Novel Name : I Have Become The Hero's Rival

I Have Become The Hero's Rival - Chapter 9

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Chapter 9
TL: gaeulriri
Editor: Daed
Of course, it would be great if the ending of this novel would be that “Irene and Claudia lived happily ever after in the Chamberlains’s mansion”. However…
Who would believe a happy ending in a fairy tale without the characters encountering any obstacles? And above all…this novel was so exhausting.
The flag of death which I used to avoid had become something natural for me.
And now, after my close encounters with death, I slowly accepted my fate.
It was like being able to say with a broken neck and closed eyes, ‘It’s amazing to still be alive’.
Ouch, why did my eyes suddenly become teary?
This was not a simple matter. It was much more complicated- the relationship between the heroine and the hero.
I couldn’t play nor take on the role of a hero. Aside from the gender stuff, there were no romance novels with a heroine that ended up with a supporting character from a poor family.
In other words, we couldn’t say goodbye to the original heroes so easily.
Because that was how the original ending unfolded in the novel.
The heroes would destroy the Chamberlains. They took the family’s wealth and locked Claudia up in a room by herself after taking her eyesight.
They confined Claudia like a bird in a cage. Wasn’t that enough to be considered as an “exhausting novel”?
Even if in the process you tried to run away, met new people, and came to several realizations, everyone who got involved with Claudia would end up being killed by the heroes.
So far, I had tried my best to prevent a tragedy from occurring. But firstly, I had to find another way to get through the incoming tragedy before the three men did it first.
As long as she was the heroine, Claudia would not die. But that wasn’t the case for Felix. He would definitely die and–at the same time–lose his mind.
From now on, Claudia and Felix’s happiness would be my happiness as well. I wanted to protect them even if I had to risk my life.
‘Well, of course, it’d be nice if I could survive.’
Though I spoke to Liam confidently and seemed to boast, I had to make a decision when the time came.
I could no longer relax in this dreamlike reality, because the day of the tragedy was approaching.
I wasn’t sure if this story would go according to my plan.
Maybe the tragedy could happen earlier, it could be delayed, or it couldn’t happen at all.
The future was unpredictable for me.
I couldn’t let time pass just like that. It was better to prepare myself as much as possible before the tragedy happened.
I stared at Claudia who was sleeping, then I covered her with a blanket and stood up carefully.
After leaving the room, I slowly walked down the hallway of the house.
I decided to walk around. Then, I saw a room that looked like an Imperial Library in front of me.
I looked around the room. The room was bright like daytime despite being night.
I looked up at the ceiling of this room, which looked like the vast blue sky. It reminded me of the sky at the Venetian Casino in Macau.
It was hard to tell whether this was a real sky or a painting. But in fact, this was magic.
As I expected, Felix was here.
He leaned back against a fancy sofa, turning the page of a book with an expressionless face.
Felix, who always smiled affectionately, became cold when he concentrated or was alone.
I was aware that he was just a person, but at that time, there was an atmosphere around him that made me hesitant to approach.
He looked up. as if sensing my presence.
“Can’t sleep?”
Felix narrowed his eyes as if making sure that I wasn’t an illusion. The cold surrounding air around him melted instantly and fluttered like a spring breeze.
“Come here. I’ll read you a book.”
Felix said while patting his lap.
No, please don’t suddenly be like that. No matter how close we were, it didn’t mean that I could fall asleep in your lap.
As I shook my head and stepped back, he had a regretful expression on his face.
“Actually, I came here because I had something to tell you.”
“What do you want to say that is making you look so nervous?”
Huh, did it show on my face?
As I touched my face in this awkward atmosphere, he tapped his lips and said,
“When you’re nervous or scared, your lips become triangular.”
It was something I had already heard from Claudia.
‘What’s wrong with triangular lips?’
I can’t see it directly in the mirror. Anyway, that wasn’t important.
I approached him and spoke with a serious expression.
“I’ll tell you briefly.”
“What is it?”
He closed the book he had in his hand and put it down next to him.
“Surely you remember the advice I gave you about a year ago.”
From Felix’s point of view, my words would sound very absurd. But I was determined to just confess everything.
Oh, of course, except that this place was in a book. Even Felix would probably go crazy mentally and physically if he heard all of this.
“I actually saw a prophecy a year ago…”
Afterall, this was the only excuse I could make. I couldn’t think of another excuse, so I decided to use one that was quite reasonable.
Then I explained why I asked him to develop the skill of magic resistance a year ago.
I told Felix about the cruel fate that awaited Claudia, himself, and the Chamberlains. I also gave him some hints on purpose.
If all of this happened to me, I would definitely choose to go and move away from this place.
However, Felix listened calmly until the end, without interrupting my long explanation.
Felix and Claudia were people who had no choice but to receive the love and respect from everyone. Of course, it was because their kind personality played a big role.
However, the look in his eyes changed.
His eyes seemed to say that he was completely focused on me, they were as calm as a quiet lake…
‘Anyone would fall for his eyes.’
It was something out of human control. Even if he didn’t say a word, he still drew my attention as if he was the only thing to look at in this world.
It seemed like he would forgive me even if I had committed a big crime.
I stared as if being hypnotized by his pale eyes, then I abruptly shut my mouth and averted my gaze.
Sigh, I almost told him everything I knew.
Felix was silent for a moment, as if thinking over my confession. It seemed that he pondered all of my stories.
Of course it would take some time to accept it. Should I give him time to think about it now?
As I was lost in thought, he suddenly moved his beautiful lips.
“It’s definitely a confusing story, but…”
Felix hesitated for a moment, then quickly affirmed.
“If it were me, I would do the same thing.”
“Even if you have to sacrifice yourself?”
“Sacrifice… The term sounds pretty grand. But yes, I don’t mind.”
I felt frustrated after hearing what he said. No matter how hard I struggled to avoid the tragedy of the Chamberlains, it seemed like it was the destined future for them.
“Even if no one remembers your virtuous sacrifice? Even if all your accomplishments are undermined because you’re a sorcerer who killed your own family under demonic influence? And even if your life is retold through distorted lenses, and your reputation worsens from generation to generation?”
“Even if your decision haunts Claudia forever?”
“Yes, at least she will stay alive.”
Huh, I knew it would be like this!
I sighed and sat down on the couch opposite him.
“This is why I told you to develop the skill of magic resistance.”
Of course, his feelings were understandable.
Imagine Claudia surviving alone in an apocalyptic world, which became hell due to the release of demonic power. My heart ached just from imagining it.
Perhaps Felix decided that even if he lost his family, it was better to live in a normal world. Of course, it was a decision that I couldn’t even think of.
“Unfortunately, Irene.”
The conversation took a grim turn with Felix’s next words.
“The demonic power doesn’t disappear just because I have resistance.”
“…..It doesn’t?”
Wait, was it really okay for you to be so calm about your mind becoming corrupted?
Hold on.
That was clearly what had been written in the novel. How could the spell of magic resistance be useless against the ancient demonic magic?
There was no way I got confused about the details of a novel I had read more than 20 times!
“If you have certain resistance, you will be able to nullify all magic spells on ancient artifacts.”
Yes, that was right.
In the original story, the heroes had hired a sorcerer to brainwash the ancient demons, instructing them, ‘Cut your veins without leaving a single drop of blood.’
Felix, who didn’t have magical resistance, got caught and destroyed his family.
“However, demonic power itself cannot be resisted by human beings. The demons break their souls into pieces when they engrave their power into an object. Thus, if you accept it, even if you have magical resistence, half of your soul will be consumed by the demons all the same.”
So, thanks to the resistance, you won’t end up killing your family. However, half of your soul would still be eaten by the demons.
“S-so what should we do?”
“The effects of the demonic powers vary, but they do have one thing in common….”
What was it? What would happen? I looked at him anxiously.
Then Felix looked at me with an inscrutable expression. He said,
“Those with demonic powers can’t suppress their desires.”
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