Novel Name : I Transmigrated into the Villainess of a Historical Reverse-Harem Game

I Transmigrated into the Villainess of a Historical Reverse-Harem Game - Chapter 9

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Yeonhye had been sitting and chattering in the annex for over two hours already. It seemed like her request to be close to wasn’t just empty words. She even brought all the good things she owned and tried to give them to me.
But, despite her effort, those things didn’t impress me. In the end, there was no reason to make myself look pretty when my mission was to survive until the right moment and die.
“This would look good with your hair color. Take it.”
“Thank you, my lady.”
I took the rouge she handed to me apathetically.
Suddenly, Yeonhye’s voice subsided. When I looked up, her face was dark.
“Wow, this is so pretty! I’ve never seen a pink rouge before. It even smells nice. Haha! I will definitely treasure it since it’s so pretty.”
“Yeonhee, why do you call me my lady?”
Isn’t that natural?
The real daughter of the prime minister is you.
Even in the game, Yeonhee called Yeonhye my lady. No one in this household pointed that out. Even the main character, Yeonhye, thought that was natural.
That’s why Yeonhee was more jealous and hated Yeonhye. Even if she wasn’t the real daughter, she was still her sibling on paper.
Anyone could see the difference in status.
‘But why is she saying that all of sudden?’
It was so suspicious that I started thinking of what to say, But Yeonhye laughed as if she were feeling bad and grabbed my hand.
“I want you to treat me as if I’m your older sister.”
“I have always thought like that. I’ve never thought I was better than my lady even once.”
“Why does it matter whether a sister is better than the other? It just troubles me that you always call me my lady.”
“But I was taught to call you my lady from the start.”
Sadness spread on Yeonhye’s face. But I didn’t care whether she was sad or not.
It’s not like I was the real Yeonhee, there was no point to care about those things. I had no intention of becoming the real daughter of the prime minister.
“I’ll just keep calling you my lady.”
“It looks like you haven’t opened up to me yet, I’ll try harder.”
Yeonhye got up from the seat and smiled.
She really had the personality of a main character. Very stubborn!
“Do what you’d like then.”
“If I receive anything good in the future, I’ll share it with you. Since I have lots, it’ll be good if we use them together.”
Her words were kind of weird now that I thought about it. Did she pity me? But I had no idea why she was being nice to me all of sudden when she never cared in the past. Anyways, if she had said this to the real Yeonhee, the real Yeonhee would have only been angry and tried to fight her.
But it didn’t matter to me whether Yeonhye was trying to bother me or not, so I replied nonchalantly.
Yeonhye’s smile became wider.
“I’ll be leaving now then. Ah! And Yeonhee, just in case, don’t go outside the annex at night.”
“Huh? Why?”
There was no reason for me to go out, but I asked because I was curious about how carefully Yeonhye was looking around her surroundings when she warned me. The maids pretended to not hear our conversation.
Yeonhye came closer to me and whispered.
“Father has been suspicious about the incident lately. Even though you aren’t the culprit, isn’t it natural that he’s the most suspicious of you for standing in the middle of the cowshed at night?”
“Ahh, that.”
That was the reason why I was slapped by the prime minister. One night, a large cow was found dead with blood bubbles in her mouth, and it was said that my hands were stained with blood.
“It does look like what a gumiho would do.”
When I said the word “gumiho”, her face became really pale.
“You can’t say such a thing. You’re not a gumiho.”
“But that’s what everyone thinks I am. Then I guess I’ll just become a gumiho.”
And that was the ending I wanted too.
Yeonhye’s eyes became moist after listening to me, and she turned around.
“…I’ll come back later.”
“Yes, my lady.”
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