Novel Name : I Have Become The Hero's Rival

I Have Become The Hero's Rival - Chapter 15

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Chapter 15
TL: gaeulriri
Editor: Daed
“Lady… Aren’t your words too harsh?”
“You said you like beautiful things, but do you know how much psychological damage that your face has caused? You could see my beautiful face up close, but I feel affronted looking at your face.”
“So, how are you going to compensate me?”
Wow. Wasn’t he dying with his eyes open?
There was a 100 percent chance that her biting words were taught by her father, the Count.
I glanced behind Claudia at that moron and stuck out my tongue.
“If I were a little girl, I would think that you are too old for this.”
I tried to encourage Claudia to leave to prevent the situation from becoming worse. I couldn’t let her do something reckless.
“Does your conscience not hurt when you’re hitting on a girl who could be the same age as your daughter?”
I glanced behind Claudia at that moron and stuck out my tongue.
Then, he seemed to wake up from his frozen state.
The shock seemed to have passed. His face turned red, and he clenched his fists as if he would explode right away.
“This brat! What the f*ck did you say?!”
The disgusting smile he showed to Claudia earlier turned into anger in a second.
That moron, who seemed unable to control his anger at all, reached for Claudia. He forcibly grabbed Claudia’s arm and yanked it.
And at that moment of despair, Prince Lucas, who was passing by the boulevard, found us.
His face was not clearly visible because he wore a black hood. But his red eyes, like vivid blood, could easily be recognized.
He ran toward Claudia, drawing his sword from his waist.
His swordsmanship skill was excellent, just like the male protagonists in romance novels.
And Lucas dramatically rescues Claudia from her distress like a prince on a white horse!
….. Even though the event above never happened.
Yes. the Chamberlain family’s escorts, who had followed us from the beginning, surrounded that moron.
They were the escorts hired by Hugo for the day. They were called ‘shadows’ because they could kill enemies without being caught and melted into the surroundings.
“U, Uhkk….”
That moron hiccuped a few times before he sobered up.
Suddenly, he was good at controlling his anger.
I closed my mouth and turned my head. Lucas stopped running with his sword after his existence was completely ignored. He stood there in the most awkward posture in the world.
As I stared at the Crown Prince, Claudia followed my gaze and turned to the Crown Prince.
She furrowed her eyebrows and blurted out,
“…What the hell is that?”
Could we call this some kind of murder? Claudia suddenly carried daggers in her words.
How could I get the three heroes to give up on Claudia? After contemplating, I came to a conclusion.
In the part where the heroes may appear, I had to induce a scene that imprinted ‘Your existence wasn’t needed here’.
That was my plan.
Ten escorts clad in black from head to toe quickly controlled the scene.
Then, the terrified moron screamed like a horse.
However, before he could say a word, his vital spot was struck. The escorts’ movement were swift and unobtrusive.
They dragged the fainted moron away and disappeared into the alley.
And since then, no one had seen that moron……..
For some reason, I felt like I needed to give this narration.
The one-time extra was removed from the scene, and now only Lucas was left here.
It seemed like he was dumbfounded at what Claudia said before.
No matter how many times you wore a hood and people couldn’t see your face, this must be the first time in your life to hear such words.
Well, to be honest, I wanted to laugh so badly. But, I couldn’t do that, so I just bit my lips firmly.
‘Seeing this, karma must really exist.’
I still remembered vividly how he had called me ‘that’ at the last banquet we had seen each other.
After all, in the end, you reap what you sow.
I remembered that in this novel, Lucas was often depicted as a man with sculpted features. How nice would it be if he stayed as the frozen statue that he was right now.
“By the way, where did those people come from?”
Claudia asked me, completely ignoring Lucas.
“Did Rin hire them? I didn’t even know they were following us.”
“Because it’s better to learn how to protect yourself.”
She tilted her head and asked,
“Hmm? Should we learn self-defense?”
“No, you don’t have to.”
She was already taking a lot of spirit summoning classes, so why must she learn self-defense too? While it was still an event in the far-off future, she would use her power to summon a spirit someday.
“Chloe already has weapons, don’t you? In the future, if you want to go to any remote environment, it would be better if you stay with the escorts.”
I thought it was just going against the original novel, but there seemed to be another reason why Claudia avoided the escorts.
She said she loved the freedom to go wherever she pleased. She didn’t like being watched or her actions restricted.
Oh my god, Chloe. If there was something in the world that couldn’t be solved with money, it was because the amount of money was insufficient. You didn’t have to worry about that.
In that case, please hire the Guardian Assassin (?)!
Their presence would be invisible, but they could appear in a second whenever you need them!
Then Claudia said, ‘Ah!’ as if she just understood what I mean. She smiled brightly, revealing her white teeth.
“Are you a genius? You solved my worries so easily.”
Hmm. I was flattered by the praise that came from a beautiful woman.
At the same time, I glanced at Lucas. His gaze looked like he wanted to tear me apart.
Why? Were you jealous that this smile was never shown to you? You would never be able to see it forever!
The only one who could see it was me!
Was it because of the dark history when I tried to bring Claudia and that wicked hero together?
I felt so sorry because of it, so I decided to always be on Claudia’s side.
I wanted to tell Lucas that there was no room between me and Claudia for him to intrude.
“Now my Chloe doesn’t need to seek help from anyone, do you? We should seek help only if we can’t handle it. Right now, you’re already good enough at everything.”
I deliberately said so in a loud voice while hugging Claudia and stroking her cheek.
Even real-life siblings would feel embarrassed doing this kind of skinship in public.
“Rin just hugged me…..”
Claudia’s eyes opened wide and she looked somewhat thrilled, just like a pet owner who finally got rewarded by her cat.
“Rin just called me ‘My Claudia’…..”
It worked just like I planned. Claudia suddenly hugged me in excitement.
Ughh, wait, I can’t breathe…
Her hug was so tight that I struggled to escape. My eyes fell on Lucas, who was standing still.
It seemed like all the life I had been receiving from Claudia was a joke for Lucas, and there was jealousy in his eyes.
That single word seemed to infuriate Lucas. His gaze seemed to say, ‘How dare you to call Claudia with a nickname that only her family members are allowed to use?’
I stopped struggling. Instead, I hugged Claudia back and buried my head in her cozy arms.
It might sound funny that I have come this far but was still terrified by the threats towards my life. Yet what else was I supposed to do when it was really scary?
The look on Lucas’s face was one of a killer who was ready to tear my limbs apart and kill me when he had the chance.
There were only two options for Lucas here.
He could either take off his hood and reveal his identity, or disappear without revealing his identity.
If I were him, I would choose the second option.
He chose the first option.
Lucas revealed his face under the hood, indicating that he was the Crown Prince, and then put the hood on again.
Yes. All of the heroes of this novel were shameless!
“What are you doing here? As I passed by, I doubted my eyes.”
“…..I also doubt my eyes.”
Claudia’s joyous expression quickly turned into one of disgust.
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