Novel Name : I Never Run Out of Mana

I Never Run Out of Mana - Chapter 13

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Chapter 13 – Temptation’s Reach (3)
‘Damn! He said that it was a staff for magicians?’
With the excuse that I have to use the bathroom, I went to the old man as fast as I could.
“Advisor… no, Advisor, is it possible that you could make not just staffs but weapons for warriors?”
He uses a more respectful way of saying advisor the second time.
“If I could make white rice, don’t you think I could make black rice, too?”
While talking, the old man’s hammering did not stop.
Hearing the old man’s words, I wanted to say ‘Hurray for the black smith!’
While hiding my excitement, I continued the conversation.
“Then, could you possibly make a sword instead of a staff?”
Hearing my words, the old man stopped his hammering and looked at me with an exasperated expression.
“What kind of nonsense are you talking about? Aren’t you a Magician? Why do you want something that you can’t even use? If I make something wrong for you, I’d get in trouble with the young leader!”
“Please. I’ll take responsibility for it, make it into a sword!”
Even while repeatedly rejecting my request, I kept asking the old man.
Maybe becoming tired of my constant pestering, he spoke without strength in his voice.
“A greenhorn like you, why so stubborn? Alright, fine, but don’t regret it!”
“Thank you. Thank you. Also, this…”
I gave the blood stone that I earned from the kelvecore to the old man.
“You want to embed this into the sword?”
“Yes. Please!”
“Don’t you have one more? The sword I’m making will have two embedded in.”
“I only have one, if I get another one, I’ll ask again.”
“You’re an annoying one huh. Alright, go away!”
“Yes, thank you very much!”
To the advisor grandpa, I requested something like ‘a hot cold Americano.’
I found out that the jewel I gave him was a Strength +30 stone that was used for weapons.
I didn’t know about the cost or the rank, but it was something that I risked my life for. So I wanted to use it for myself.
I was told that the weapon would take roughly one month’s time.
I returned to Park Hyun’s office on the 60th floor.
I carefully read the guild’s request form for I was suspicious of how for someone that was recently Awakened to be treated like this.
For the parts that I didn’t understand, Park Hyun explained them to me.
As we continued, of course, I recorded everything.
After finishing the guild registration, I said that I will return in a month’s time to receive the staff and then proceeded to return home.
-Skills sound effects.-
[Gained 600 exp.]
[Gained 600 exp.]
Only in 10 minutes, I was able to clear the level 12th dungeon by myself.
It was only possible due to the combination of ‘Eye of the Storm’ and ‘Lightning Spray.’
Of course, due to the ‘Eye of the Storm’ cooldown time, I needed to take 5 minutes breaks.
Using that break time, I continued to sell the drops.
I felt bad for Sangmin-hyung whom I hunted with. But there was no reason to suffer losses and hunt together.
Because now I wasn’t just looking at the level 12th dungeons but rather dungeons beyond it.
Before I knew it, time passed and it was nearly August.
Tomorrow, I return to school.
During the long but short summer break, I was able to grow at a rate that no one could imagine.
Level: 57
Exp: [19,254,800/22,884,590] 84%
Class: Magician
Special Attribute: Infinite Mana
Strength: 160
Mana: ∞
Agility: 10
Stamina: 140
Points to distribute: 0
Learned skills
Frost Orb: Lv. 21 [16,244/180,000]
Lightning Spray: Lv. 38 [128,456/350,000]
Eye of the Storm: Lv.20 [88,243/170,000]
Frozen Shield: Lv. 17 [338/140,000]
Hunting more than 12 hours a day, my level finally became 57.
For a normal Awakened, no matter how fast you went, it was a result that would require over a year.
And the difference would only increase the higher I go.
After level 20, the experience required to level up rose by 1 million per level.
However, after level 30, the rate of the increase became ridiculous.
It was almost like it was meant to weed out the weak-willed.
Despite this misfortune, at least the experience required to level up your skill didn’t increase dramatically.
If that was the case, then the time one would be stuck in one place would be much longer.
Even if, compared to other people, it would have been much quicker for me.
For offensive type skills, leveling the skill wasn’t that difficult.
For shield skills, one needed to be hit to receive experience, so it was very difficult.
If I had lots of money, I would have continuously used a variety of shields on rotation to increase my skill experience, but for now, it was too difficult.
I didn’t concentrate on the debt I owed but saved all my money to obtain skill books.
The skill I was trying to purchase was a ridiculous one.
Level 12? No, I was preparing for something beyond level 13.
15 days after visiting the Noblesse guild, I received word from the advisor grandpa.
With confidence, I went into the 15th floor of the guild to receive my sword.
However, the one who brought the sword to my house was not Park Hyun but a trainee secretary.
Although weapons had S~F rank attached to it, the weapon’s rank was not only determined by the blood stone’s level.
The ranking was also determined by the Awakened’s ability.
To use the weapon that was crafted, you needed to meet the stats requirements for it.
Depending on the rank of the stone that was used, the required stats would be determined.
The stats that were implemented on a weapon or armor was not done by strength, mana, agility, or stamina specific stones, but made with a blood stone.
Hence, the required stats to use the equipment will be changed based on the grade of the stone embedded in the equipment.5
The warrior class sword that I received was a half A rank, which required 200 points in strength to use.
Because I did not have enough strength stats, no matter how hard I tried, I could not lift the light looking sword.
Thus, without any choice, I had to request Park Hyun’s secretary to help me bring it home.
Thankfully, nothing was said about how it was not a staff but a sword.
Sword or staff, it was something that I requested for.
In front of me, there is a sword that I can’t even use.
It was one of the mid to high ranking sword mankind could craft, yet it was like a rice cake in a picture.
After receiving the sword, I put all my level up points into strength because there was a reason to use that sword.
-Ringing sound.-
The day began with an energetic morning call.
However, for hunting, a depressing morning began different from waking up.
After washing, I ate the breakfast that my mother made.
If I could, I would quit school and live solely in the hunting zones.
The chance which one can Awaken was highest between the age of 15~19.
In a regular school, the Awakened and the Non-Awakened with the possibility of being Awakened were taught in the same classes.
The goal of the school was to teach both the Awakened and Non-Awakened together.
For our modern day society, the danger of monster invasions and exploding portals were important, but at the same time, they also felt a threat from the Awakened.
Once it is determined that the student is an Awakened, it is reported to the Council as well.
Thus one becomes a special case.
You were an asset to the nation but were also capable of becoming a criminal at the same time.
If an Awakened causes issues in school or society, the punishment they received were far greater than normal people.
However, for increasing your social skill and attending normal school without any issues, upon graduating, you’d receive a guild recommendation and a waiver for education cost.
For the Awakened, the cost of education was nothing.
But, the guild recommendation was an award that would excite the eyes of the Awakened.
The Awakened had complaints about the current society.
What they wanted was the strong devour the weak, that the Awakened is superior to the Non-Awakened.
And that the lower Non-Awakened should be controlled by the Awakened.
Simply put, they wanted a caste system.
They didn’t group up to rally or fought over power, and they were not in sight, but they were everywhere.
However, incidents that occurred once in a while gave fear to the Non-Awakened about the Awakened.
One of the incidents involved terrorist attack on the Central Plants Center.
Six years ago, it wasn’t an exaggeration to call the Plant that they blew up the place that sustained all of humanity.
Due to the importance of the Plants, there were many Awakened guards.
However, it was caused by one person.
“Oh shit! Terrorism or not, I’m going to be late!”
Nothing seemed to have changed when I arrived back at the school.
The school entrance, the hill side roads, the classes, everything was the same.
With many thoughts in mind, I entered the classroom, and suddenly.
“Hey, pip squeak! Did you spend your days well? Go get me some sausage bread and soda.”
-Coin dropping on table sound.-
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