Novel Name : I Transmigrated into the Villainess of a Historical Reverse-Harem Game

I Transmigrated into the Villainess of a Historical Reverse-Harem Game - Chapter 4

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“He said that since you took it out, you can do whatever you want with it.”
The maid teared up and stepped back. I searched her hand in vain. Unfortunately, I couldn’t see anything else. I asked in a weak voice.
“Do you have any porridge?”
“Or even some rice.”
“H, he told me not to bring anything like that…”
Complaining to her wouldn’t have been useless. I waved my hand.
“You may go. Oh wait, did my father order to lock me in here?”
“N, no. He didn’t…”
“Then take all the people outside and disappear.”
With a face that showed she was glad that I didn’t show temper, the young maid quickly disappeared.
“Does he really want me to starve to death?”
Suddenly, the resentment grew.
If he brought an orphan to save his daughter, shouldn’t he be taking care of her well and not pray that she dies soon? It wouldn’t be strange if she thought about hurting them instead of facing the misfortunes for her sister if she died like this. There was really no choice but to become a villainess for Yeonhee.
I didn’t feel anything because I knew I was going to die anyways, but I didn’t want to die here like they wanted.
Furthermore, if I died right now, the episode gets skipped and the story continues. It was obvious that only my body will hurt, so I would rather die at one go and be done with it.
“For now I will survive, and I will admit that I’m a gumiho at a crucial moment and end it there.”
I was more at ease after making that decision. I thought that maybe that was what this damn game wanted from me. If I died like how the original game flowed, maybe I could escape from this game.
Since I didn’t die no matter how many times I tried, this hypothesis sounded convincing.
I opened the sack and went out holding the unknown lump wrapped in paper.
It seemed like they were praying that the fake daughter died soon, but I had no intention of letting that happen.
Luckily, I rather enjoyed playing so I knew by heart most settings, maps, and characters.
The layout of the house of the main character Yeonhye was obvious. However, the prime minister probably thought that Yeonhee didn’t know the way to escape because she was never allowed to go outside.
I found the backdoor of the annex easily and left.
The backdoor was connected to a mountain path, but it was a secluded road with only a few people going in or out. I gathered the last of my strength and followed the path down.
Soon after, a thatched house with smoke coming out of it came out. It was a familiar sight.
As expected, the layout of the map was the same. If my guess was right, that was the house of a butcher.
“Hey there!”
I opened and entered the private door while raising my voice, but there was no sign of anyone.
“Is no one there?”
Did they go out to trade since it’s still daytime?
Unfortunately I didn’t remember when the market was open until. While I was looking around, I felt something moving.
“Who are you?”
“Ah, you’re here. I came to ask a favor.”
“…my lady?”
The baekjung I saw yesterday came out of the kitchen. Because he was holding a bloody blade with an indifferent expression, I felt chills down on my back.
He glanced at me and asked.
“How did you come here?”
“I came to find the owner of the butcher shop… Is this your house?”
I thought the owner would be an old man, but I was mistaken. The man put his blade back in at my words and slowly nodded.
“Yes, but how did you come here?”
“I have a favor to ask.”
I handed over the lump wrapped in paper.
“This, can I eat it?”
“This is…”
With a surprised face, he untied the sack. As I had expected, it was a liver.
“This is a cow liver. Why did you bring this, my lady?”
“My father gave it to me. Since I’m a gumiho, he wants me to eat liver and not rice.”
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