Novel Name : My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 1: I Won’t Marry You

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&#lt;p&#gt;“Don’t touch me! Go away…” Inside a dark room, Florence Fraser scrambled to the footboard of the
bed in panic. Yet as she backed up, the lofty shadow of the man before her approached her even more.
The man was approaching her like a demon baring its teeth and waving its claws, wanting to tear her
apart. “Please don’t come any closer…I beg you, please let me go…”
&#lt;p&#gt;His deep and emotionless chuckle spread across the darkness, disdainful and dangerous. The man’s
big powerful hand suddenly seized her chin and his face approached her slowly at a time in the dark.
His breath was burning hot. “You need to pay the price if you dare to challenge me.” Price? What
price? Florence was too scared that her mind went blank. She struggled by swinging her hands around
with all her strength. “No…” Her voice disappeared before she could finish her words and she was
deprived of any possibility to resist completely.
&#lt;p&#gt;“No!” She opened her eyes at once and the dazzling sunlight shone across the car window made her
quickly covered her eyes with hands. Her face was pale and cold sweat was broken out on her
forehead. Her eyes were still flickering with terror. It was a dream. She had had that dream again. The
pain that did not completely vanish from her calf reminded her of the cruel fact that she was raped the
night before, and also his hateful voice when she beat him and escaped: I would definitely not let you
off! He would not let her off, and he certainly did not say that just to threaten her! That was because
she had sensed a deadly, immense danger from him. He might find her soon enough.
&#lt;p&#gt;Florence’s fingers uncontrollably trembled and she covered her head in fear, trying to recall what had
actually happened that night. Yet due to the alcoholic effect, she could not recall anything. She had no
idea who he was, and how on earth had she provoked him.
&#lt;p&#gt;“Ms. Fraser, we’ve arrived.” The chauffeur’s words interrupted her thought. Slightly startled, she looked
up and saw the high-class café outside the car. She felt a little nervous and uneasy. The person she
was going to meet now was her fiancé that she was going to engage tomorrow - Ernest Hawkins, the
son from the richest family in City N and the current CEO of the Hawkins Group.&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;It was said that with only five years, he had successfully transformed the Hawkins Group from a rich
and powerful family in the country to a business empire that shook the world, and had become a
legend of the era that drew global attentions. The methods he used were forceful, cruel and merciless
and were not for the faint-hearted.
&#lt;p&#gt;Countless young mistresses from wealthy and famous families wanted to hook up with him to become
the young lady of the Hawkins family. Yet it turned out that the one receiving the honor was Florence,
who came from a really ordinary family, just because Ernest’s grandma had chosen her. Florence did
not know why Ernest wanted to meet her the day before their engagement, but to her it was a chance
as well as a chance to cancel the marriage.
&#lt;p&#gt;Although it was a marriage every woman dreamt of, the mortification of being raped before the wedding
forbade her to become the bride. The problem was how she should start for the proposal of cancelling
the marriage when she faced the man who was at the top of the hierarchy pyramid. She tidied the scarf
on her neck with guilt to hide the kissing mark left by the man that night.
&#lt;p&#gt;Meanwhile, it was silent in the luxurious Clyde Café which was opened only for the leisure of the rich
and the powerful. There was no customer, not even a waiter. A man was sitting elegantly at a place
beside the window which provided great sense of privacy. The black striped suit on him matched the
line of his figure perfectly. His long and slim legs were crossed casually.
&#lt;p&#gt;He had a handsome feature that deranged every woman with a prominent chin, thin and sexy lips and
a high-bridged nose. His dark blue eyes seemed to be able to penetrate one’s mind. Just a glimpse at
him could amaze people, and moreover, make them scared. He held a cup of coffee and the corner of
his lips curved, letting out a grim and horrifying smile.&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;“Can’t find her?” Timothy Reid, his special assistant who was standing before him shuddered and he
immediately bent over at a right angle, cold sweats flowing down his forehead. “I’m sorry, sir. The
surveillance camera at the hotel that night was deliberately destroyed by someone, and we can’t see
who’s entered your room. It’s hard to make out her identity by tomorrow.” Unable to make out her
identity meant he would not be able to replace the bride-to-be with her for tomorrow’s engagement
party. Yet there was never a case that he could not get the woman he wanted. Not to mention she had
challenged him, so how could he let her off? The gentle treatment he gave her that night was only a
&#lt;p&#gt;“One month.” Ernest smiled and his eyes were full of assertion. “Find her at all means.”
&#lt;p&#gt;“But…what about your engagement tomorrow?” Ernest looked to the side and let out a bland smile
when he saw the Bentley car which had just stopped outside through the window. It looked like there
was a need to amend the plan.
&#lt;p&#gt;Florence walked into the café. She did not see any waiter, but a man who looked like a special
assistant. He was standing there with his back straight and he seemed to be waiting for her. “Ms.
Fraser, Mr. Hawkins is waiting inside, please come with me.”
&#lt;p&#gt;His fiancé who was a gentleman had taken care of everything from sending someone to pick her up,
booking the meeting spot to asking someone to lead her the way, and that had made her felt more
guilty and uneasy. How should she cut straight to the point that she wanted to cancel the marriage if he
wanted to discuss the engagement details with her afterwards? She lowered her head and walked
along the corridor anxiously and jolted to a halt upon seeing the man’s shiny leather shoes. She had
arrived. What was destined to happen would eventually happen.&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;She grasped her purse nervously, forcing out a smile and lifting her head. “Nice to meet you, Mr.
Hawkins.” Florence was shocked when she saw him. She did not expect her fiancé to be that
handsome, as if he was the Prince Charming that had walked out from a painting. He was dazzling, yet
elegant and unapproachable like a sacred being. It would be the utmost sinful offense she had
committed if she wanted to cancel the marriage.
&#lt;p&#gt;Cold sweats broke out on her forehead and she felt apprehensive. A rock seemed to block her throat
that made her hard to speak. “The reason I come here today is to talk to you about our marriage…”
&#lt;p&#gt;“I won’t marry you, woman.” Ernest interrupted her imperatively, without giving her a chance to discuss
with him beforehand. He sipped the coffee and did not even throw her a glimpse at all. Florence was
stupefied and her mind went blank. She stared at him in disbelief. He won’t marry her? That was
exactly what she wanted! She held back her thrill and asked nervously, “So the reason you ask me
here is to cancel the marriage?”
&#lt;p&#gt;“The engagement ceremony would be carried out as usual. After one month, I’ll officially cancel the
marriage with you.” It was only then did Ernest look up, bestowing a glance on her and placing a
cheque on the table. Florence looked at the number on the cheque in shock - it was a seven-digit
number! She had not seen that much money before, not to mention the money could be belonged to
&#lt;p&#gt;She swallowed and moved her eyes off the cheque with effort. “Why do you only want to cancel the
marriage after one month?” Wouldn’t it be reasonable to cancel the marriage before the engagement in
order to minimize the negative impact to both of them?
&#lt;p&#gt;“It’s none of your business,” he replied with aloofness and superiority. Ernest stood up and no longer
paid attention to her. He strode straight towards the entrance. He did not have any patience towards
Florence as the only one that intrigued him was the woman from that night.&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;Did he just leave like that? Florence stood there in a daze. She could not fully recover shortly as she
watched him leaving. He invited her to come and he had left after they only met each other for less
than one minute and said a few words. His working style was so resolute and speedy that she had not
even told him whether she agreed to it yet. But…That was good too. After putting on a show with him
for a month, she would have nothing to do with him anymore.&#lt;/p&#gt;
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