Novel Name : I Have Become The Hero's Rival

I Have Become The Hero's Rival - Chapter 13

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Chapter 13
TL: gaeulriri
It was finally happening. I knew someday this day would come
“I tried to make excuses and buy some time, but there’s a limit in everything. Actually, I knew his nature since long time ago. I wonder if he had given up on being an intellectual and decided to be a crazy uncontrollable bastard.”
After coughing for a second, Hugo continued,
“I mean, um, I can’t handle His Majesty at all.”
Count Chamberlain, let’s be honest. You were the one who taught Claudia those swear words, right?
Hugo also didn’t seem to like Lucas. Because he was Claudia’s father, so maybe it was a natural hostility.
It would be nice if I could say ‘F*ck you Crown Prince!’ and lived quietly afterward. However, that could never have happened due to our social class.
Even if Lucas put us in jail and executed us for disobeying orders, no one would do or say anything.
Moreover, the name of the Chamberlain was large in the public eye, especially because of their financial strength. So, they needed to be more careful.
As a side note, although Chamberlain was best known for their diamond mine, they still had large and small influences in other industries as well.
Other industries beside diamond mine were under Felix’s management, such as artifact, finance, toys, wine, and gold…
They were a wealthy family whose wealth would never run out.
So if Chamberlain collapsed, the entire Empire’s finances would be staggered.
If all of Chamberlains were killed in an accident except one who survived, then all of their property would not be attributed to the Empire.
However, if that one person was so shocked and went insane, the process of property transfer would be even easier. That was the original story of this novel.
‘After all, they will do everything to make this family miserable. I got goosebumps.’
I wish I could erase the memories of myself who used to love the story of this novel.
At that time, I liked this story on the premise that it was only a fiction.
The conclusion was, Chamberlain would not easily collapse unless all relatives were wiped out and their property was confiscated because of the sin of worshiping the demon.
So, in the original story, the three heroes were gambled with great risk in carrying out their plan.
But now, it seemed like they didn’t have the will to touch Chamberlain yet.
“I understand what you mean. You mean you need to soothe him, right?”
No matter how dirty he was, he was still the next emperor. I thought we needed to do something about that fact.
Whether giving up or introspecting.
‘Hmm …. Introspecting?’
I heard that it was possible for someone to change.
Could someone who thought ‘Your happiness can’t be called happiness if you are not by my side.‘  actually change? To what extent could he change?
Okay, let’s just give up.
‘Before worrying about the demon’s relics, I need to let Claudia go first.’
Even though the chance of success was 0, it was worth trying.
For now, I was catching at straws.
“Yes, it would be better to meet her first.”
“Yes, please take a good care of this.”
Hugo continued to speak with a slight relief.
“The reason why I talk to Lady Amber separately is that Claudia is too innocent and naive, she tends to do something without thinking about the consequences. I think we need to tell her slowly.”
He said that as if he was afraid that Claudia would grip the Crown Prince on the collar.
I was more worried that Claudia would say things like, ‘Did you put poison in my-Rin’s tea? Did you send those assassins?’
I knew it might be cool, but it would be impossible for us to handle the consequences later.
I and the Count Chamberlain exchanged anxious eyes for a moment. At the same time, it seemed like we felt sympathy for each other
“Please take care of Claudia.’
“Yes, I’ll protect your daughter no matter what.”
“Um, no, I mean, lady will protect her?”
Huh, nevermind. It was useless trying to fix what had already been spit out.
When I blinked my eyes, he tapped my shoulder and said,
“I’m relieved since you will stay beside Claudia and protect her.”
“You just need to watch by her side. But if you feel like she has gone too far, please stop her”
I would do my best.
Claudia, whose self-esteem had increased, was full of charm even when she just stayed still.
She was lucky to be blessed with beauty and loveliness. But sometimes, it could raise problems and become a bit difficult to deal with.
Well, I used to wish that I had a beautiful appearance and receive lots of love from everyone.
3. They said you shouldn’t have rewritten it.
Maybe Lucas was going crazy because he couldn’t see Claudia right now.
Originally, he was depicted as a hero with madness, obsession and possessiveness.
He was so scary that you couldn’t help but want to run away from him.
However, when he wanted something, he would chase it even to the end of the world.
Come to your senses, you crazy bastard! Anyway, he was the dangerous type that you shouldn’t show your back to. Because if you had a thought about running away, he would chase you like a crazy dog chasing its prey.
Rather, it was better to smile brightly in front of him while raising your middle finger with your both hands.
That’s the plan I made to save the heroine from all the bad possibilities.
“I didn’t know Rin would want to go out. If I thought about it, it may be frustrating to stay in the mansion for too long. I was too indifferent.”
Well, it might be frustrating to stay in a typical mansion for too long, but Chamberlain’s was a whole different story.
Why did I need to go out from a place with all those amenities? If I could live here for a lifetime, I would be willing to rot in here.
My plan had to go smoothly, if we didn’t come out now, we might be considered dead from some disease.
I pretended to be excited to go out, so Claudia seemed to be excited as well. She dressed me up with several gowns at the store.
It was already five hours after we went outside.
Although we were just trying on dresses, it felt like forever.
Finally, I and Claudia were currently wearing the same yellow gown.
I glanced through Claudia’s yellow dress, pearl headdress, earrings, and gorgeous pink diamond necklace.
She looked so graceful, like a swan that reincarnated as a human.
Hundreds of people who passed us by would look back at Claudia in awe.
And I….. looked like a yellow chick….. just a chick, damn it.
Forget it. Let’s not talk about that.
“Where do you want to go? Just tell me. I’ll buy you everything”
Claudia didn’t seem to care about all those eyes on her.
Her eyes focused on me as if she wanted to devour me.
……You would buy everything?
Those words almost blinded me and made me forget my initial purpose.
Wait a second.
Then I remembered what I really wanted to do.
“Okay, then let’s go to a cafe or restaurant and…..”
“Looking at the menu from the beginning to the end of each page, then….”
“Can I order everything from the menu?”
I asked, clutching my heart pounding fastly.
Although I wouldn’t be able to eat everything anyway, being able to order everything sounded cool!
Then Claudia tilted her head and laughed adorably after hearing my request.
What was the meaning of that nasal sound?
Was it too expensive? Well, I heard that the prices here were expensive.
She led me to the best cafe in the capital city.
It was a canal cafe located near the river, I heard that this cafe was operated by reservations, and you needed to make a reservation a few months in advance.
Claudia took me there without any hesitation. At the entrance, she showed a Chamberlain’s card.
As soon as the waiter saw the pattern of the card, she bowed down.
“I’ll take you inside.”
It was a free pass card.
“You can ask the waiter to bring all the menus here.”
After Claudia said that, I placed my hands on my beating heart and realized what true love is.
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