Novel Name : I Transmigrated into the Villainess of a Historical Reverse-Harem Game

I Transmigrated into the Villainess of a Historical Reverse-Harem Game - Chapter 11

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It didn’t matter since I was going to die anyways, but when I thought about waking up to a dead cow in front of me, I felt sick.
Since I just had to interfere with Yeonhye and die after being accused, I didn’t have to really become a gumiho.
‘I’ll just receive an NPC chance.’
wasn’t the main character, but since I was pretty important, maybe I could get an item that could help me?
I left the annex quietly while Danyi was cleaning the kitchen. The sun was setting, but it wasn’t hard to find the way. After a bit, I arrived in front of Jun Kyung’s house.
But all the lights in the house were turned off.
“What. It’s not even night and he’s sleeping already?”
There was no sign even after I came through the private door and looked around. I even went to the kitchen just in case. The furnace also didn’t have lights on.
“Maybe he went somewhere.”
I was about to leave and come back the next day when I felt something wet on the grounds. I looked down and found traces of water splashed on the furnace.
‘He turned off the fire?’
It was not easy to get embers because he lived out of nowhere.
I paused in wonder but then heard the footsteps outside.
“Jun Kyung… Aah!”
I wanted to see if he had returned, but someone grabbed my arms all of sudden. In a second, those arms pulled me closer to them, and shut my mouth.
“Be quiet.”
I was so surprised at the sound of a whisper in the dark that I couldn’t move my body. Jun Kyung looked towards the outside while quietly embracing me.
I felt strange because I was getting anxious at my heart that was going up and down wildly.
“Th, this.”
“I told you to be quiet.”
Suddenly, his words shortened. Even though he was an NPC, I frowned because I was feeling uncomfortable in the arms of an outsider man, but he tightened his arms. His breath poured into my ears and made my body feel stiff.
“Is no one there?”
“It doesn’t seem like anyone is. All the lights are out.”
“That’s a shame. His jerky tastes really good. It’s perfect to drink with.”
“Let’s leave.”
The man who spoke last spoke hard with an irritated tone.
It was Ji Inwoo.
Due to his firmness, three or four people accompanying repeated that it was unfortunate and went back. It wasn’t until Junkyung was convinced they were far away that he let me go.
“I have been disrespectful. I apologize.”
Junkyung spoke quietly, pulled out a lantern and lit it. I stepped back one step because I was afraid he was going to see my red face.
“N, no.”
“But why did you come here this late?”
“I had to ask something…but, why did you hide?”
Seeing that the prime minister called him to take care of the bull, he wasn’t someone who didn’t know who Ji Inwoo was. But why did he hide intentionally? Even covering my mouth for it.
“Sometimes there are just some people that you don’t want to deal with. Even if I’m a lowly butcher.”
“You knew they were coming today?”
“There are many students who want jerky.”
He answered roughly and started tidying up the kitchen. My worry was for nothing as he just took another ember from the back of the kitchen and lit the stove again.
“That jerky, is it really yummy?”
I suddenly became curious and asked. It definitely seemed like an item that a butcher NPC would have.
“I didn’t know my lady also had an interest in jerky.”
“I was wondering if I could have it as an emergency food. I don’t know when I’ll be trapped in the storeroom again.”
“Did you bring money?”
“Jerky doesn’t just cost one or two coins. Especially if they’re made by me.”
As if the prime minister’s ugly duckling could have money.
I silently closed my mouth. He didn’t say anything much. I chatted with him as he left the kitchen.
“Do you know what cows don’t like?”
“Like some kind of grass, medicine, or even amulets.”
“Why are you curious about that?”
“I might need it in case of an emergency.”
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