Novel Name : I Transmigrated into the Villainess of a Historical Reverse-Harem Game

I Transmigrated into the Villainess of a Historical Reverse-Harem Game - Chapter 6

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I felt funny so quickly waved my hands and escaped.
“I’m leaving!”
Luckily, he didn’t follow me to ask further.
The way back up wasn’t as hard because my stomach was somewhat full. When I entered the back door and went back into the annex, it didn’t seem like they found out that I went out for a while.
I went to the kitchen and opened up the container that Jun Kyung gave me.
“It even has rawr liver.”
There were a couple of other food that was good for digestion besides the porridge in the container; the liver I gave him was kept intact with blood properly removed.
I was going to throw out raw meat because I didn’t really like them, but I changed my mind. I hid the other foods, put down the big bowl with raw liver in the room, and went back to lying back down.
‘Whoever it is, I hope someone comes in.’
It was disgusting to starve someone to die and not even look at how they were doing. Since they were trembling because they thought I was a gumiho, they will probably faint when they see a real raw liver.
The sun set quickly because it was summer.
I was full and felt more relaxed so I accidentally fell asleep. Someone came into the annex. I closed my eyes while lying down and anticipated for that person to come into my room.
*Sound of door opening*.
“Yeonhee, are you still… kyaaaaa!”
Huh? Did I hear this voice somewhere before?
When I opened my eyes, Yeonhye was already falling backwards after seeing the raw liver.
I’m so screwed.
“Sob, my lady. Why did you have to go find that gumiho and hurt yourself like this.”
The maid cried loudly and helped Yeonhye up. As a result, I had to get up and give Yeonhye my spot. I was the one who had no strength in my body because I’ve starved for a couple days, but for some reason, Yeonhye became the patient.
“She’s not a gumiho, don’t say such a thing.”
Yeonhye, whose white face became even more pale, still had a kind heart. She scolded the maid while lying down.
“Yeonhee is my sister, you can’t talk badly about her.”
“She can’t be your sister. You two have nothing in common with each other.”
Yeonhye’s maid glared at me and said fiercely. It seemed like she really didn’t care about the listener.
But, to be honest, she had a point. Yeonhye and I looked nothing alike.
Yeonhye had jet black hair with black eyes. On top of that, she had a tall, slim body with arched eyebrows that were round like a crescent moon. When she was wiping her face with a wet towel, it was obvious that she had no make up on, but her lips were still red and her cheeks were the color of apricot. She was a typical beauty that you couldn’t forget once you have seen her.
On the other hand, Yeonhee, the girl I was possessing, had light brown hair with light brown eyes. She was still slim but wasn’t as tall; she was more of a pretty girl type rather than beautiful.
Because of his dignity, the prime minister probably never went around talking about how he picked up a war orphan to make her his daughter, but it was pretty obvious that she looked nothing like the rest of them, causing the servants to talk about her origins.
“I won’t forgive you if you talk about the daughter of the prime minister like that again.”
“Yes, I understand.”
But because Yeonhye had such a kind heart, she even solded the maid that was just worrying about her. The maid’s eyes became bitter from being scolded while taking sides. I turned my head and pretended to not know what was going on.
Yeonhye got up and held my hands. I was going to avoid it because it was too burdensome, but her gripping power was stronger than I thought. She looked at me with teary eyes.
“I’m sorry. I couldn’t stop our father.”
“It’s not something to be sorry about.”
“Making you eat something like this, I’m really sorry. But don’t worry. I’m sure father isn’t as angry anymore.”
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