Novel Name : I Transmigrated into the Villainess of a Historical Reverse-Harem Game

I Transmigrated into the Villainess of a Historical Reverse-Harem Game - Chapter 8

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Ji Inwoo. He became 24 years old this year, he was a genius who just passed the state exam. Unless something happens, he was probably going to become an official and inherit father’s worth and honor.
However, I knew that he had a secret that no one had to know.
“Why? Are you disappointed that I didn’t die?”
“It’s true. Yeonhye will only live long if I died fast. Aren’t I right?”
I retorted because I didn’t like his eyes that looked at me like I was an insignificant bug.
“We’re in the same situation, don’t be so mean.”
“What do you mean by the same situation.”
“Older brother also isn’t the real son of our father.”
Ji Inwoo was a boy who the prime minister brought by asking the distant relatives because he needed a male heir. Yeonhye was three when that happened, so it was likely that she didn’t know this fact.
Because he wasn’t related to the prime minister by blood, he was anxious about every little thing that the prime minister said. That’s why he was very protective of the prime minister’s real daughter, Yeonhye, and he was the person who helped the most when Yeonhee was accused of being a gumiho and killed.
Due to this reason, out of all the endings of &#lt;Love of Night&#gt;, Ji Inwoo’s ending received a lot of criticism.
While they weren’t real siblings, they were family on paper and it wasn’t really known whether Ji Inwoo loved Yeonhye for real. I, personally, thought that he used Yeonhye’s feelings to become the confirmed heir of the prime minister and did not like Ji Inwoo’s ending.
“I don’t plan on living long as the daughter of the prime minister, so don’t worry.”
I said coldly.
“I’m glad you know your place.”
Ji Inwoo answered with a firm face.
“I don’t know how you found out this fact, but I guess there’s no reason to hide it. However, you better remember, I’m not in the same situation as you.”
“What’s the difference?”
“I at least have Ji’s blood inside of me, but you don’t even have that.”
I couldn’t reply. His black eyes like Yeonhye’s came close to me.
He asked me while looking straight into my eyes.
“A war orphan became the daughter of the prime minister, do you have anything else you want?”
“Don’t utter a word to anyone and be prudent. Don’t get close to Yeonhye or else, I will make sure you regret it.”
“Why, are you going to kill me?”
However, I wasn’t scared of him threatening me. I couldn’t die if it wasn’t the right moment anyways.
“Then kill me. It would be good for you if there was an unsavory rumor about you before you even became an official. Yeonhye would also be sad. She asked to get along with me a while ago.”
Ji Inwoo’s face became distorted when I spoke back sarcastically like he did to me. He turned as if he determined there was no reason to talk to me further.
“Take care of yourself.”
I spoke the opposite of what was in my heart and stomped back to my room.
“Danyi, lock all the doors.”
“Huh? But then the people from the main building can’t come.”
Danyi looked anxious again. She probably thought that I didn’t want to meet with Yeonhye.
Damn it. I have to be careful about Yeonhye.
She was the main character of this game, so it was not beneficial for me to get on her bad side.
“Then lock all the doors besides the one connecting to the main building. No one usually comes here anyways.”
“Yes, I understand!”
Danyi’s face became brighter.
What kind of image does she have of me? Why is she so scared? I had no clue how badly the original Yeonhee treated her maids.
“Oh, right.”
I suddenly remembered something and went out the door.
“Danyi! Spread some salt there!”
I pointed at the place where Ji Inwoo left and shouted. It was loud to the point that Ji Inwoo, who was going to his room, could hear.
It wasn’t easy to act like a fake sister.
“Yeonhee, look at this rouge. I got this when the merchant of Chu came around just recently.”
Yes, well, it’s pretty.”
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