Novel Name : I Have Become The Hero's Rival

I Have Become The Hero's Rival - Chapter 7

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Chapter 7
TL: gaeulriri
Editor: Daed
“Those insane bastards. I should’ve taken care of them earlier.”
Claudia bit her nail and clenched her teeth.
No, wait. You can’t kill them, you’ll be punished for treason.
In a stiff move, I looked back at Felix who loved his sister very much. He only smiled calmly.
As though it didn’t matter for him to murder the most powerful people as long as it made Claudia happy.
Instead, Felix tried to assuage Claudia who lost her temper because of this incident.
“Chloe, shouldn’t the first thing you do be to comfort Irene, who’s been through a lot today?”
Felix must be so tired. I also caught a glimpse of him carrying my luggage inside.
I knew that I wouldn’t be staying for only one or two days, so I packed up my things in a hurry, and Felix insisted on carrying it for me.
He’s a sorcerer, so no matter how heavy it was, it must feel like carrying a feather for him.
“Ah, that’s right. I must have lost my mind. Irene, you must be so surprised. don’t you?
Claudia realized her mistake and squeezed my hands.
I smiled awkwardly and said something to comfort her.
“Actually, I expected it. I have become the enemy for everyone now. Of course, I just didn’t expect it would happen so soon.”
“Don’t say that! Irene has done nothing wrong.”
“Yes, that’s right. They are the bad ones, right?”
“….Yes, just like what Irene always told me.”
Even though I said so, I couldn’t help but to think that it was my fault that I almost died.
I tried to comfort Claudia by caressing her cheeks.
“You said you want to have fun with me everyday. Now, you don’t have to waste your feelings on people who aren’t worth it. Instead, let’s keep ourselves occupied with fun things.”
So, what shall we play first?
I put my hand on my waist and asked vigorously.
Then Claudia’s expression brightened. She couldn’t hide her excitement; she took my hand and led me somewhere.
“Irene, come quickly! There’s something I really want to show you!”
‘So cute…..’
She looked like a happy child who invited a friend to her house for the first time.
I stumbled, clutching my chest for a moment at Claudia’s loveliness, then chased her playfully.
When I looked back, Felx was following us slowly, as if he were watching a pair of cute animals.
Felix looked at Claudia with an affectionate expression, and then our eyes met. For some reason, my face became hot and I avoided his eyes.
For some reason, the way he looked at me….
‘His gaze looked the same as when he played with that cat earlier.’
It was like he saw something small, cute, and lovely.
“Irene, do you have a fever?”
“No.. I don’t.”
Claudia was surprised to see my red face, and then she was relieved only after confirming that it was nothing.
She lifted my face which had been looking down shyly, then she covered my eyes with her hands.
“This is a surprise that I prepared for Irene.”
One, two, three.
Claudia counted cutely. And as soon as she removed her hands that covered my eyes….
I saw an amusement park full of sparkling gems and sweet desserts.
‘Is this… Charlie and the Chocolate Factory?’
My jaw dropped as I saw a large fountain of chocolate fondue. If I fell in there, I would have a luxurious chocolate bath.
Beside it was an enormous pile of desserts such as cakes, macaroons, puddings, tarts, montblanc, cookies, ice cream, and many more. The waiters constantly brought a variety of desserts swiftly.
So, there was a dessert buffet on this side……
‘There is an amusement park on that side…….’
In the middle of the amusement park, there was a carrousel decorated with colored jewels spinning.
Next to it, there was a giant white sofa designed like Cinderella’s pumpkin carriage.
And next to the sofa was a red velvet tent embroidered with gold silk thread with a mountain of stuffed toys inside.
‘And there…. a garden?’
No kidding, there was a glass greenhouse connected to the outside on one side of the room.
There were birds, appearing out of nowhere, chirping and flying among the blooming flowers and the beautiful trees.
Was this the result of the so-called ‘I don’t know what you want, so I prepared everything’ thinking process?
‘I don’t think all of this was made overnight.’
I was not joking. I was really amazed by the room that was overflowing with luxury and reeked of money.
Did she prepare all of this long ago? Since when exactly…
I stood there with my mouth ajar, completely bewildered.
No matter how much we paid our debts, the Amber family was still poor.
It would be a luxury to bake and eat a few cookies at home.
And Kim Hee-soo in her previous life also lived a not-so-well-off life.
If I didn’t get the full scholarship, I wouldn’t have stepped onto the university grounds.
So, I had never seen a sight like this in my previous life.
She had said she prepared all of this for me?
‘Such a different world……’
The world they lived in was a very different world for a insignificant person like me.
A world of stars. Yes, this was how the inhabitants of Earth felt when they saw the universe for the first time.
“……Don’t you like it?”
Claudia clasped her hands tightly and looked forward to seeing my reaction. When I didn’t say anything, she wiggled her fingers and asked.
“….Is there anything lacking?”
How could it be lacking? I turned to her with a squeaky motion.
“It’s already too much.”
“The dressing room was prepared separately! The dresses, shoes, hats, parasols, and jewelry I chose for Irene seemed too messy to be displayed here. Then, shall we take a look first?”
Then, with a gentle smile, Felix said seriously.
“Wouldn’t it be better to float a boat in the middle of this? By creating a river connected to an artificial waterfall.”
What did he just say?
“It’s pretty in shape, but it’s impractical. I should have made a separate track for a smaller train to pass. What if Irene’s leg got hurt?”
“It’s better to order a wagon operated by magic as soon as possible.”
“Wait a minute.”
I stopped the conversation between these rich siblings. They kept saying things that sent my mind far to Andromeda.
The river, the boat, and the train already sounded too much for me, but a wagon operated by magic….?
The price of magical items in this world was a sign of someone’s wealth The amount of money needed was equivalent to the price of the idea in ​​making the item itself.
‘Oh, the eldest son of this family is the best sorcerer, no wonder.’
A combination of having the eldest son as a sorcerer and the head of family as the wealthy diamond mine owner. This was an environment where money was never a problem for them.
Even if you spent money as easy as you breathed, you still wouldn’t be able to spend it all within your lifetime.
If Claudia summoned a spirit here, the amount of money that they had at their disposal would become even greater.
‘Although the premise is that tragedy did not befall upon the Chamberlains.’
After thinking so, I verbalized the feelings that I had been keeping from these siblings.
“It’s not because I don’t like it. I feel that it’s surreal to receive all of this, so I was stunned for a moment. I just need some time to get used to it. This is really incredible…..”
‘Wow, I’m so happy! Thanks, Claudia!’ I thought that I shouldn’t show that kind of expression now.
Shouldn’t the appropriate response be to kneel on the floor and say ‘Your Majesty, thank you for your mercy’ in a historical tone?
While I was so embarrassed to express my gratitude, Claudia raised her eyebrows and asked,
“Do you know, Irene?”
“Actually, I don’t really know much about Irene. About things like your hobbies or tastes.”
“Irene always listened to me. You often talked about helpful information or people around me, but never anything about yourself. I’ve already told you so much about myself, but you’ve never done the same. I’m sad.”
“No, it’s not like that. I just thought that it wasn’t necessary.”
You asked me about what I like? Who in the world was not able to see my true desire clearly?
“I want to hear it.”
Claudia pouted her lips, puffed her cheeks, and gave a sad expression. Even those with a cold-blooded heart would melt in an instant.
I was stunned by her loveliness. Before I came to my senses, I blurted out,
“I love money!”
Money is the best! The best companion of my life!
“I also love people with beautiful appearances!”
Just looking at their face is fun! Fun! I can stare at them all day long!
“I also love food!”
I can eat six meals a day! I have a separate stomach for heavy meals and snacks!
“I also love to play!”
I love to play the most! Let’s gather our friends!
“I also love dolls! Sleeping with fluffy stuff is the best!”
I didn’t intend to pretend to be cute, but in fact, I wanted to be buried in a lot of dolls and fall asleep like that!
“T…Then.. M..My  childhood dream is…..”
I blushed shyly and admitted,
“…..To be an unemployed woman with a lot of money.”
The two of them didn’t say anything to my confession.
Had I been too frank? My mouth had no filter after being fascinated by Claudia’s lovelliness.
I cursed myself and hit my mouth.
But then.
“What’s there for you to worry about? Just come to me. You don’t need to bring anything except your body, Rin.”
Claudia–with her eyes wide open in surprise–smiled brightly, as if she couldn’t be happier than this.
I was momentarily blinded by her radiant smile which was more beautiful than any brilliant jewels and colorful flowers here.
Claudia, what are you actually…
“Is it okay to just be a parasite and spend money?”
“What do you mean ‘parasite’? All you have to do is stay by my side.”
This was the second time I was fascinated by you. I was really, really fascinated.
Then Claudia gently swept my burning cheeks and asked,
“Rin, how long will you call me like that?”
“Okay, Chloe.”
Her name could only be cut in half, so I used the nickname Felix gave her.
Claudia seemed satisfied because I loved everything she had prepared.
If I knew she liked it that much, I would just show my dirty desire from the beginning. Of course, I had thought that she would be disappointed.
What about Felix? He must think of me as a greedy person, right?
I looked back anxiously, but his expression was not much different from Claudia.
“As expected, being cute itself is already worth it.”
I hope this wealthy sibling will like me for a long time.
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