Novel Name : I Never Run Out of Mana

I Never Run Out of Mana - Chapter 6

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Chapter 6 – The Taste Of Money! Manticore
It’s been a week since I went out to the hunting grounds. In that week I’ve gained 11 Levels.
This is actually an amazing growth rate.
Compared to other Awakened, I’m growing many times faster.
To me who never runs out of mana it’s quite an obvious outcome.
In a normal Awakened’s case, after a party hunt they had to recover their mana and be on guard.
Of course, their recovery rate depends on their mana stat.
But while they had to wait to recover I could spend that time hunting.
I didn’t tell my mother about my Awakening yet.
She’s a person who only looks after me and cares for me, it’s clear that she’s going to stop me from hunting because of such worries.
I’m going to tell her after I can get a steady stream of income.
Until I get that large of an income, every month I’ll send her an amount of cash with sender names like ‘Scholarship Foundation’ or ‘Sharing Love’.
After a day’s hunt is over I disposed of the loot straight away.
However! To avoid suspicion I went to many other different Awakened markets to sell.
About 10 hours or more of hunting and the amount of money I get is 1 million won.
In a week, I get around 5 million won.
But this money so far has to go towards repaying the loan…
It’s a really a bittersweet situation.
After graduating from the level 1 dungeon so easily, I skipped a few levels and went hunting in a level 5 dungeon.
As I learnt the skill ‘Lightning Spray’, it resulted in faster growth.
It was all due to Lightning Spray’s amazing power! And its corresponding huge mana cost! As said, it’s an insane spell.
And I infinitely cast said insane spell.
The level of the dungeon that is best suited for me right now is level 6!
A level 6 dungeon requires at least level 10+ Awakened in a party of at least 5 to clear.
But I guess I’ll once again graduate early.
“Hunting is really easy. You just need to remember 2 simple things. Freezing then electrifying, give me the beat!”
TLN: I believe he is making references to a commercial.
A message came right before entering the dungeon.
‘It’s probably mother right?’ With that thought I check the message.
But this one mail makes me move my feet like I’m on drugs.
The mail’s contents are as follows.
-Urgent Notice!
This is the Awakened Association.
Currently due to the lack of ‘Manticore’s Soul Stones’ the ‘Intermediate Plant Center’ is not functioning properly. Therefore the Association has decided to directly purchase ‘Manticore’s Soul Stones’ from you Awakened.
If you own this item please come to the Association to sell.
1 : 1 billion won.
The Awakened Association – what a thick compensation.
8:24 am.
I don’t know what a ‘manticore’ is…
Ah screw it! But if I have one of those I think everything will be fine…
The Intermediate Plant Center.
A place that people made to grow unusual-devouring plants. This was due to the portals’ creation and explosions which resulted in the killing of many people and therefore creating worker losses… simply put, it’s a greenhouse!
But this greenhouse’s plant growth speed is amazing.
Any plant can grow to its best quality as long as it’s been given 24 hours.
If the First Qin Emperor’s elixir of eternal youth existed, humanity living forever probably wouldn’t be a dream.
TLN: The First Qin Emperor apparently searched for this plant thing which would grant you eternal life/youth.
It seems that the Center uses ‘manticore soul stones’ as its main power source.
I quickly unlock my phone and search about ‘manticores’.
Manticores are monsters that appear at the level 12 dungeon. But I didn’t hesitate.
I quickly move to the level 12 dungeon.
As I near the entrance I see many Awakened that I didn’t see before milling around.
“Looking for one healer-class Awakened!”
“Looking for a tanker. Will reward with lots of loot.”
Money is scary after all.
In less than 10 minutes all these Awakened gathered here…
The me of 10 minutes ago corrupted by money is long forgotten.
Awakened without parties were trying to get party members whose class would be needed for their party.
“Looking for a high-mana magician. If you come we’re departing straight away! There’s one place for a long-range damage dealer!”
‘Min-Cheol ssi come here! Take one million~’ hearing it like that is probably an illusion right?
I quickly move up to the man and ask.
“Is there something like a level limit?”
“Ah, we would prefer a level 45+, and someone who has learnt at least more than one greater magic spell. Our party members are all level 45+ too.
Wait, why is the difference between the level 6 dungeon and the level 12 dungeon so much?
The level limit is insanely high, but I have to go.
“I’m only level 11, but my ‘Mana Regeneration’ skill level is quite high and I also learnt ‘Lightning Spray’. Oh yeah, and I set my items to all mana buffing, is it possible for me to join?”
While looking at the forum posts that have a ton of flaunting and things, I really coveted their equipment.
Of course, 2% of my thoughts were to buy them to hide my passive during party hunts.
At the ‘Awakened Market’ street, I bought a replica rank staff, 4 rings, 2 bracelets, and one necklace all for only 200 thousand won.
Someone said that clothes are wings, due to this my outer appearance looks quite good.
The man scans me quickly and says.
“Your level’s too low… How many times can you cast Lightning Spray? With your mana regeneration.
Talk to a person who lies, for me lying is too hard.
The equipment I bought has mana increasing effects, the rings each increase 50, necklace 100, and bracelets each increasing 5% of my mana.
Ah~ Of course, that would be if they were the real deal.
In the ‘Lich King’s Staff’’s case, it grants 200 more mana and increases your maximum mana by 15%, it’s a mid-high rank weapon for magicians.
If I actually had bought one of any of these items for real, it would’ve cost me a few ten to a few hundred billion won.
‘Addition, multiplication then multiplication again! Add some division too!’ I fully used my brain which was pretty much frozen for the past few days.
It’s because I have to give out a decent lie.
The amount of mana I get from the items and level up points is 3500!
“If I use regeneration as well… I can use it about 8 times.”
As if to say ‘look at this!’, I quickly use lightning spray multiple times with my left hand and then cancel it.
‘Seeing is believing!’
Jjeojeok! Jjeojeok! Jjeojeok!
To me this is nothing. I can do this all day.
But not to that man.
Look at that guy’s expression! And why are you raising your guard?
After he realises that I wasn’t lying he opens his mouth.
“If…If you can do that much I guess it’s possible.”
Of course it’s possible! Even level 45 magicians with items can only use ‘Lightning Spray’ 2-3 times.
And I already saw you being surprised you idiot!
He continued talking.
“Because you’re a high-mana magician you have to stay inside the healer’s ‘Barrier’.”
“And the tanker will aggro all the monsters and…
“You understand right? Let’s do well.”
The man give me explanations about the plan and the notice.
TLN:  The notice is referring to the Awakened Association’s mail about the Manticore Soul Stones shortage.
I nod and wait for him to finish talking.
“I understand. Also, how many party members are there?”
This is very important.
Safety is safety but we have to share the 1 billion won’s worth ‘Manticore Soul Stones’ between us.
“With me included there are 4 people.”
20 million per person… If it’s that much it’s an amount of money which I have to hunt for nearly a month for.
Of course it would be more than 12 hours…
TLN: More than 12 hours of his average hunting.
Before entering the dungeon I greet the other party members.
The tanker who will attract the monsters Lee Chang-Hyuk. The healer who is in charge of buffs and health Lee In-Ah.
The necromancer who is in charge of secondary buffs and the main source of debuffs Jo Yong-Hyun and the warrior who explained things to me for ages at the entrance who is the secondary tanker and damage dealer Han Sang-Min.
These guys are all in the same guild.
Except for Han Sang-Min the other 3 didn’t talk much, and they seem to be wary of me.
It’s probably because I’m a low-level level 11 and I have all these high-price items on me, they probably are less willing.
“Well then, let’s go!”
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