Novel Name : I Have Become The Hero's Rival

I Have Become The Hero's Rival - Chapter 1

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Chapter 1. The Beginning Where a Death Flag is Planted
TL: gaeulriri
Editor: Daed
Irene Amber.
When the noblemen heard my name, they would usually respond with a puzzled look, “Who is that?”
A moment later, they would say, “Oh, Claudia’s maid!” and fake interest.
Sometimes they would give me pitying looks. Some even laughed in my face.
An average-looking girl who was always beside ‘Claudia’.
An easy-going girl who was always close to ‘Claudia’.
A girl from an ordinary family who always accompanied ‘Claudia’.
A girl whose existence wouldn’t even be noticed if she wasn’t with ‘Claudia’.
It was always the name ‘Claudia’ that people associated with me when they thought about me. The noblemen didn’t hesitate at all to refer to ‘Claudia’ and ‘Irene’ as the ‘Lady’ and her ‘Maid’.
Well, there was nothing wrong about it either. We called each other our “friend”, but I knew straightaway that it was all bullshit.
Whether it be my social status, appearance, competence, or my popularity, I was no match for Claudia.
Because she was the heroine of this world.
And the above mentioned characteristics and description were the role that I served here. “A friend who can’t overshadow the heroine.” Yes, that was me. Irene Amber.
I play a double role here as an informant and a speedwagon.
My role was to keep the dense and slow-witted female protagonist informed. Moreover, I held pride in my role.
What? Do you think that it wasn’t something to be proud of? Do you know how much blood, sweat, and tears that I’ve shed to reach this point?
Whenever I recalled those moments, I felt like I was going to burst into tears.
I’ll tell you later, why I am so persistent in carrying out my duties.
However, we’ve already arrived at the end of this story. Now we are about to welcome the happiness that comes after the suffering.
“Finally! This novel is coming to an end!”
At this very moment, there were three men standing before Claudia and me.
They were the most eligible bachelors in the Empire, with distinctive characteristics and their own charming points. They were ready to compete with one another for Claudia’s heart.
“Hah,” a young man with sculpted features scoffed..
His face was the textbook example of a handsome man. He swept his tangled blond hair from his forehead and declared,
“I can’t wait for your answer any longer, so I’ll make the decision.”
Those bright red, beast-like eyes shone predatorily.
“Claudia is mine.”
Oh, such beautiful eyes. I’ll give him 30 more points for his excessive possessiveness.
Then, the man leaning against the wall voiced his opposition.
“Your words are too arbitrary, Your Majesty.”
His mouth quirked and he traced a small circle around the rim of the glass in his hand before he swirled the red wine slowly. This small action made him appear refined and mysterious.
“We need to hear her say so herself, who she wants to belong to.”
Wow, someone who seemed unreasonable actually said something reasonable. I’ll give him 50 more points for that rational statement.
Finally, the icy-cold man, who could make a room become freezing cold, opened his mouth.
He tied up his waist-length light blue hair, which perfectly suited his sharp appearance.
“I think we’ve already received our answer.”
Do you mean it’s you? You said that without blinking an eye. I’ll give you 80 more points for your confidence.
Actually, I don’t really care about the score! I’m just muttering to myself in excitement.
“Claudia, you have to decide now.”
“Decide what?”
For some reason, Claudia gave me a blank stare as she replied nonchalantly.
I couldn’t believe it. No matter how slow-witted you were, how could you not understand the current situation? Couldn’t you see the sparks flying in the air as these three handsome men clashed with one another fighting over you?
Well, anyways. My role here was to explain everything.
Like usual, I gave Claudia a simple explanation.
“Why, to decide your husband-to-be of course.”
“Why should I?”
Claudia asked as she cocked her head cutely.
For a moment, I couldn’t find any words to say.
Claudia tucked her silver hair behind her ear.
Her hair always looked so dazzling. Whenever she stood under the light, her hair shimmered like a flawless diamond.
And let’s not forget her clear blue eyes, as clear as the surface of a lake, which made her look as ethereal as a fairy.
She’s really as simple as ever, huh. Especially that brain of hers.
If you didn’t decide, then you would suffer as well. It would be absolutely impossible to play hard-to-get with these three men. Toying with them would be the same as walking straight to your doom. You’d get kidnapped and locked up.
I rubbed my forehead and supported my arm like that for a moment, before I whispered.
“So, Claudia. Please think about it seriously. The Crown Prince, future ruler of the Roxytant Empire! If you choose him, you will be the ‘Mother’ of this country.”
“Oh, I see…”
Claudia answered indifferently.
What? Was she not interested in the Crown Prince?
I broke out into cold sweat the moment that I learned the strongest candidate failed right away.
First off, he held the highest position among the three men and was the closest to the King. Moreover, he had flawless visuals with blonde hair as light as the sun.He would ride a white horse and be surrounded by flowery ambiance. Anyone who looked at him would think that he was the hero of the story.
His ruby red eyes flashed and he emitted an intimidating aura, but that was what his charm was. Well, there was no law that explicitly stated that they had to abide by the rule.
“If so, then you won’t go wrong with choosing the Duke. Hmm..This is a secret, but…”
I lowered my voice and whispered slowly,
“…There is a rumor about the Duke wielding power in Charlisle, a chaotic city filled with crime. I think you may be able to gain wealth and power just like with the Crown Prince.”
“I’m not interested in criminality.” What?! Even the Duke got rejected?!
Still. Look at him, Claudia.
Look at his obsidian black hair, his yellowish-purple eyes, and that lithe but muscled body hidden in that formal suit.
Couldn’t you see how sexy he was just with the mere act of breathing? Nevertheless, no matter how stunning he looked, he was still a villain!
“Okay then, what about the hero of the Empire–the Knight. There’s a rumor circulating around that the priest will soon be allowed to get married after the reformation.”
“I’m not sure…”
“Well, it may be difficult to see each other often, but isn’t it wonderful to spend the rest of your life with the noble hero of the Empire?”
He was the hero who put an end to the long-lasting holy war in the Empire. Just by one look at his appearance, it was obvious that he was a man of principles..
He was the Knight who showed no mercy to all the villains!
But, regardless of how cold he was on the battlefield, he would be a warm man to his woman, wouldn’t he?
“It’s inappropriate for a knight to break his vow and get married. He had taken a vow to surrender and give his life to God.”
“That’s such an outdated opinion!”
What are you saying? You have to choose one among those three men!
I felt so frustrated as I tried to persuade Claudia, but she abruptly dropped an unexpected statement.
“I’m gonna live with Irene for the rest of my life.”
Unfortunately, her loud voice was filled with her determination.
At that very moment, her voice resounded in the great, soundless chamber.
I’m gonna live with Irene for the rest of my life. I’m gonna live with Irene for the rest of my life.I’m gonna live with Irene for the rest of my life.I’m gonna live with Irene for the rest of my life.
This is the very first time that the unnoticed me –whose presence was like air–was suddenly subjected to this much attention. I was startled by this and took an unconscious step backward.
“I said, I’m not getting married and I’ll spend the rest of my life with Irene.”
I wish I heard it wrong, but Claudia said it loud and clearly while she held my hand. On the other hand, I was there being too startled to say anything.
“We’re going to eat delicious foods, to buy anything we want, live together, and have fun every single day with just the two of us. As long as I have Irene, I don’t need anything else.”
The three men shared a look with one another, then collectively glared at me fiercely.
The intense, possessive Crown Prince who is obsessed with Claudia, the smiling Duke with something malicious beneath his gentlemanly demeanor, and the cold eyes of the Knight that chilled me to the bone.
It was as if they regarded me as their rival.
“Shit, what kind of situation is this?”
Irene Amber. Real name: Kim Hee Soo.
One year after I transmigrated into this fantasy-romance novel, I have somehow captured the heroine of the story.
For your information, this novel was exhausting.
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