Novel Name : I Never Run Out of Mana

I Never Run Out of Mana - Chapter 15

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Chapter 15 – To Higher Places (2)
-Piercing Sword-
Class: Warrior, a person of great strength, Assassin (If another class obtains it, mana cost increases tenfold.)
Mana Cost: 10% of total mana (Mana cost does not increase even if skill level rises.)
Skill Introduction:
-Equipped weapon radiates from the body and pierces all enemies within 5 meters.
-As skill level rises, range and power increases.
-Only hits target the caster considers hostile.
Cooldown: None.
Duration: 10 seconds.
Skill Rank: B
Additional Explanation: None.
Skill Book Cost: 120,000,000 won
It was the information of a 120,000,000 won skill.
It was a skill that consumed 10% of your mana, which was suited for warriors.
For other classes, 10 times that cost would be 100%.
So even if you had 1000~2000 mana stat, you could only use it once.
However, does it matter?
It was now time to graduate from the level 12th dungeon.
There was also a reason why I placed all my points into strength and received a sword for warriors.
After level 12th dungeon, magic attacks would not be effective between level 13th to level 15th dungeon.
The monsters have magic resistance.
It was a ridiculous situation since all magician classes would have to receive assistance from the guild or pay money and beg.
To get that amount of money, they would have to farm the level 12th dungeon and waste an enormous amount of time doing so.
Since it was impossible to grow stronger and it was also impossible to go on to the higher level dungeons.
However, there was nothing to be upset about, because from level 16th to level 18th, physical attacks do not work.
‘It was better to get punished first’ or something other?
Dungeons after that, there was magic and physical resistance rotating every 3 levels.
You had to continue begging and you had to continue receiving favors.
However, I’m going to do it all by myself.
That’s why I got the stats and skills.
At first, I was surprised at the level requirement difference between level 6th and 12th dungeon.
However, compared to the dungeons that I’m going to be clearing, it was nothing.
The level 12th dungeon requirement was 5 people level 45 or higher. For the level 13th dungeon requirement, it was 5 people level 65 or higher.
Just with the increase of a single level for the dungeon, each Awakened had to increase their level by 20.
If you add them up together, it was an increase of 100 levels.
If what I learned is correct, each year, there is another portal. With that portal, are stronger monsters to match it and a dungeon to prevent the portal from exploding. This has continued on for 40 years.
Each year, the monsters grew an incredible amount in strength.
And to cover up that gap in power, there must have been countless Awakened that were sacrificed to prevent the portals from exploding.
Before I went to the dungeon, I headed home.
“This honorable sword that has been passed down through generations! I will now receive it!!! Dun dun dun!”
I grabbed the sword with both hands, kneeling down on the ground while playing a BGM.
All those levels I gained and with the assistance of the skull ring, I was able to hit strength 200.
A sword that used to not budge no matter how hard I tried, now moves as if it was as light as a blade of grass.
A sword as dark as night, although in my room there was light, however, there was no outline or reflection on the sword.
I put the sword on my hand and it seemed to measure about 7cm wide.
It was as if the sword was eroding away the surrounding color, as if to say I will absorb all the light in the world.
The sword was over one meter long and it looked to be a traditional Korean sword.
Out of all the choices the advisor grandpa showed me, this one was the one I picked.
The weapons and armors that the blacksmith could make, there were many options, shapes, and types.
On the handle, a jewel was embedded.
If the weapon was obtained from a boss or a hidden monster, it would have a name.
However, this weapon that I received from the grandpa did not have a name.
Since it was going to be the ticket to my wealth for a while, it needed a name.
“Hm. Black… big and beautiful… No, not like this, it can’t be!”
I had to get rid of the thought of a giant monster in my head and name my sword.
“Yes, I’ll just name it Heugdo!”
Literally translate to black sword.
The moment I held the sword, my strength stat changed.
With the skull ring, I was able to reach 200 points in strength, then I gained 30 points of strength from the jewel as well as 10% of the 200 strength I originally had from the Special Attribute of the sword.
The advisor grandpa said that this was one of the highest traits that you could earn from a half A sword using a blacksmith’s crafting skill.
With a godlike 200 points in strength, I was instantly able to go over double that.3
180 base stat, 20 skull ring, 30 jewel, 200 stat from sword, 10% of all that = 43. Total 473
‘Ha…Amateurs are all about equipment, my shoulders are getting heavy?’
While carrying the sword, I left the house.
The place I arrived at was not the 13th level dungeon but the level 12th dungeon.
-Entering dungeon sound.-
As I entered the dungeon, I raised my sword and shouted.
“A multicolored rose shines its light!”
I pulled out my two rose knives within the wind wall as if pulling out Excalibur.
The Heugdo that was supposed to be in my hands was nowhere to be seen, but instead I had two rose kitchen knives.
The reason for that was to raise my skill before entering the level 13th dungeon.
No matter how much you raise the mana stats, it does not affect a skill’s destructive power.
However, strength raises the destructive power of physical skills.
With weak strength that would not kill the monster, I had to use Piercing Sword as many times as possible to get the most experience.
While others were trying to become stronger, I was aiming to be weaker.
The reason was not because I was trying to cover up for the missing 20 strength from the skull ring.
My base stat was 180 strength. With this much, it was not very low.
However, looking at the manticore’s defense ability, it seemed that before level 10 with Piercing Sword, it could receive at least 5 times of the attack.
I ran about and aggro’d 200 manticores.
Out of habit, I almost used Eye of the Storm.
The Eye of the Storm duration became 6 seconds since it rose over level 20.
However, the new skill, Piercing Sword, was 10 seconds longer.
It wasn’t very effective to use if I wanted to avoid the manticore’s attacks.
“Wait, did I just think that I was going to avoid their attacks? Shudders.”
I went towards the center of the gathering manticores.
Grr, grr!
I casted Frozen Shield and waited until they came closer to me.
The ones in my immediate vicinity, the front line, were swinging their sharp claws.
The sound of the shattering of the Frozen Shield almost caused me to tremble.
-Sword piercing enemies sounds.-
The rose knives that received my 180 strength were able to defend against all manticore attacks.
At the same time, all manticores within 5m, the rose knives were able to repeatedly go through them.
‘Ah! How could I forget? Since I’m a magician, I could use it with both my hands.’
From within my body, rose knives started to pour out. Of course, twice the amount a warrior class would be able to use.
-Stabbing sounds.-
It seems as though a B rank skill that was not affected by the type of weapon that was used.
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