Novel Name : I Have Become The Hero's Rival

I Have Become The Hero's Rival - Chapter 21

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Chapter 21
TL: gaeulriri
Editor: Daed
Claudia and I were assigned to different guest rooms. Even though we came together, the palace had its own rules.
Actually, this had never happened before. I was 100% sure that this was Lucas’s doing.
‘How stupid can that man be?’
I felt sorry for his pathetic struggle. But in fact, the Crown Prince couldn’t stop us from meeting privately outside the palace.
Huhu, too bad, I already exchanged location tracking magic with these siblings.
After I unpacked my luggage, I sent the maids out. Then I took out a golden necklace with a pendant that looked like a compass from my chest.
This was an artifact with the ability to overpower astronomy.
When I opened the elaborately crafted lid of this artifact which was more expensive than my ransom, there were two needles inside.
One was pointing in the direction of Claudia and the other in the direction of Felix.
Since the two needles were currently overlapping, it seemed like they were together at this moment.
After checking their location, I opened the door of the guest room and stepped out.
There was a man, whom I’ve never met before, standing and leaning against the wall with his legs crossed.
It was a pose that models would make during a photo shoot.
‘What a strange man.’
Why was he doing that in front of my room of all rooms? Did you not have any leg cramps?
Thinking it was a very strange sight, I quickly passed the man.
The first law for an extra to survive.
When a situation that you didn’t understand arose, just dismiss it as something you hadn’t seen or heard.
“Wait a second! Lady!”
A voice came from behind. From his voice, it seemed like he was quite embarrassed.
Huh? Did he have anything to do with me?
‘Is he lost?’
I thought for a moment whether to ignore it or not. Then I stopped in my tracks and turned my head. It was because he might have been in trouble and seeking help from me.
Although I was actually really reluctant.
When I stopped and looked closer at him, he was a quite handsome man, both objectively and subjectively.
A person like him deserved to be called handsome. Physically, he was the standard of handsome men that it seemed that anyone could make that statement without objection.
‘He is the third son of Count Moore.’
His name was Arasa. He was a smart, resourceful, and ambitious noble. However, I heard that he had complicated problems with women.
Of course, there weren’t many people who knew this information. His family managed it in their own way so that there were no rumors about him.
But, how did he know me?
Oh, I almost forgot. Never underestimate the power of an informant.
‘He’s as handsome as rumored.’
‘But… men will be men.’
Whether he was handsome or ugly, he was still a stranger. I had to be careful. I reflexively took a step back, pointing my finger at myself and asked.
“Yes, you, cute lady over there.”
Lord Moore gave an unexpected answer with a smile.
It felt like I was listening to some nonsense, and so I decided to go on my way.
“Wait, wait a second! Where are you going?!”
Of course, to avoid you.
I picked up my pace. Lord Moore chased me and called me from behind.
“Wait, lady. I’m not a strange person.”
Have you ever met a strange person who admitted ‘I’m a strange person’ ?
However, he looked so desperate, so I decided to listen to what he wanted to say.
“May I help you?”
Well, he might be a person who had a habit of praising the other person to lighten the atmosphere when talking to a stranger.
I was sorry if I had judged him too quickly, so this time I decided to hear him out.
With a breath of relief, Lord Moore said,
“Nice to meet you, Lady. My name is Arasa Moore.”
It was information that I already knew, but I waited for his next words.
“I happened to see you on the way here.”
You saw me on the way here?
Then you must have seen Claudia and Felix with me. Between the two shiny siblings, you’re telling me that I caught your attention?
“You have beautiful eyes.”
Did you call out to me just to say that? Or did you want me to compliment you for noticing the details that no one else did?
When I hesitated to answer him, Lord Moore showed a bitter expression. Was there something wrong?
As an awkward silence fell upon us, he tried to regain his composure and prompted,
“I heard your name is Lady Amber.”
If you had seen me from a distance, you would have heard the nobles say ‘Lady Amber this, Lady Amber that, blah, blah, blah’.
Well, everyone knew my name. They even made fun of, insulted, and gossiped about me.
“My name is Irene Amber.”
I finally introduced myself.
As if he was really happy to hear my name, Lord Moore beamed,
“Amber. I think it’s a name that goes well with Lady’s beautiful golden eyes. When I first saw you, your eyes were as beautiful as jewels.”
What was he talking about?
There was no information that Lord Arasa Moore majored in literature at the academy. He wasn’t even a poet.
“So, I made a decision to chase after you in order to know you better. I think I’ll regret it my whole life if I let Lady Amber go just like that.”
“What will you regret?”
When I asked him because I really didn’t understand, he suddenly turned his gaze slightly like a shy boy and scratched his cheek.
His trait suddenly changed from before.
“I know it’s embarrassing to say this, but I fell in love with you at first sight.”
He suddenly confessed his love to me.
What nonsense were you spouting?
Please give me back the time I wasted listening to you. I stared at Lord Moore with distrust and raised my guard.
It would be more convincing to say that you approached me because you wanted to be close to Claudia.
And he said that I was a cute lady. It was the first time in my life that I’ve heard that, except for what I heard countless times from the shiny siblings.
There hadn’t even been any merchants who contacted me expressing their interest in me when my father attempted to sell me off.
Suspicious. It was incredibly suspicious.
“I don’t believe it.”
Lord Moore’s handsome face showed a mysterious expression.
“Oh, if you doubt my heart…”
Of course I did.
“I beg your pardon, but I only believe in the God of Deseo. I’m thinking of developing a closer relationship with God.”
My expression became even more strange when he mentioned the name of God.
Hm? Judging from his reaction, wasn’t that fake?
Well, come to think of it, what kind of lunatic would dare to advocate a cult openly in the imperial palace? If you got caught breaking the rules, you would be dragged directly out of the palace.
There was only one answer.
“I won’t buy it (the religion/cult).”
“I don’t have money. I’m a beggar.”
Wasn’t it too much to try to rip off someone who had just escaped from their debtor?
It seemed that he had held this misconception because I stuck with the Chamberlains. Come to think of it, I was quite indebted to them as well.
No matter what you try to pluck from me, I was a person who had nothing.
Arasa Moore, the third son of the Moores, would do anything to achieve his ambition. He didn’t feel any sense of guilt when he used and trampled on others to climb up.
Well, I didn’t want to become his victim.
“You’ve chosen the wrong person. Well then.”
I replied with a stiff voice and then turned my back on him.
Lord Moore, who had been working hard on me, looked at me blankly as if he was tired of my determination.
But when I tried to walk away from him, he hurriedly blocked my way.
“Oh God, I told you I don’t have money.”
“No, no, Lady. I don’t know what you’re misunderstanding, but it’s absolutely not it.”
“Then what is it? You really fell in love with me?”
“Yes, that’s right.”
“If you want to get noticed by Lady Chamberlain, I don’t think this is a good way. You will only get her antipathy.”
“It has nothing to do with Lady Chamberlain. I fell in love with you at first sight.”
Lord Moore repeated the same words as if he was explaining to a child.
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