Novel Name : I Transmigrated into the Villainess of a Historical Reverse-Harem Game

I Transmigrated into the Villainess of a Historical Reverse-Harem Game - Chapter 7

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Yeonhye opened up the bag she brought. I was about to say it’s okay, but changed my mind as soon as I saw all the food inside of it.
There were steamed ribs with various herbs, boiled meat, rice, dumplings, and neatly cut fruits.
“Since your body hasn’t recovered yet, start with porridge for today and eat little by little from tomorrow morning. I specially asked the cook to make this.”
“Thank you.”
There was no reason to refuse since she was just giving me food. When I received the food, Yeonhye called a maid with a pleased face. She was the young maid who gave me the liver.
“And this girl will be serving you.”
“It’s okay, I lived alone all this time.”
“But I’m not okay with it.”
Yeonhye was stubborn and forced the maid to stand next to me.
“As the older sister, I think I have been very careless with you. From now on, I would like us to get along, Yeonhee.”
“You don’t need to do that.”
It wasn’t just empty words. I was still the fake younger sister and had the villain role. If I wanted to get out of this damn game, I had to die to Yeonhee like the original script.
“I’m a gumiho anyway.”
“How could a human be a gumiho?”
“But that’s what father believes.”
“Father is mistaken. I’ll talk to him about it.”
I didn’t want to stop her since she was going out of her way. It wasn’t strange that a female lead full of justice wanted to help out the pitiful villain.
If it were the real Yeonhee, she would’ve insulted and tormented her kind sister due to jealousy, but I didn’t want to live that hard.
“Okay, thank you.”
Everyone was amazed when I answered without giving any trouble. In particular, the young girl who was just assigned to be my maid widened her eyes. Yeonhye was the same.
“Then I’ll get going now.”
She got up with a really happy face. The color on her face was back to normal.
“I’ll come again.”
I didn’t really care if she came or not, so I answered apathetically. Yeonhye went back to the main building with her maids following her.
The young maid who was standing in the corner carefully spoke.
“Uh, wh, what should I do first?”
“Put the food in the kitchen. Don’t touch anything else.”
The new maid that Yeonhye gave, Danyi, acted carefully around me. She was fast about what she was ordered to do, but I wasn’t sure whether she was trustworthy or not yet.
‘Why did Yeonhye suddenly change her mind?’
It was frustrating to sit in the room alone with her without any conversation, so I came outside. As I walked around under the sun, a question suddenly came into my mind.
Yeonhee wasn’t close to Yeonhye originally. It was because Yeonhee rejected all the times Yeonhye tried to get along with her.
She always stopped their father, the prime minister, from treating her badly, but it was the first time she came to Yeonhee to take care of her.
‘Oh, maybe it wasn’t shown because it wasn’t the game’s main story.’
The main story of was the growing relationship between Yeonhye and the three male lead candidates. The story behind the villain who’s trying to ruin the relationship between the main characters were not important at all.
‘Well, whatever.’
My goal was to finish this damn game quickly anyways.
Guessing based on the season, there was about one year until Yeonhye seduces one of the male lead candidates and marries him. That meant I just had to survive until next summer.
“I wanted to die quickly.”
I was annoyed. I couldn’t die even if I chose to kill myself. Of course, the story did get skipped each time I died, but my body was hurting, and I became too scared to keep trying.
“Is that your wish?”
Suddenly, someone sneered behind me.
“If that’s so, you could have just stayed inside the storeroom. Why did you pretend to faint?”
“…older brother.”
My mood fell when I noticed who it was.
The man who was staring at me like I was his nemesis was the young master of this house and the older brother of Yeonhye and Yeonhee.
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