Novel Name : I Never Run Out of Mana

I Never Run Out of Mana - Chapter 12

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Chapter 12 – Temptation’s Reach (2)
The skill book that I scanned using the app was named Eye of the Storm.
-Eye Of The Storm-
Class: Magician, Enchanter (If obtained by other classes, mana cost increases tenfold)
Mana Cost: 200 (Mana cost increased by 10% per 10 levels)
Skill Introduction:
-With the user as the center, draws in all monsters within 20m in a circle
-Enemies hit by the ‘Eye of the Storm’ become stunned
-Cannot be used on (???)lv bosses
Cooldown: 15 minutes
Duration: 5 seconds. (Duration increases by 10% per 10 levels)
Skill Rank: F
Additonal Explanation: Has synergy effect with “Typhoon Hole” skill
Skill book sale price: 30,000,000 won ($26,000)
“It’s on the level of a dictionary?”
“Wait… If another class uses it, the mana cost is ten times?”
It is. The entire time I was hunting, I’ve never seen a Healer or a Necromancer uses skill that was of a different class.
When you use a skill that was not of your class, a ridiculous amount of mana would be consumed.
“Oh boy… This is insane, I think this is a big deal?”
So in this case, as long as I have the money, I could use any skill I wanted without restrictions.
It felt like I was a second tier of the Awakened.
While I was lost in my catharsis, I noticed the price of the book.
“I’m tired of even cursing. 30 million won? My goodness.”
For an offensive skill book, 30 million won was on the cheaper side.
However, for me, it was a price that was ridiculous.
If I think about it, the hunt for the kelvecore was a hunt that was worth risking my life for.
With just the Soul Stone and the skill book, my earning was 130 million won! ($110,000)
The jewel that Park Hyun spoke about, I have no idea how much it is worth.
In one day! With one lucky hunt, I was able to make a huge amount of money.
Without a second of hesitation, I learned the Eye of the Storm skill.
With my Lightning Spray, there is no better synergy.
It was a skill that would synergize well with any kind of AoE, actually.
More than the 30 million won, I was looking forward to getting 300 million won, 3 billion won, even 30 billion won.
“Skill rank? What’s that…?”
I pressed on the skill rank.
Depending on the skill’s destructive power, the skill’s ranking was split between S~F.
For defensive spells such as shield, the rank was based upon how much protection it provided.
“Of course it’s going to be an F skill, it’s not an offensive skill but rather a support skill… And my Lightning Spray skill is ranked C? What…? I thought it was a rather strong skill.”
I changed into the blackened, blood stained clothes and left Park Hyun’s house.
She was having a phone call with someone while waiting.
There were many escorting cars in front and behind the car we were riding in.
This level was that of presidential or high ranking personnel escorts.
I thought it was just a decent guild… I guess was wrong in a good way.
As she got into the car, I asked, “Where are we going?”
“We have to fill out the guild application form. There is also something else that I would like to do.”
She answered with a peaceful smile.
The place that we arrived at after an hour long car ride was the Noblesse’s guild building.
While I had expectations, the size was much greater than I expected.
‘This size is for a guild that’s only in the middle ranking…?’
There was something hidden within that smile of hers.
Before being Awakened, I wanted just a single spot in one of these big buildings.
Since I was desperate to get a job to work.
Now? It’s more ‘That one high rise building can be mine!’ kind of level.
After going through the entrance, there were countless people greeting Park Hyun.
With a simple reply, she responded and walked quickly past them.
It was then that I truly realize this one woman was the master of a guild.
The place that she took me was the 15th floor, the Stone Workshop.
When the elevator door opened, the place before me was completely different from the lobby.
In the center was a humongous sized furnace that took my attention.
‘Is this complying with the construction laws?’ I thought with pointless concern.
–Metal struck noise-
Everywhere, I heard the sound of molten metal being struck.
After walking through, her steps stopped in front of an old man.
Then, with a higher level of respect, she greeted.
“How are you doing, advisor?”
“Aha~ Who is this? Our young leader has arrived? What’s the occasion?”
It seemed that he ate kimchi for dinner.
Hearing the rough voice of the old man, it felt as though my throat was hurting.
The old man stopped what he was doing and greeted Park Hyun.
“There was something that I wanted to ask of you. I feel sorry every single time.”
“Hahahaha! Would there be any other reason to come see an old man like me? What is it? Before I draw my last breath, quickly, tell me.”
Hearing that voice, ‘It seemed like he’s really going to breathe his last breath, so talk quickly!’
As if hearing my thoughts, Park Hyun spoke.
“I wanted one staff for a magician.”
“Haha, that’s disappointing, there are so many staffs anywhere, what kind of a request is this?”
“Hm… not a C ranked, but a half A rank please.”
“Half A rank? Something so rare, is this guy going to be the one using it?”
The old man spoke while pointing his red hammer at me.
Despite his age, his muscular arm made me flinch.
Seeing that spectacle, Park Hyun went ‘kuu’ before continuing to speak.
“You’ll do it, huh?”
“Sure! All I’ll have to do is just hammer away anyway.”
The old man accepted Park Hyun’s request with enthusiasm.
After the greeting was finished, I asked her.
“What’s a C rank, and what’s a half A rank?”
“We’re talking about the rank of the weapon, depending on the blood stone, the weapon’s rank changes. Weapons and armors can be obtained outside of hunting. Just like it says, C rank weapons are made from C ranked stones, half A rank weapons are made from half of a B rank and half an A rank stone.”
I could not hide my surprise that they could craft weapons.
The old man advisor’s class was a blacksmith.
Other than the crafting skill obtained at level 1, a blacksmith would not get any skill book or item for their class.
Also, surprisingly, they could obtain experience points without fighting monsters to level.
The only way they could raise their level and skill level was to hammer away at a blood stone.
‘You can earn money, but it must be a very mundane life.’
As told by Park Hyun, the elder advisor was not the highest level amongst the Noblesse guild’s blacksmith members.
However, he could craft weapons that were better than blacksmiths of a higher level as he had talents beyond just his class.
While I was heading to her office on the 60th floor.
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