Novel Name : I Never Run Out of Mana

I Never Run Out of Mana - Chapter 11

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Chapter 11 – Temptation’s Reach
When my consciousness returned, the first thing I saw wasn’t the hospital or the association office branch.
Just atop a normal household bed.
However it wasn’t just a normal looking house, but a house so extravagant that it would make your jaws drop.
My last memory was that of defeating kelvecore. Thus, my relief for being alive was short.
I let out a sigh, thinking about how my body would be crippled from the injuries.
“Hm? What the… this situation.”
My left hand that was burnt black and couldn’t even move.
The poisonous stinger as big my upper arm that was imbedded in my shoulder, gone without a scratch.
After repeatedly moving my left arm, I confirmed that it was real.
Without feeling any pain, my left arm was like it was before the attack on me.
‘Damn. I thought I died. Of course.’
[TN: The original sentence says ‘Damn. I thought I lived. Of course.’, we have no idea either.]
I sensed a presence from outside and a door the size of my room slid open.
“Did you wake up?”
It was a beauty.
As she was speaking to me, she showed a beautiful smile.
How could this happen?
My mind was blown away.
I asked out of reflex, “How did this happen? Where is… here?”
Instead of answering, with her white finger, she poked my left arm.
As I flinched, she then asked, “Does your arm move well? With this much, wouldn’t even Heo Jun would cry at my skill?”
[TN: Heo Jun is a renowned surgeon who was a miracle worker in surgery.]
Without replying, I waited for the answer to my question.
Noticing my look, she continued her words.
“I brought you over after I found you collapsed in front of the 12th dungeon portal. Not even considering the burnt left hand, just the poison in your body would have been enough to kill you.”
“Thank you very much. I am in your debt.”
She smiled with a look in her eyes that could make people fall for her. She extended her hand for a handshake.
“My introduction was late. Nice to meet you. I am Noblesse’s guild master Park Hyun. You are Min-Cheol, right? You are the super Rookie that Sangmin has an eye on!”
Is this some kind of incredible fate? The talk that continued with her was like this.
Sangmin talked a lot about me to the guild.
“There is a little fearless kid who goes into the level 12th dungeon every single day. The brat’s combat sense rose at a scary rate, his eyes are filled with the desire for something.”
After the call with me this morning, Sangmin called the guild master Park Hyun.
‘If you want to meet that person directly, go to the level 12th dungeon.’
Out of curiosity, Park Hyun went to the dungeon personally, and with pure luck, I survived.
So I started to understand what occurred.
Park Hyun’s class was healer. The skill that she healed me with, it wasn’t like the skill that In-Ah used that healed my health, but a skill that cured my status debuffs.
It was one of the highest skill for a healer that can be used on those that was still alive and Awakened.
Its effect is to return the receiver to the previous state before they received the injury.
The skill’s cool down time is 24 hours. If that skill wasn’t available at the time, wouldn’t I be dead?
Park Hyun’s hand moved to the drawer underneath the bed.
All my belongings were there. Even when I was about to die, I still brought out the loots.
‘Man, even if I can only use one hand, why did I bring out the $40 staff with me…’
The first thing that I noticed was the Manticore’s Soul Stone that I risked my life for. That, and the level C blood stone the size of my fist.
“…My life’s worth 100 million won.”
[TN: Around $85,000. The original text says 1 million won. Author pls.]
To my serious monologue, she only watched.
‘But, what is this?’
Next to the Soul Stone, there was a small gem, and underneath that, there was a book.
“Don’t you remember? With your right hand, you held onto the staff, the jewel, the Soul Stone, and the blood stone with all your might… And that skill book you held under your armpit.”
“Did I really do that? Haha…”
I tried my best to smile, but my face became red from embarrassment. I couldn’t remember anything. But it was completely something I would do.
“Yes! You were holding onto it so tightly, that I had to break your wrist and your shoulder. Only then did you let it go. I also had to break a few fingers too.”
She said those words with a smile without any concern.
Suddenly, all the pain in my right arm that I couldn’t understand started to make sense.
It was then.
With an expression that I couldn’t see before, she asked with seriousness.
“What’s the reason?”
“What’s the reason why you’re trying to become strong?”
For a while without words, I fiddled around with the Soul Stone. The reason for becoming strong, huh…
A simple reason would be money, as that’s the only thing that moves me. But before that, isn’t there something I want to protect? The only way I could do that would be money.
I answered seriously.
“There is something I want to protect. To protect that, I must become stronger.”
Park Hyun did not ask any more questions. She looked into my eyes, then with the same smile from before, she spoke again.
“I see. Do you have any thoughts of joining our guild?”
“Is that the payment for saving my life?”
“That’s not it. I just went to see you and happened to save you.”
“I heard from Sangmin-hyung before, but I didn’t get to consider it yet since I was occupied. But I don’t want to let you slip away. Perhaps is there a condition you want?”
I don’t know the reason, but it seems that she really wanted me to join her guild. Even asking if I had any conditions. While I was hesitating, Park Hyun spoke first.
“The 10% sharing, I won’t ask for it from you. Also, instead of that fake staff, I’ll give you something amazing. How about it? Isn’t this a really great deal?”
That’s weird, does she know about my ability?
How did she know that my equipment was fake?
Did she find out while she was saving me?
However, offering a level 25 Awakened with this kind of deal, even for someone new to guild, I could not understand.
What is she hiding?
After seeing my face in serious contemplation, she spoke again.
“You don’t have to give me an answer right now, I’ll give you time to think about it.”
I felt suspicious, but there was no reason to decline.
There was nothing that would harm me with the conditions attached to the deal.
While accepting the invite, if I find anything weird, I could still decline then.
When Sangmin-hyung invited me, I already had thoughts of entering the guild.
The problem was I had to decide quicker than I thought I had to.
‘I’ll think about the consequences later.’
I decided to accept Park Hyun’s offer.
“No, I will accept that offer now.”
With a content look, she spoke, “Then I’ll see you at the front gate in 30 minutes. I placed some clothes that you could change into over there.”
“I understand.”
After she left, my gaze naturally fell on the skill book.
I downloaded the phone app Skill Books Index that she told me about.
It contained dungeon entry level requirements, monsters, required party members for successful clears, and other useful information.
I was the only one who didn’t know there was such an easy and useful app.
While regretting, I scanned the skill book with my phone.
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