Novel Name : I Never Run Out of Mana

I Never Run Out of Mana - Chapter 14

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Chapter 14 – To Higher Places
-Coin dropping on table.-
The 500 won that Jae-Hyuk threw was spinning on top of the table.
He looked pathetic.
“Do you want to get beaten up again? What kind of look is that, asshole!”
It seemed that nothing has changed.
‘…I forgot to bring my nail clipper today! It was a mistake that would leave a great regret in my life. There was one that I received from the advisor grandpa…’
It was then.
Jae-Hyuk’s fist flew and hit me right in the chest.
“Aren’t you out of it?”
With his cursing and punching, it got everyone’s attention.
I quietly shook my head.
Fainted? No, it didn’t hurt at all! Actually, it felt rather pleasant.
All the things that waste did, all of it came back to me one by one.
Firstly, with his one punch, I was sure, that this person’s level is roughly about 40 since it has only been a year since he Awakened.
Even if he was a warrior class Awakened, he could not raise only his strength in the beginning.
It seemed that, in the beginning he raised his stamina and only after spring break started to put points into strength.
If that was the case, then it shouldn’t even be 50 points.
If a normal person was hit with it, they would most likely instantly die on the spot.
But this trash, he threw his punch really well.
I was actually thankful, the thought of giving him a bit of mercy just went poof.
‘This waste is now dead meat! Kuku, bastard, you better start asking for forgiveness!’
I turned my head and looked at him without being noticed by everyone else.
Out of my 18 years of life, this is the first time that I smiled a little.
The moment he saw that, he continued cursing and throwing another punch at me.
-Hand grabbing fist sound.-
With minimum effort, I easily grabbed the punch.
“Wha-what the? Let me go! Bastard! Shit!”
It seemed as though he was extremely shocked that his right hand was caught. He was giving it his all to try to regain his hand.
Those who were only spectating all had expressions of confusion.
Other than the trash Hwang Jae-Hyuk, I did not rage or lament at the rest of my classmates.
If I was in their shoes, I would only be a spectator as well.
‘Yes, it seems for today, I need to be a blue pen teacher for this guy.’
As I finished my thought, I laughed, looking straight into Jae-Hyuk’s eyes.
-Evilly smiling sound effect.-
-Ruckus from tables falling over.-
While letting go of Jae-Hyuk’s hand, I threw my fist into his chest.
Then, he instantly fell over.
“To the weak, you are strong, but to the strong, you are weak.”
I spoke while sitting atop of Jae-Hyuk.
“Waste of people.”
“Is why this world is shitty. Asshole.”
I threw another punch into his chest.
The sudden rage towards him overlapped with the rage I had against the debt collectors.
-Panting from pain.-
I had placed 160 points into strength.
Every time I punched Jae-Hyuk, he screamed at the top of his lungs.
Despite that, he seem to have his pride, and looked towards the crowd.
My rage that was released, it was as if a dam had burst opened.
“It hurts, doesn’t it? But you won’t die quickly, and you won’t bleed. Why? Because your stamina is great, isn’t it?”
Now I flattened out my hand and struck his cheek.
One more.
“Ugh! This bastard!!!!! I will kill you!!!”
It seemed that after being struck in the face, he felt embarrassment, and thus he tried to struggle with all his might.
To make sure that he could not move, I was pinning both his arms with my legs and he could only flail about uselessly.
“I guess you could take more hits? That’s right, that way I don’t feel guilty as I hit you. Please, struggle more!”
-More punching and slapping.-
Other than his cheeks, I hit him on the body where it wouldn’t show.
After that, he raised his upper body and slowly tried to talk.
“Pant. Pant. You bastard. You’re not going to get away with this.”
‘This guy, only his mouth is still alive.’
Even though he was a person who was still alive, a scent of rotting decay emanated from him.
I did not want to hear a single word from this waste.
Finishing my thought, I took another step towards the talking man.
-Foot steps.-
“Do you know who I am? I am a Noblesse guild member… Shit, shit, don’t come closer!”
As I came closer, he stopped talking and trembled.
Oho? A Noblesse guild member? ‘Welcome, my brother!’
-Lightning flash.-
I raised my hand.
“Ee-eek! Do-don’t come closer!”
As I raised my hand, he violently trembled.
Looking at him, I started to laugh.
And then, I lowered my hand and gently stroke his head.
“Class is going to start. Today’s not the only day we can settle this, right? Jae-Hyuk?”
Hearing my words, Jae-Hyuk shook with rage before running away out of the classroom.
The classmates around me, all looked at me with worry, thinking, ‘Is this a new devil that has appeared?’
To them, I said.
“I don’t blame any of you! I would have done the same thing you guys did. But did you know? That the scariest thing in the world is not trash like Jae-Hyuk, but those who are silent!?”
‘Wow, I’m really cool! This is why all the girls fall for me! Tonight, if I do really well in bed, I feel like this would be the best moment in my life!’
It was a line that I was proud of. I hope I don’t remember this in the future…
-Bell ringing.-
The bell that signified the first class after summer break rang.
As soon as the teacher entered, I raised my hand and said.
“Teacher, Jae-Hyuk went to the restroom!”
After that, Jae-Hyuk did not return to school for over a week. He must have been very embarrassed…
Oh well, it didn’t matter. I could hear how he’s doing through master Park Hyun.
He was working hard learning strategies about the level 12th dungeon.
Any time that I wanted to bully him, I could simply go over and bully him.
After that incident, I became a super star at school.
Out of the 1000 students, only 3 became Awakened, and one of those was me.
And I had an incredible growth rate during the summer break, taking the highest ranking for myself.
I used to look down upon Jae-Hyuk who slept in school all day, but I became just like him.
If it wasn’t education that was required by the nation, I would have escape and go hunt in the hunting zones.
From 5PM to 5AM, I stayed in the hunting zones.
I could not give up my 12 hours of hunting a day.
Because I did not have any down time, I was able to hunt 3-4 hours more than the average Awakened.
And because of that, yesterday, I reached level 61.
With all the money that I earned, I was able to purchase a skull ring, a skill book and was now leaving the market.
After waiting for four days since I ordered, I was finally able to receive the ring.
It was a very popular ring.
This ring had strength +20.
The 20 strength was nearly 25,000,000 won.
Of course, if I counted it in levels, it was a 4 levels difference.
However, something more surprising than that, was the cost of the skill book.
Even though it was only a warrior class skill book, it was 120,000,000 won.
A ridiculous price if I say so myself.
To get to the higher level dungeons, it was a choice I had to make.
Two days ago, to make sure the debt collectors couldn’t say a thing, I gave them 100,000,000 won.
It was a warning to not bother us for the time being.
If I kept growing at this rate, then I guess I would have to worry about if I should dip the anchovy in soy sauce or hot sauce.
I had no thoughts of paying off the rest of the debt, maybe the cost for reparation after I crush them.
With that thought, I also thought that I needed to convince my mother…
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