblesse guild.
Since he could suffer the consequences for snooping around too deep, I did not forget to warn him to pull out at a reasonable time.
“If you exclude how he dresses, he’s an amazing person.”
While talking to myself and looking at him leave, I planned ahead.
There were only rumors at the moment, as the government wasn’t doing anything and there wasn’t a single shred of evidence. Taking that into account, the radical faction was not something to mess with.
If I went to report, it was obvious that I’d become a target.
My only and dangerous option is left.
Until Park Hyun and the rebellion forces make their move, I will only focus on growing stronger.
If they move faster than I predicted, I’ll pretend to help them and buy time. Waiting until I’m able to surpass them…..
Since I was able to obtain a higher amount of exp in the level 13 dungeon using the ‘Bloodsucking Revival’ and ‘Incubus’ Revival’, I had to give up on level 14 and 15 dungeons that could give higher ranking blood stones and gear for now.
It was because the money I was earning now was nothing compared to how much I’ll be earning after my growth.
“Compiling done. Let’s go level up!”
* * *
The new skill I learned, Gravity Laser, was an incredible skill.
In the area I target, a dome shaped similar to a ‘Barrier’ is formed, shooting out countless laser beams.
Since it was a skill that continuously drained mana to attack until the enemy perished, I could increase the skill level incredibly quickly.
It was a skill that fit my ability the best.
An attack that continuously drained mana and destructive force to match it!
Even though it wasn’t able to damage the level 13 dungeon’s succubi, it was able to target.
Casting Piercing Sword with one hand while the other hand holds Gravity Laser that can continuously attack!
I did not forget to cast Frozen Shield, Barrier, and Spirit armor and let myself get hit between Piercing Sword to obtain experience for shield skills.
Due to the rebellion faction, I had to give up earning more money, but instead gained an incredible amount of speed in growth.
Different from my expectations, there was no movement from Park Hyun.
If I could continue to buy time like this and grow stronger, I could step on those who dare to threaten me.
However, I just wanted to earn more money instead of wasting time like this.
‘Come at me! Come get me!’
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