Novel Name : Pregnant With Twins: My CEO’s Tricky Love

Chapter 226 Annie was Captured by Laurence Knight

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&#lt;p&#gt;Georgia’s expression changed and she wanted to dash right in, yet she was stopped by Aston. “Calm
down. You don’t have a gun, and you can’t even protect yourself. You stay here with Emilia and the
gang, I’ll go check it out.” After finished, he ran straight towards the church.
&#lt;p&#gt;Elsie asked with curiosity, “Why is there gunshot? What on earth has happened? Could it be something
has gone wrong?” Georgia was so anxious that her hands were trembling. She was really worried that
something had happened to Robert. Yet as Aston just left, and Georgia had not figured out what she
should do next, she noticed more than ten muscular men clad in jackets were charging towards them.
&#lt;p&#gt;Emilia instantly warned, “Danger’s coming, let’s retreat!” However, the moment she just finished her
words, Georgia saw those men coming closer and each of them was holding a gun. The guns were
pointing at them. The most unbelievable thing that Georgia saw was Laurence being pushed out from
behind on his wheelchair.
&#lt;p&#gt;“Long time no see, Georgia,” Laurence spoke, and Georgia was having a mixed feeling at once. “Was it
all you? For what happened in the church,” Georgia asked, and Laurence chuckled. “It no longer matter
to you whether it’s me who did it or not. Do you want me to invite you over, or order my men to tie you
up? Miss Lane,” Laurence smiled at her and asked.
&#lt;p&#gt;“You psycho, why do you want to take Gigi away?” Elsie could not hold it anymore and she asked with
rage. She could sense danger. That man was one of the horrifying people she encountered in her life.
Laurence ignored her and smiled blandly at Georgia.
&#lt;p&#gt;“I suppose those two women behind your back are your friends. Miss Lane, if you’re still reluctant to
come to me, I’ll let my men shoot them right away. You choose. Do you want to come over only after
your friends die, or do you want me to shoot you, hurt you and then tie you up?”
&#lt;p&#gt;Elsie was not close to Emilia, and she could only turn around and ask her. “What should we do now?
There are so many guns pointing at us, could we still run away?” Emilia looked exceptionally serious.&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;“He didn’t plan to kill us anyway, he only wants to take Miss Lane away.”
&#lt;p&#gt;“Come on, isn’t Gigi your friend? What on earth should we do now?” Elsie asked anxiously. Georgia
was in deep panic. Would Laurence really harm her friends if she refused to go with him? She asked
the man before her. “Would you really keep your promise and let my friends go if I leave with you?”
&#lt;p&#gt;Laurence smiled and nodded. “I have no hatred against your friends, there’s no need to add on
unnecessary sin. Georgia Lane, it’s you who chose Robert Simpson!” Laurence said that out of the
blue with intense icy tone. Georgia took a deep breath. She certainly could not let her friends got hurt
because of her.
&#lt;p&#gt;“Alright, I’m coming. Let my friends go!” As Georgia just finished her words and she was about to lift her
foot, she saw Ivan darting towards her with an army of bodyguards. “Georgia, I’m coming, where’s my
brother?” After finished, he stared straight at Laurence. “I knew it’s you who did all those. Don’t you
dream of taking anyone from me!”
&#lt;p&#gt;Laurence’s expression changed drastically. He suddenly clapped his hands and a man immediately
carried a little girl who had passed out and came over. The child in the man’s arm was Annie. Georgia’s
face went cadaverous at once and her hands were trembling.
&#lt;p&#gt;Annie was going to become the flower girl at first, yet she had a diarrhea last night and her stomach
had ached since morning. Since Georgia did not want to wear her daughter out, she left her in the villa.
Since it was just a wedding, Georgia would not feel sorry if Annie did not join, and Robert would be fine
about that too. There were toys, the butler and the bodyguards in the villa, therefore both of them did
not feel worry. Yet she would not expect that Annie was now in Laurence’s hands.
&#lt;p&#gt;“Miss Lane, I’ve never planned to come this far, yet you’ve forced me to. I’ll say that once again, I’m
giving you a chance to choose, whether you come to my side, or I’ll shoot your child. You decide!”&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;“Don’t go, Gigi!” Elsie shouted anxiously and Georgia’s tears dropped. “Elsie, Annie’s my daughter, I
can’t let anything happen to her!” Georgia looked up and asked, “I’ll come to you, could you let my
daughter go?” Laurence instantly sneered. “Do you think you still have the chance to negotiate with
me? If you don’t come, your daughter would definitely die, but if you come, I’ll consider letting your
daughter live!”
&#lt;p&#gt;Georgia’s whole body was aching and her heart was burning with apprehension. She walked towards
Laurence one step at a time. Ivan was getting mad. Since he received Robert’s message and Robert
had not contacted him for a few minutes, he knew something must have gone wrong.
&#lt;p&#gt;He immediately contacted all the bodyguards as ordered by Robert and started up the highest class
security management of the Simpson family. He brought the whole army and rushed to the scene and
part of them went to support Robert at the church as ordered by him. He himself then went searching
for Georgia, after all, his cousin had asked him to protect her at all costs.
&#lt;p&#gt;He managed to arrive on time and had also successfully stopped Laurence from taking Georgia away.
However, he did not expect that Laurence had brought Annie over. With the child at his side, they were
completely in a disadvantageous state. The gun was pointing right at Annie’s head and even though he
had many men with him, Laurence could still ask his men to blow the kid’s head off the moment he
made a move.
&#lt;p&#gt;Elsie cried and pulled Ivan’s hand. “Oh, what should we do? If Gigi goes with him, we can’t save them
anymore!” Elsie shouted with tears and Ivan looked exceptionally dejected. Emily teased coldly at the
side, “Is it now the time for you to lose your spirit? Hurry up and think of a way to keep track of them,
come out with a way to save and find Robert. Even if they’re gone, we must still take them back
&#lt;p&#gt;Ivan immediately looked up when she said that, and Georgia had now walked towards Laurence and
slumped to her knees. “Please let my daughter go, she’s just a kid. You can do anything to me. If&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;Robert and I have done anything that makes you unhappy, you can take vengeance on us anyway you
like, but Annie really has nothing to do with this.”
&#lt;p&#gt;Georgia was still making effort to plead Laurence to spare her daughter’s life, yet Laurence instantly
sneered. “It’s her fault that she’s your daughter, and it’s your fault that you choose to be with Robert
Simpson. If I let both of you go, the one pointing a gun at my head next time would be Robert
&#lt;p&#gt;Georgia became desperate at once, yet she had no choice but to let Laurence’s men tie her up. She
was then thrown into a car with Annie. She lost her consciousness in the end.
&#lt;p&#gt;Meanwhile in the church, Robert and Emma were standing in front of the priest as he delivered the
wedding speech when the gunshot was heard. “…Will you marry her?” The guests watched the two
people said their wedding vows before they were able to react. Yet another gunshot was heard near
the church the next second and everyone was dumbfounded.
&#lt;p&#gt;The gunshot seemed to come from the resting room and Robert’s expression immediately changed.
Emma also pulled down her face. Commotion started to occur in the church and the guests all looked
scared. They were joining Robert’s wedding today and now they actually heard gunshots. They secretly
blamed the poor security management.
&#lt;p&#gt;Everyone was chitchatting with fear. Robert still had no idea what had happened to his parents and he
spoke to the crowd, “Sorry, something’s happened. Since it’s the Simpson family who invited all of you
here to the wedding, I certainly have to be held responsible of your safety. Please stay inside the
church and don’t move around. I’ll let the bodyguards secure the church.”
&#lt;p&#gt;After finished, he ordered his bodyguard, “Push me out to have a look outside!” The moment he
finished, Emma seized his hand. “You can’t leave, we have to finish the wedding, or else your mother
would be blown to pieces, don’t think I won’t do it!”&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;Robert tossed her hand away. “Didn’t you hear the gunshots? Are you sure my mother’s still alive? Let
me tell you, if anything’s happened to my mother, or father, do you possibly think you could still
threaten me?” As Robert was ready to ask his bodyguard to push his wheelchair and leave, an
explosion was heard. The church’s ceiling shook due to the impact.
&#lt;p&#gt;Emma’s expression immediately changed. A bomb was tied to Maisie and that was used to threaten
Robert. If that bomb had exploded, something big must have happened inside. Robert glared at her, “If
my mother’s died due to the bomb, I’ll kill you straightaway!”
&#lt;p&#gt;That woman had showed up before him and threatened him to make her the bride, or else she would
detonate the bomb on her mother. His father was already tied up back then and since there was a
bomb on his mother, he could only temporarily consent, waiting for his men to come and save his
parents. Yet who knows gunshots and explosions kept on appearing not far away.
&#lt;p&#gt;Robert was brimmed with terror. He could not face it if something had happened to either his mother or
father. He only hoped that Ivan and his trusted subordinate had solved everything and that explosion
did not involve his parents. After saying those threatening words to Emma, his bodyguard pushed him
away and left.
&#lt;p&#gt;Emma was horrified and she also darted out of the church. She wanted to make a call to the bodyguard
who was staying by Maisie’s side, yet no one picked up the call. She tried to make a call to Laurence
this time and he picked it up immediately. “Plan’s changed. I’ve gotten Georgia. Come back now, my
men would pick you up at the destined spot.”
&#lt;p&#gt;Emma conjectured something must have happened to Maisie and Aidan, and she must leave now. Yet
as she just took a few steps, a man blocked her way. “Good day, Miss Lane, my name’s Jason Mathis,
and I would like to have a talk with you, just a few minutes…”&#lt;/p&#gt;
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