Novel Name : I Never Run Out of Mana

I Never Run Out of Mana - Chapter 23

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Chapter 23 – Noblesse Guild (4)
After Min-Cheol left the guild, Park Hyun summoned all the Noblesse guild’s vice leaders to the office.
Sitting at the end of a huge office table, Park Hyun opened her mouth.
“Is everyone here?”
“Good. Today, we will be discussing about the capture of Noblesse’s new guild member, Min-Cheol.”
Guild master Park Hyun – Her responsibilities wasn’t just to be a guild master of Noblesse.
She was a comrade of the radical forces, in charge of supplying them with new members.
Capturing guild members under her, or using debt owed to force others to work towards a world only for the Awakened was what she did.
Park Hyun continued.
“There could be people who do not understand his existence, so could you explain briefly, Mr. Sangmin?”
“Yes master.”
With Park Hyun’s words, Sangmin stood up and spoke zealously similar to a private in front of their commander.
“When did you meet with Min-Cheol?”
“About 3 months ago.”
“What was his level then?”
“He said it was 13.”
“I see. But before you entered a level 12 dungeon together, he used Lightning Spray?”
“Yes master. Despite the weapon, equipment, and accessories being a useless disguise that didn’t provide anything, he was able to use Lightning Spray 4 times. Suspicious if he was lying to us, we entered the dungeon together, and I saw that his body glowed when he finished the manticore hunt. He had leveled up.”
“For the week after that you hunted together, and he continued to level up, correct?”
“Yes, that’s right. Seems he has some incredible ability.”
“Good. Thank you. Let’s hear one more. Mr. Hwang Jae Hyuk?”
From the corner of the room, Hwang Jae Hyuk showed the same zealous movement like Sangmin did.
Jae Hyuk and Sangmin both did not have the rights to attend the meeting of vice leaders, but they were attending because they were needed for this meeting.
“Yes master!”
“You’re in the same class as Min-Cheol, right?”
“Yes, that’s correct.”
“Can you explain what you saw, Mr. Jae Hyuk?”
Hesitating for a bit, he gave in to the pressure of all the attention on him and spoke.
“Originally, Min-Cheol wasn’t anyone important at school since he wasn’t Awakened. Only useful for being a bread train. After the summer break though, he became stronger than me when he came back to school, and I was Awakened a year ago.”
“Good. So that means that within one month, Min-Cheol grew to meet what you accomplished in a year, right?”
“Yes, that’s correct.”
“How did you find out?”
“That… On the first day, we got into a fight and despite fighting fiercely, I lost in the end.”
“Thank you, Mr. Jae Hyuk. Mr. Jae Hyuk and Mr. Sangmin, please wait a moment.”
Jae Hyuk sat with a red face that looked like it was about to explode from embarrassment.
“When I first saw Min-Cheol, it was after he had soloed a Kelvecore. Of course he was injured to the point of death, but someone who had only been an Awakened for less than a month had completed a level 12 dungeon and the hidden boss as well.”
With Park Hyun’s words, the office became unsettled.
“We do not know of his exact ability, but there is a portion we can guess. An incredible amount of magic regeneration!”
“You’re saying that a passive regarding mana regen exists?”
“How could it be.”
Park Hyun spoke.
“For now, it is merely an assumption, but we can find out the truth if we can turn him to our side. Whatever his ability is, it is without a doubt that it carries an incredible amount of hidden potential.”
“If he declines…..”
Park Hyun looked straight into the eyes of secretary Lee Jae Young as she answered his question.
“Well, we’d have to take care of it following protocol. If a kitten grows into a tiger and sides with the government… That would be a headache. So we’ll kill him.”
To her killing intent, everyone in the office couldn’t help but become tense.
The questions continued, as if to shake off the mood.
“Do you have any good ideas to turn him to our cause?”
“He’s currently obsessed with money. He’s struggling to part with being poor.”
“The reason why he joined Noblesse was for money! To get the sword, that is.”
“At this rate of growth, he’ll be able to obtain a huge sum of money within months. Will he just accept the deal that easily?”
“Apologies to everyone, but I will be offering an incredible sum of money.”
All the members in the office became uneasy.
Everyone thought, ‘how much will she pay a greenhorn who just became an Awakened?’
“20 billion! Even if he is able to understand his potential, it will be difficult to decline an amount that he hasn’t even been able to see his entire life. If this method doesn’t work, I have one other plan.”
“What is it?”
“Using his only family member… His mother.”
“We’re going to use his mother as a hostage?”
Hearing the question, Park Hyun gave chilling smile.
“We can’t rush and make him our enemy. The only thing we have to do is this. Just have to show that his mother was injured or killed due to a non-Awakened member who is a high ranking personnel in the government. Then naturally, he will become enraged towards the useless government, no?”
It was too much to handle for most of how easily Park Hyun treated people’s lives like flies or ants.
The meeting was over and all participants left.
Sangmin and Jae Hyuk who had connections to Min-Cheol were the only ones left waiting in the office.
“Mr. Sangmin and Mr. Jae Hyuk, your roles are crucial. Whether you have a positive or a negative relationship with Min-Cheol, you are the only guild members with a connection toward him, so I’m trusting you to make this offer to him.”
“Yes master.”
“I understand.”
“Please keep an eye on every move he makes. And no matter what happens, you cannot give our identity away. Until the prepared plan works out perfectly……”
Both answered with zeal.
“Then, I ask of you. Together, for tomorrow’s glory!”
To Park Hyun’s raised arm, both shouted with a fist on their own chest.
“For glory!”
“For glory!”
Jae Hyuk had not been recognized in the guild or the radical faction. With advice from the guild, he joined, but he did not accomplish anything of note.
So he saw Park Hyun’s words as a chance.
‘If I am able to capture this little shit…… Wouldn’t it be a big accomplishment? Finally, I get an opportunity. An opportunity to secure my position!’
Her instructions were already forgotten, blinded by the desire to succeed.
After the conversation was over, Park Hyun sent Sangmin and Jae Hyuk back.
Park Hyun, now seemingly alone, tilted back her chair and spoke to the ceiling.
The shadow of a desk in the corner of the office started to distort.
A man’s form, as if a puff of smoke, appeared.
His nickname was ‘Jin’, and he had the same ranking in the rebellion as Park Hyun.
With a plain smile fading from his face, he went towards Park Hyun and spoke.
“Seems I heard something interesting.”
“It is as you heard. I need you to go out there.”
“You need me to handle the little brat?”
“No, please keep an eye on the two I just sent.”
“Ku ku kuk, you are vile as ever.”
“It’s an important job for the mission. Jin, you’ll have to act with prudence.”
“Sure. If both of them betray or try to leak information, I will take care of them according to our creed.”
After finishing what he had to say, he hid himself into the shadows again.
“Whether or not the recruitment for Min-Cheol will succeed depends on how much of a good catalyst those two will be.”
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