Novel Name : I Have Become The Hero's Rival

I Have Become The Hero's Rival - Chapter 19

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Chapter 19
TL: gaeulriri
Editor: Daed
“Why have you been so busy these days?”
“Because there are a lot of people aiming for my life lately.”
I couldn’t even go outside.
As I muttered with a awkward expression, Martina burst into laughter as if she had heard something interesting.
“It’s because of Claudia, the flower of the society, isn’t it?”
Even though I knew it, it seemed that Martina was still on bad terms with Claudia.
“Somehow, I’m being loved by great people.”
I muttered bitterly.
“So, because of that you confront the Crown Prince on the street?”
Martina asked, touching my forehead as if measuring my body temperature. Her eyes scanned my body from head to toe.
She seemed to be questioning my sanity.
“I didn’t know that Irene could be this strong.”
Well, she was right.
Even I didn’t know that I would be living like a moth drawn to a flame.
“I don’t think I will be able to attend your funeral, so can I say my last words for you here?”
“You are kidding, right?”
“I’m serious.”
Damn, I didn’t want to go through this shit to be rich and honorable. Wealth… I had enough.
Yes, I could die anytime with no regrets.
I turned my gaze to somewhere faraway with a distant expression.
Martina stopped teasing me. She sipped her drink and said seriously,
“I can sell you the information, but I can’t help you personally. I’m sorry, but I have my own problem.”
“Yes, I know. I have a conscience too. How can I ask for your help?”
The enemies I had to deal with were the Crown Prince, the ruler of Carlisle, and the hero of the Empire, the Knight. Honestly, it would be difficult to deal with them even if Martina did help me personally.
However, when I softly agreed, Martina seemed to feel sorry toward me. But there was no need for her to feel sorry at all.
“I’ll tell you one thing. Duke Lamberg came to find me a while ago.”
I didn’t know that a story about Benjamin would come out of nowhere, so I looked at her with my eyes wide open.
Has Benjamin finally begun approaching Martina? It seemed a little earlier than the original story.
“What did he say?”
“He asked for your information.”
“W-what information?”
“Very personal and trivial information. What do you like or dislike, what are your hobbies, things like that.”
What was the point of knowing that?
My expression darkened as I remembered who and what kind of fate Irene Amber had in the original story.
I was convinced that I could never be beaten in the same way, but at this moment my heart was shattered.
I quickly regained my composure before she began to wonder.
“Was there anything else that seemed strange?”
“He constantly approaches me. It looks like he has an ulterior motive.”
That bastard was trying to trick the weak-hearted Martina and use her as an information shuttle.
However, unlike the original story in which Benjamin made Martina fall in love with him, this time Martina did not show any interest in him.
I stared at her face and examined her complexion. It seemed that she was getting annoyed because I stared at her this closely.
Oh, could I be relieved for now?
“Martina, please ignore anyone who can’t respect you. No matter how sweet that person’s mouth is.”
“What, are you worried about me now?”
She chuckled at me, who acted like an old woman who was overly worried.
“Uhm, what do you think about Duke, Martina?”
“I don’t have any thoughts about him.”
I released a sigh of relief.
“Sometimes you treat me like a child. If the woman who gave birth to me was sane, she would have been this way too.”
She suddenly talked about her childhood. Then I was hugged like a doll in Martina’s arms without saying anything.
If she needed comfort now, then I would be glad to listen anytime.
However, her expression changed quickly as she turned her attention to me.
“So Irene, how about you?”
She asked as she put the cherries in my mouth. I chewed them well and replied.
“You must already know that I’ve been invited to the imperial ball.”
“You mean your new grave?”
Her words were a bit painful for me.
I furrowed my eyebrows and puffed out my cheeks.
“That’s why I need some information.”
“Irene, what did I say about the basics of negotiations?”
“If you receive something, then you have to give something too.”
Give and take.
As I pointed back and forth between me and Martina, she stroked my head as if I had done well.
“Yes, then what would you give?”
“I’ll give my information too.”
As always.
Martina gave a satisfied smile at my words.
I had finished preparing in my own way, so I thought that I just needed to head to the Imperial Palace.
However, the process to reach the Imperial Palace was not as smooth as I thought.
“Chloe, I can’t wear it like that…”
I only had one body. Or did you really think that I had to change my clothes every hour?
“But I can’t choose because all of them suit Irene so well.”
Claudia chose the gown carefully. I was wearing a tailor-made gown for me which took into account my skin, hair, eyes, body shape, and height.
However, no matter how hard I tried to look beautiful, my presence would still be like air next to you.
And even if I was in the spotlight, it would be just as difficult.
Now that I had made an impression on the Crown Prince, why should I be in the spotlight!
‘I couldn’t stand out in the first place anyway!’
Claudia chose her gown in one second whereas I had put on 30 gowns so far.
“…… Until when are we going to choose the gown?”
“Hm, just wait a little more.”
I collapsed onto the couch with a zombie-like groan.
Usually, at this point, people would stop doing what they were doing and asked if I was bored. But it seemed like Claudia really wanted to make me beautiful.
I blinked slowly as I revisited the dressing room Claudia had made for me.
For convenience, this place was called a dressing room, but its size was no different from a whole store.
Even the designer of Carandy Store, who had a reputation for being talented, asked ‘Is there anything I can do to help?’. She was ready in case she had to repair her gown.
When would this come to end?
“I am beautiful no matter what I wear.”
At this point, I just said anything because I wanted to end this.
“I’m a model that can perfectly fit any gown, aren’t I?”
At the same time, my eyes met the designer’s gaze. It looked like she had a lot of things to say, but she blatantly responded with an ‘what?’ look.
If you wanted to get paid, please show off your fake flattery skills. The appearance of the customer was the best in this world, no one could match it, why couldn’t you say anything!
As if the designer couldn’t agree with me, she tried to avoid my glance.
It was really too much…..
If your mouth was tired, at least nod your head!
I resented that person and gave her a deathly stare.
“So you knew it too.”
Yes, just like that…. Huh?
Felix, who suddenly appeared in front of me, said as he gently patted my messy hair.
“Whatever clothes Irene wears, it’s cute and adorable. So Chloe can’t choose one.”
I had originally been lounging on the sofa like a lazy cat, but I stiffened and quickly scrambled to my feet the moment I saw Felix.
“You surprised me.”
I felt like my heart was about to explode.
My eyes were wide open as I pressed upon my fluttering chest. Then, Felix slowly retracted his hand with an apologetic smile.
“Are you surprised?”
Yes, I almost had a heart attack.
I nodded, relaxing my tense shoulders.
“I missed you, so I came as soon as I finished everything. But, it looks like I had been too hasty. I’m sorry. I didn’t intend to surprise you.”
‘I– I miss you’…..As I pondered over what he meant after my surprise subsided, Felix smiled and turned away from me. He headed straight for Claudia.
Oh, you said you missed your sister. I thought you were talking to me at that moment.
I scratched the back of my head because I foolishly misunderstood.
Felix looked around the dressing room and gently pulled out several gowns with magic.
He lifted his finger and held the dress up in front of me (with magic). Then he smiled brightly at me, and blinked innocently.
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