Novel Name : I Transmigrated into the Villainess of a Historical Reverse-Harem Game

I Transmigrated into the Villainess of a Historical Reverse-Harem Game - Chapter 2

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The setting of this game with a childish name was simple.
The female lead, who was the youngest daughter of the prime minister, had a weak body since she was young and lost her mother when she was born.
She looked just like her mother and was sick frequently, so Daegam called a monk asked for her fortune because he was afraid that he would lose her like he lost his wife.
“If my lady is raised as the youngest child, she will live a short life. In order for her to live, her younger sibling has to face the back luck in her place.”
After losing his wife, Daegam didn’t have intentions of re-marrying; he thought for a while and, in the end, brought a child home. Since a male child could threaten the position of the heir, he chose an orphan girl who lost both of her parents in the war.
Yeonhye, the female lead who has a kind personality and a pretty face, took good care of her non-blood related younger sister and grew up healthy. As she grows, she becomes involved with the male lead candidates and finds love.
However, Yeonhee, who was taken good care of like a real related sibling, was actually jealous of her sister, the real daughter of the prime minister. She tries to hinder her sister’s relationship with the male leads every opportunity she gets and gets killed right before the ending because she is framed as a gumiho.
“No matter who looks at it, she’s a villainess, no doubt.”
I am that villainess, Yeonhee.
I felt so empty that only laughter came out. I just bought and played an Indie game from a funding site and fell asleep only to wake up as a villainess who faced a miserable end because she was jealous of her sister.
“I think it would be better if I died fast.”
I was hungry and really thirsty. The pain from the slap earlier has gone away, but I still felt down and miserable.
My ‘father’ who’s a Daegam ordered that I be starved for four day, but my stomach has been empty for a long time already. It seemed like Yeonhee was hated even by the servants.
“I guess I can’t help it.”
Even though this was inside a game, it was hard to endure the pain from the body. I took out an eunjangdo4 that I hid inside my clothes and stabbed my heart with it.
My eyes gradually darkened and my chest became stiff. It became hard to breathe, then…
[‘Find the gumiho!’ Quest completed. Would you like to receive the award?]
What is this? What quest?
The transparent window in front of my window sparkled. At the same time, a button with ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ appeared underneath.
That’s strange. I thought if you die, the episode gets skipped.
First time I was transported inside the game, Yeonhee was pushing Yeonhye, who was riding a swing on Danonal5. Yeonhye fell to the floor and injured her arm, but Yeonhee was hit hard on the head by the swing that was coming back.
The chair on the swing was made of jade so Yeonhee should have died immediately. However, because I was possessing her body, she wasn’t hurt even the slightest. Back then, a transparent window, just like this one, appeared in front of my eyes.
[‘Steal a glance at my love while riding a swing on Danonal” Quest failed. No reward is given.]
The reward of the quest was that Yeonhye meets one of the male lead candidates and goes on a market date. However, since I wasn’t the female lead, I had no idea who’s route Yeonhye was on.
Anyways, because I was a character who hindered Yeonhye at every opportunity, it didn’t seem like I could die before it was the right time. However, if I chose to kill myself, the quest or the episode got skipped, and the next story was played.
“Was my quest completed because the prime minister found out that I was a gumiho?”
But I had no idea why I was able to see this. Shouldn’t Yeonhye be the one to see this quest screen? Besides I could even choose if I wanted to receive the reward.
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