Novel Name : I Have Become The Hero's Rival

I Have Become The Hero's Rival - Chapter 10

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Chapter 10
TL: gaeulriri
Editor: Daed
Desire… Hmm? Desire?
In the novel, ‘ancient demonic magic’ was one of the biggest factors that destroyed this novel’s world.
However, there was no specific information about its origin. The devil’s intentions in carrying out its action were still a mystery.
The main purpose of this story was to eliminate Felix and his family instead of focusing on the demonic power itself.
In fact, I focused only on the idea that ‘Felix and the Chamberlains should be safe’, and overlooked the ancient demonic relic magic itself.
So Felix’s words sounded foreign to me.
“What do you mean by ‘Desire’?”
It was ambiguous what he meant about “being unable to suppress their desire”.
As I asked for a more detailed explanation, he said,
“It’s a trait of demons. They’re born under desire, so they never control their instincts. That’s what they do in the first place.”
“What kind of desire is it exactly?”
“I don’t quite know yet. It depends on what kind of relic it uses.”
According to his explanation, there were not just one or two demons, but a wide range of them.
“Oh, I see.. I’m sorry but, is that all…..?”
Honestly, I’m very sorry to say this, but if you were half eaten by the demonic power and you couldn’t suppress the desire inside yourself, didn’t it mean that you were being fully eaten by it?
That relic must be the power to destroy the world.
On second thought, it wasn’t so bad if you were driven by desire.
I rolled my eyes and said,
“Most of time, I can’t suppress my desire either.”
My desire for money exceeded my desire for anything else.
If that was so, then I was also under the influence of the demon.
“Everyone feels it at least once, right?”
Maybe even a saint who conveyed the will of God had a desire too.
Wasn’t the difference only between revealing it openly and hiding it well?
This was an extreme example, but it was the same as the difference between having the urge to kill someone and actually going through with it.
Just because I called Felix an angel, it didn’t mean that I believed he had no desire or was pure and innocent.
An angel was a creature that made you wonder, ‘Hey, you are really patient. How do you put up with everything?’
Felix pushed up the glasses on his sharp nose. He replied,
“What I meant is not that cute desire.”
I stared at the beautiful human in front of me who gave off an intelligent atmosphere with a simple action. I wished I could save this sight into my memory for the rest of my life.
“You shouldn’t put human desires and demonic desires on the same line. It’s totally different. If Irene’s prophecy actually happens, I’d better leave this place. Maybe everyone will be safe that way. If so, I….don’t even know what to do…..”
Felix showed an ambiguous smile as he finished his line.
However, unlike his confusing expression, his eyes were firmly fixed on me.
His hesitation was purely due to his concern so that I wouldn’t be shocked, but it must mean that he was already determined and sincere.
‘Oh, so in the novel, you chose to destroy yourself and now you choose to disappear?’
Why was Felix always carrying everything on his back and trying to sacrifice himself?
I know he was created with such a character setting, but it was just a pity for me who was attached to him.
“Are you saying that you can just kill someone on your own?”
I got closer to him and whispered. At this moment, I wasn’t aware that the distance between us was too close.
“You mean that the demonic desire could be greater than the three crazy men who sacrificed the world’s peace to isolate and monopolize the innocent Chloe?”
“Can it be worse than that? Really?”
See, you couldn’t answer that, could you?
As Felix showed a somewhat offended expression, I continued,
“Maybe they have already been eaten by the demon too.”
“I know what you want to say, Irene. But…”
No, you didn’t understand at all.
I took a deep breath, wiped my face, and raised my head.
“First of all, why did I tell Felix all of this?.”
So what I wanted to say is:
“There are more humans than demons in this world. Clearly the demons suddenly disappeared from this land and hadn’t appeared since (the ancient era) because they were outnumbered by the humans. Even now, there are many humans with sharper tongues than the demons.”
Of course, my statement that demons disappeared because of vicious humans was just to convey my opinion.
But my next words were more heartfelt than ever.
“So, don’t say anything like you’re going to disappear so easily.”
I stared into Felix’s eyes sincerely. Then, after hesitating for a moment, I placed my hand on top of his fair hand.
Even if you were abandoned by everyone in this world, I would be the one who would understand you.
Just like how they had blessed me with wealth, I would protect the happiness of these siblings until the end.
With that resolution in mind, I asserted,
“I’m here now to prevent the prophecy of the tragedy in which Felix had to die alone from happening.”
I felt his hand under my palm tremble for a moment.
I patted his hand gently as if trying to soothe him.
“I’m here to lighten your burden, so let’s get through this together.”
I didn’t know if I could really help, since I had no ability or strength. But at least, my presence would be a little help instead of bearing this burden alone.
In difficult times, you could count on me and I would stay by your side without saying anything. Even if I didn’t know what I should do to comfort you, I had confidence that I could believe you until the end.
I was the kind of person who cared about other people’s feelings.
When Claudia told me that she hated the heroes, I easily gave up. And even though my life was in danger, I chose to stay by her side.
I didn’t mind if I had to commit sins for Claudia, Felix, and Liam’s happiness.
Because they had already become ‘my family’ in this world.
No matter what kind of dark side they had, we could still accept them. That was what we called ‘human bonds’.
“Even if you turn into a demon, I’ll hug you to hell.”
“Will you listen to me from now on?”
I looked up at him and asked that question.
His turbulent gaze seemed to settle into a calm lake. It seemed like he couldn’t even imagine hearing those words from me.
Soon after, Felix’s eyes slowly closed. With a faint smile, he said,
“I think I know why God created Irene.”
Really? I didn’t even know why I entered the novel, but it would be great to know the reason. While I was wondering about what he meant, he turned his hand over and held my hand.
Oh, I forgot to take my hand off of him.
I tried to move my fingers and asked,
“…..Do you believe me?”
My mind was filled with so many questions in my state of bewilderment.
Thanks to him calmly listening to my words, I was able to explain everything casually…
Didn’t he think my words were utterly absurd?
“From the day I first saw Irene, I thought there was something that Irene wanted to say. It turned out you asked me to develop my magic resistance.”
Felix laughed, as he recalled our first meeting.
“I believed it. Because you are Irene.”
Just like how Felix believed in me, I would also try to believe in him.
Did my sincerity finally work? At the thought that I might have managed to convince him not to be so stubborn in trying to solve everything alone, my face lit up in joy. A sweet smile spread across my face,
“Therefore, I don’t want to hurt you any further.”
I couldn’t understand what he was saying, so I asked,
“Why do you think I will get hurt?’
“Because… you are Irene.”
Was that supposed to be a legitimate answer?
I needed an explanation of his incomprehensible statement, but Felix was quietly fiddling with my hand with a nonchalant expression.
It was a gentle and careful touch, as if he was touching a fragile glassware.
Explain! Please!
I gazed at him imploringly for an explanation. Felix finally opened his mouth and said,
“The demon stimulates the hidden desires that the humans originally have.”
The demon was an entity that tried to lure humans away from God and corrupt them.
In other words, ‘Manifestation of a Desire’.
That was a phrase that I often heard in my previous life.
The demon was created to test humans and constantly aimed for their weaknesses.
“… So, is Felix’s wish to hurt me?”
No, I did say that I would accept everything, but this was a little shocking.
As I looked up with sad eyes, he landed a feather-light kiss on the back of my hand. Then, he released it.
For some reason, as I watched Felix, I was reminded of the pledge ceremony I had seen by chance after I followed Claudia to the Imperial Palace last year.
“Yes, something like that.”
It was too reverent for a man who wanted to hurt me.
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