Novel Name : I Never Run Out of Mana

I Never Run Out of Mana - Chapter 16

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Chapter 16 – To Higher Places (3)
Ending the ‘cooking time with rose knives manticore edition,’ it was time to return the knives to the kitchen.
Within just one day, Piercing Sword’s skill became 21.
Since countless knives hit the monsters multiple times with each hit equaling 1 point of skill exp, it was possible to level this skill much faster than other skills.
When I finished my last hunting, the time was 4:30 A.M.
Around the dungeon, only food stores serving through dawn had their lights on.
Dungeons were around areas of low populace, yet these stores went out of their way to establish here.
Those inside protecting their spots, most of them probably are Awakened.
“Should I take a bowl of rice soup before I go?”
I was about to go into a store because I was hungry.
However, nearly everyone within the store was receiving a phone call and was readying up to leave.
“What the? Did the store close?”
-Phone ringing sound.-
I had a bad feeling about this.
People who received the phone call were moving with haste… And following that, a phone call for me.
“Are you Min-Cheol?”
“Who is this?”
“It’s the ‘Korea Awakened Association’.”
“What’s the occasion?”
“Using GPS, we’ve detected symptoms of a portal’s explosion within 5km of you. From the vibration’s intensity, it is predicted to be a level 13th to 15th portal’s explosion. Until the association arrives, we’re asking assistance from any nearby Awakened. Perhaps could you go as well?”
“Sorry but since this is the first time I’ve experienced something like this, do I have to go? And how did you find out my location?”
“No. You don’t have to… but we’ll reward you depending on how much you’ve helped. The location was pinpointed using your Awakened ID.”
‘Does the ID have a location tracker? Terrifying, but was a reward mentioned?’
“What’s the reward?”
Within less than one minute since the call began, everyone within the store had left.
“Yes, out of the monsters pouring out of the portal, the one who kills the boss monster will receive an award matching the difficulty of the boss.”
“A lot people will gather to fight that boss. How will you know who killed it?”
“Unlike the dungeon, monsters that come out of the portal give the rights to the drops to the one who does the most damage. That’s how we’ll determine it.”
‘Oho… Seems pretty good.’
The bad feeling I had when the call came changed to an opportunity for me.
I always obtained the dungeon information ahead of time, preparing the necessary weapons and stats, but I have never actually fought against a real monster.
If what this call told me was true, it would be a good opportunity to obtain real combat experience as well as a reward.
As I thought for a bit, I heard the association employee’s voice again.
“Ah, I apologize. Min-Cheol is a magician class. There must have been some kind of error. My apologies. Then I’ll be off.”
“Wait! I’ll go. If anything like this happens again, please contact me!”
“Eh? Well if you say so, I’ll send the GPS information for now.”
“Yes, thank you very much!”
If it is a monster from level 13th to 15th, magic attacks would not work so there was no need for the association to contact me.
But I’m not a magician! A warrior? Since I was closest to a spellsword, I could not be unhappy about this call.
‘5km… My chance increases the faster I get there….’
My heart raced as I looked at the information on the GPS.
At that time, I noticed a man pulling out his car from the restaurant’s parking lot and stepping on the pedal.
‘Okay. That’s it.’
To make sure he saw me, I blocked the way and waved.
-Honking sounds and sly comment about a certain webcomic.-
The man honked the horn and yelled with urgency.
“Move out of the way! I’m in a hurry!!!”
As soon as the car stopped dead in front of me, I hastily approached the car.
“If you received the call from the association and heading over, can I come with?”
“Shit! Warrior? Assassin? Without a weapon, where do you think you’re going! I’m busy so get out of my way!”
The man yelled at me with greater urgency after seeing me hanging onto the window without a word.
“Damn it! I have no luck at all. Time is wasting, so hurry up and get in! Quickly, get in!”
It was good that I got a free ride, but I could not look to my side.
The first thing I saw as soon as I got in was… to simplify, was fashion terrorism.
He wore a white hat, V-neck t-shirt, blue jeans with chain shackles, a skull shaped necklace, and to add onto the fire, white heels.
Just looking at him once, I felt my eyesight deteriorate.
I almost wanted to say, ‘Perhaps, an Awakened who is a curse user?’
‘Where do they sell clothes like this? Perhaps he bought it with money? Did he steal from a used clothing store?’
5km was a close distance, but since it was a road up the mountain, I had to wait for a long time.
After a period of silence, the man who wanted to leave in a hurry spoke first.
“You an Awakened? Your age?”
‘Speaking without honorifics? Should I give him a taste of my Lightning Spray for desert?’
From fashion to the way he spoke, I could not find anything likable.
“18, magician.”
“A student? Why would a magician go near the portal’s explosion?”
“To go sightseeing. Also to get some real combat experience.”
“If you go there to help, make sure you don’t beg for your life. I’ll drop you off right now, so why don’t you go home?”
“There’s no need for that.”
“What’s your level? Are you 40 yet?”
“How about you, uncle?”
“Hey! Uncle?!? Call me hyung, hyung! Don’t be too jealous of me, I’m sure if you work hard you could be an amazing person like hyung. Come with me and learn from how hyung does it.”
I felt annoyed but shut my mouth thinking I just needed to endure for a bit.
Soon, we arrived at the location the GPS indicated.
“There it is. Looks like the military already fired off flares.”
He stopped the car and started to equip his sword and armor pieces from the backseat.
I realized that, like Sangmin, he used a two-handed weapon.
Even though he put on his equipment, it didn’t do much as I could tell it was low tier.
The one positive thing was that by wearing his equipment, I could not see his disgusting clothes anymore. I was at peace again.
Especially that white T-shirt reflecting the… black raisins or something so revolting I could hardly describe it.
After equipping his boots from the trunk, he stepped forward.
“If you follow me, you really could die you know!?”
“I’ll just watch quietly.”
“Fine. Don’t regret it when you get hurt or die.”
-Mocking laughter.-
With a smile, he fumbled a cigarette between his thumb and index finger, walking ahead of me.
I spoke as to mock the man who was moving further away from me.
“That reward is mine! Now, shall I go make some money?”
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